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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rushing to pick the kids up! ;-)

30th June 2012

Happiness is like jam, you can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself.  Vern McLellan

What a busy eventful day I had yesterday, started with covering a meeting in Wombourne, it was supposed to be quiet but it turned out to be quite busy, I had to take everything upstairs and then I only had 1 lady helping so it was busier than expected ;0).  I did enjoy it the members were lovely.  The two nasty men in another meeting who blocked my car in weren’t so nice though!  I was rather proud of myself for remaining calm, and I'd been told they wouldn't move their cars till they'd finished because they weren't very nice, I told a fib to get them out and said I had to pick my child up from nursery!  Otherwise I’d have been shut in there for another hour and I’d got a lot to do.  ;-) I knew kids had their uses ;-)

On my way home I popped in the Asda and finally got me some wholewheat lasagne sheets, now I can make a nice filling and healthy lasagne.  I never did cook the roast dinner, I’d put the lamb in the oven before I left, and I didn’t get back till 12.30 ish then had to do all the paperwork we had bowling booked for 4.50pm so we treated the kids to a subway and I had a couple of lamb wraps before leaving, I gave Lynne the rest of the joint to take home so they could eat it today. 

Yes it most definitely was a busy Friday, I ended the day with 9pp on my pedometer so I indulged in some wine the first of the week, and smooth it was too. 

I’ve slept like a baby and plan not to rush at all today, I’ve got paperwork and a stock take to do but I shall do it at my own pace, actually that’s my plan for the whole weekend, nothing unless I fancy it, I intend to do what my mood takes me.  I’m hoping my mood will take me into the kitchen to do a bit of cooking and also a bit of housework, I know my mood will take me towards a glass or two of red wine, which I have the ProPoints left for, especially as I’m doing filling and healthy still.

Although yesterday wasn’t my finest day but at least I stayed on track, it went like this;

Breakfast – cottage cheese and a banana

Lunch – 2 lamb wraps

Tea – 2 crumpets, 1pp of marg from weekly allowance.

Snacks - 5 slices of roast beef from a packet & a few slices of wafer thin chicken.

Not the best diet day is it!  No veggies at all, I shall counteract that today I think by having lots and lots of vegetables and drinking plenty of water.

I’m still on course for a weight loss Monday so I’m happy, especially as yesterday was the first Friday me and Lynne didn’t go off track when we were together, we actually encouraged each other to stay on track – YAY we’re both in the zone!  There’s plenty of room here for more of you, just track for a few days, realise how much better you feel and come join up in the zone, you’ll recognise it when you get there, cos you’ll be smiling and feeling all virtuous ;-)

Right I better go walk Alfie in the rain, loving the summer mornings we both are!

Enjoy your weekend. xx

Friday, 29 June 2012

My Weight Watcher meetings are bursting with amazing people

29th June 2012
Just starting day 5 of Filling and Healthy and still on track, I used ten of my weeklies yesterday on gravy and my first glass of red wine this week which was divine, so I ended up having 9pp worth!  My meals went like this though;
Breakfast - 2 Crumpets, 2 poached eggs and 2 large micowaved tomatoes
Lunch – vegetable stuffed mushrooms, chicken, potato wedges
Tea – liver and onions, potatoes, carrots, green beans
Snack – 120g beef slices
I’m feeling really positive heading towards the weekend, usually I’d be thinking oh here comes the weekend but I genuinely think this is the first time I’ve known I can make it through 100% this year, although I knew I’d do okay last weekend, I just wasn’t sure I could be 100% because of being away.
I’m making a lamb roast dinner today, so will have to ProPoint the lamb, Yorkshire and gravy but the rest will be okay, starting to wish I’d bought beef as lamb is quite high at 100g for 5pp but it is also delicious so I can afford a few slices.
I’m working this morning, covering a meeting so that’ll keep me busy, then later we’re going bowling so there’s a few ProPoints earned, I’ve got 26pp from my pedometer earned this week so far and 38 weeklies left so I should be ok this weekend.  I better get a weight loss on Monday ;-)
My meetings have been great this week and yesterday morning when Rachel bought in her trousers to show everyone what she was wearing the first day she joined was quite a moment, she’s lost 9 ½ stone so far, then it got even more emotional for me in the following meeting at I gave Pat her 50lb certificate and I could see her getting quite emotional, no one else could because she was on the front row.  Then later, another member who’d been very sad the week before  lost 5lb and her smile was gorgeous, I also got a hug which is always nice.

(Photos are of Rachel before & now, hasn't she done amazingly well, anyone who loses even 1lb has done well, it's not easy to resist tempation!)
I really do have the best job ever!  Seeing people improve their lives going from “tired all the time”, “uncomfortable & unhappy”, “nothing to wear but baggy clothes” (these are all quotes used by new members this week), to making themselves healthier, feeling better about themselves, building their self confidence, and enjoying life more. 
Yep weight is a very emotional issue and really does affect people more than some will ever know, it can affect every aspect of your life, not for everyone but for a lot of people it makes a huge difference to their behaviour and the things that they do.
I had a lovely lady join my meeting yesterday and when we chatted afterwards, she was very relieved to hear she would still be able to enjoy a glass or two of red wine (we’ll get on I’m sure ;-> ), she was telling me how everyone is an expert on how she can shift the pounds, offering her advise from “cut the carbs”, to “you need to ditch the booze completely”!  WHATEVA!  It’s all about balance, there’s nothing you need to eliminate completely and nothing you must include.  The only thing I would say YOU MUST do is “enjoy the journey”, because if you don’t you won’t stick to it.  My emotional health is just as important as my physical health and it’s no use my body being in tip top condition if I’m miserable as sin because all I ever eat is ‘pure healthy my body is a shrine’ food!  No it’s about balance, this week I’m doing filling and healthy and I’m enjoying it, I haven’t wanted a cake or any chocolate but when I do fancy it, I will include it, my mates also doing F&H this week and she has included a few Weight Watcher bars because that’s what floats her boat, I needed to save mine for wine.

Remember, if you fancy it – have it, include it in your daily quota and then you’ll still lose weight.  Anyways I’m off, got a meeting this morning ten miles away and a dog to walk first!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Loving being in the zone ;-)

28th June 2012

Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Oscar Wilde

Great week so far, this is the start of day 4 on Filling & Healthy and so far so good, I’ve eaten some delicious food and haven’t obsessed about what I can eat, nor been constantly wanting to eat like I was the week before.  Yep I think eating F&H foods has definitely helped to balance out my blood sugars and stopped me craving junk.  Last nights dinner was probably the best of the week so far, I was really impressed with myself, I stuffed chicken breast with finely diced mushrooms, garlic and spring onions and wrapped them in wafer thin ham, wrapped in foil and cooked in the oven for about 30 minutes, served with brown basmati rice and roasted cherry tomatoes mmm and it looked nice too.  Had I been ProPointing the meal it would’ve been approximately 12-13pp so not bad at all.  I’ve only used 1pp from my weekly allowance and still have 20 activity ProPoints as emergency back up.  There is no wine in my house so I’ve also gone 3 days without that which has to be helping I’m sure!
The new Weight Watcher magazine arrived yesterday, I haven’t had time to read it all but I did make time to read the article at the back about my mate Claire, she’s in the “love your leader” section this month and looks fab (that’s only in meeting copies of the magazine, not the shop bought ones), she looks fabulous.  I shall chill out over the weekend and read the rest of the magazine, maybe whilst having a long indulgent bath.

I’m so on top of things this week, it’s scaring me, yesterday not only did I get all my paperwork done, but I also cooked and prepared meals for all of the day and all of today, it probably helped that Alfie wouldn’t walk yesterday morning so I got an extra hour to my day.
So today I have stuffed mushrooms ready prepared to eat, I’ve stuffed them with spring onions, carrots, courgettes, garlic – I think that’s everything and I was really pleased when I realised my gadget that I usually onion use for onions could chop it all, takes no time at all to chop them and doesn’t hurt my wrists like normal chopping does.  What a bargain, I was lucky I bought mine second hand for a pound and when I googled it yesterday, I found similar on Amazon for £20, so I was chuffed.  If like me you are into gadgets this one actually works and when mine breaks I will definitely buy me another. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chefn-102-239-011-VeggiChop-Improved-Design/dp/B004HFR2MS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340808630&sr=8-1

Right I’m going to get gone because I have lots to do this morning before I leave for work and I’d like to have me a good breakfast as its such a long work day, I’m thinking eggs and crumpets mmm nom nom nom. 
Enjoy your day, track everything, remember why we’re bothering to do this and then we can celebrate together when we have a loss next week at the scales. xx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Do you really need a slice of bread?

27th June 2012

Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold.Maurice Setter
Another cracking day on the plan, followed Filing and Healthy again, going to try and do the week on it, my day looked like this;

Breakfast – mango, banana, 0% Greek yogurt
Dinner – Gammon steak, potatoes & veg = filling & healthy

Tea – 3 eggs, leftover potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, spring onions, courgettes & ham

No desire to snack at all, and still have all my weeklies intact and I’ve earned 15 activity ProPoints I haven’t touched yet!  Today and tomorrow will be the real test because this is when my appetite usually kicks in because of the long work hours, so we shall see, my hopes are high.  I feel very ‘in the zone’ and I haven’t even wanted a glass of wine either!  Bring on weigh day ;)

The Earl of Sandwich has a lot to answer for inventing the sandwich, but really, do you need it with every meal?  Although low calorie bread is included in the Filling and Healthy foods on the Weight Watcher plan, I am personally trying to avoid it as much as possible because I know I overeat on bread.

I’ve noticed that many members panic at the realisation that they don’t need to eat bread at every meal, they ask what will I have for breakfast / lunch / dinner / with my soup etc.? They say ‘It’s really difficult to know what to eat?’ We have become so reliant on bread that it has robbed us of our creativity at meal times.
Can you really not think of anything to have for lunch other than a sandwich?

There is no reason to have a sliver of cheese or meat with some limp salad leaves, soggy cucumber and squishy tomatoes crushed beyond recognition between two slices of dry bread.
Why not  focus on the contents and get rid of the bread; change up your lunch to a huge salad with crisp leaves, peppers, cherry tomatoes, courgette & carrot ribbons, spring onions and a sliced chicken breast that was cooked in a WW garlic & herbs bag to make it tasty and juicy.  It won’t cost you much more than a takeaway sandwich from Greggs or Subway, or a pub lunch, making your lunch at home is definitely cheaper.

I found this info online, and it might make you realise why we shouldn’t eat bread all the time. At a base level, the nutrient content of bread is virtually zero, you are basically eating 2 slices of sugar and whole grain bread doesn’t offer much more and fancy breads from chain deli’s are far from nutritious. Here are the ingredients in a Subway wheatgrain roll:
Enriched Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Niacin, Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Whole Wheat Flour, Contains 2% Or Less Of The Following: Wheat Gluten, Oat Fiber, Yeast, Soybean Oil, Wheat Bran, Calcium Blend (Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin D3), Salt, Rolled Wheat, Rye Nuggets, Dough Conditioners (Datem, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate), Yeast Nutrients (Calcium Sulfate, Ammonium Sulfate), Degermed Yellow Corn Meal, Rolled Oats, Rye Flakes, Caramel Color, Triticale Flakes, Parboiled Brown Rice, Refinery Syrup, Honey, Barley Flakes, Flaxseed, Millet, Sorghum Flour, Flavor (Yeast Extract, Salt, Natural Flavor). Contains wheat.

You may have noticed that if you’ve ever been on holiday to France that bread is generally brought fresh every day and past its best by that evening. This is how bread used to be produced in the UK until profits came first. Most of the ingredients in the list above are to preserve the bread so it can be transported and stay on the shelf longer. In its purest form bread should basically just be flour, yeast, salt and water, to get this kind of bread these days, you probably need to make your own.
I admit that giving up bread can be hard work and takes some thinking about but not only will your diet benefit, you’ll start enjoying a better variety of meals too, so that’s today’s challenge, go one day this week without bread!  Next week in meetings we’re talking about lunches so you’ll get lots of ideas for none bread suggestions.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Nice not to want more!

26th June 2012
Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. Steve Jobs

Really pleased at the scales yesterday morning, I lost 1 1/2lb was hoping for 2 but that was wishful thinking because I did go over my weeklies and use my activities plus a few, but I think adding in the filling and healthy foods really helped me over the weekend.

Running 5k after my meeting was so easy though, after standing in a field all day Saturday, sitting in a car for so long followed by sleeping in a bad travelodge bed I was achy and stiff before I left the house, add to that lack of sleep and running was really hard work, it did get a little easier half way through though.  What kept me going was my desire to get back to goal.

I’d already decided I want to do that by the August bank holiday but after reading the BBC article about our waist sizes http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-18570445 I want it even more.  The researchers found the average waist measurement for women is 84.9cm (33.43in), compared with the healthy size of 80cm (31.49in).  I measured myself and it said 32.5in I was gutted because even though I’m overweight according to the charts I thought I was healthy, I’ve just gone to re-measure to check and realised the tape measures broken and starts at 1in not zero, so I’m actually a 31.5in waist, feel better now, but want to be nearer 30 inches to be honest, I don’t mind storing my excess by having a big bum and chunky thighs but I want a healthy waistband.

I had a really enjoyable day on Filling and Healthy yesterday, it looked like this

Pineapple, banana and 0% Greek yogurt


Salmon fillet, peppers, celery, spring onions & ½ lemon  cooked in a Weight Watcher garlic & herb bag served with the most delicious home made chips! (on ProPointing day the salmon would have been approx 6pp & the chips 2pp per 100g (guessing 500g max), I didn't weigh them, plus 1pp for the WW oil spray.  I steamed the chips for 10 minutes first them coated in 1pp of oil and cooked in oven on gas mark 4/5 for about 50 minute on a mesh tray too, helps the heat get everywhere)

Wholewheat spaghetti. With stir fried veggies. I added a few chili flakes. It was very tasty to say I didn’t add any sauce and really hit the mark.  I didn’t weigh the spaghetti just took out a handful then out of curiousity when it was cooking I weighed the spaghetti that was left in the packet because it had been a full one, and I’d taken exactly 60g, so my portion guess was pretty good, it was plenty and would have been 7pp total including spray oil on a ProPointing day. 

I also had a few slices of cooked meat when I opened the fridge throughout the day as my snack but overall I wasn’t hungry at all, didn’t bother with my glass of wine last night, had diet coke instead.  So finished the day with 6pp earned from running, another 5pp on my pedometer (I remove it when I run) and my 49 weeklies still intact because the oil I used in cooking was covered by the amount allowed on F&H, and I could have as many cups of tea as I wanted.  Mmm I’m liking this a lot this week. 

Today I’ve got mango and 0% Greek yogurt for breakfast and for my main meal I’m going to have gammon, potatoes and vegetables.  Still thinking about tea time, need to see what I’ve got in the fridge and cupboards. 

The fact we actually have sunshine outside is helping too!  Have a great day xx

Monday, 25 June 2012

Here's to a week of F&H!

25th June 2012
Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period. Lou Holtz
Well I survived the weekend, I didn’t buy a tshirt at the concert but I do have a souvenir, a cracking bum on my head where I was hit by a flying bottle!  OUCH!  We did have a giggle though it has to be said, I genuinely think you could put me and Lynne anywhere and we’d have a good time with or without alcohol. 
I managed to resist service station breakfast yesterday, had some pineapple and a pint of skimmed milk instead, then on the drive home we were chatting in the front of the car and this little voice pipes up from the back seat (Lynne’s 17 year old niece), “shut up, you two are boring bitches, all you’ve talked about for the last hour is food”, mmm truth hurts – NOT!  Give her 25 years and she’ll probably be doing the same ;-)

We were talking about the Filling & Healthy plan and how we could fit it in with our lives, so this week that’s our plan, to have a week on F&H and see what happens.  I’m hoping for a loss this morning, I have gone over on my weeklies this week but I think I may have got away with it.  Then from today I plan to do F&H for an entire week to see if it feasible for me to follow and lose weight, I do have a good appetite so I will see if eating to my idea of satisfies works.  I’m finding having a big breakfast works a treat and who knows maybe as my blood sugars balance out and my appetite calms down I’ll start eating less – it’s happened in the past so fingers crossed.

Yep, a shopping trip needed, I want some wholewheat couscous and wholewheat lasagne, I’ve got salmon for today and gammon for tomorrow, have lots of veggies and salad and I will get some more fruit because I enjoyed the pineapple but I might stick with tinned because I like that just as much as fresh and it keeps better. 

I have converted my favourite recipe of the moment into F&H below,  I’ve talked about a lot in my meetings so you’ll know I think its truly scrumptious and I was surprised because I’m not a fan of rice or parsnips in food like this, but it works and because I’ve had a fabulous weekend full of giggles, I’ve decided to share it.  If you cook it and enjoy it, pop 10p in my charity collection tub the next time you’re in the meeting.

Chicken & Bacon Casserole serves 4, 12pp each or zero on F&H

calorie controlled cooking spray (for F&H use your daily allowance of oil)              
4 x 200 g (7 oz) skinless chicken legs
1 large onion, chopped                                                                               

1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary
4 rashers Weight Watchers Extra Trimmed Unsmoked Back Bacon, chopped (use bacon medallions for F&H meal)
250 g (9 oz) carrots, peeled and chopped
300 g (10 ½oz) parsnips, chopped
150 g (5½oz) dried brown rice
500 ml (18 fl oz) chicken stock (make using 3 oxo cubes)
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Put oven on gas mark 4ish.  Spray a lidded ovenproof casserole dish with the cooking spray and place over a high heat. Season the chicken legs, add to the dish and fry for 5 minutes, turning, until browned. You may need to do this in batches. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside.
Spray the dish again with the cooking spray, add the onion, rosemary and bacon and fry for 5 minutes until starting to soften. Return the chicken to the dish with the carrots, parsnips, rice and stock. Cover and pop in ove until the chicken is cooked through and the rice and vegetables are tender. Divide between four warmed plates, and serve.  Freezes well too.
Right I’m off to start my work week, oh yeah and get weighed!  Enjoy your day. x

Sunday, 24 June 2012

42 & too old to queue!

Well it's official, I'm too old for outdoor concerts! We had a great day and it's of laughs, but it will be my last for sure.

We stayed at a travelodge 15 miles from Knebworth and the plan was to have a taxi so we could enjoy a drink but when the taxi people said £35 one way, I opted for sobriety and drove.

So glad I did because at eleven when it finished, there was complete chaos and no one was going anywhere and a taxi wouldn't have stood a chance it took us 3 hours to get back to the hotel and from what we left behind, I'd say some of them would be there till morning. Now don't get me wrong I knew we'd be waiting but there was no organisation at all and it was raining like you wouldn't believe. Too make it worse, Lynne's niece Charlotte (17 an pretty as a picture) was in the back of the car needing the toilet and she stank! We couldn't open the windows because the of the rain, oh and she was rotten. She'd ate nothing but junk all day long, she may be slim and beautiful but if we are what we eat - she'd ate a skunk!

But what about the bit in the middle - well again wouldn't want to repeat. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are amazing live I've seen them before, but the stage was too low and the screens of which there was only two, were too small so seeing them was virtually impossible and when you've paid £60 for a ticket, you at least want to see them on the screens!

The boys seemed to just be there to sing, there was no interaction with the audience and then at the end Flea finished with, "thank you Wembley" mmm they didn't even know where they were. Shame.

Dizzee Rascal was the support act and if you're a fan he was brill and really interacted with the audience - you just couldn't see him and the screens weren't on at all ;(

Hey ho such is life, it was good to watch a 17 year old enjoying her first concert and whining "I really need a wee" and not understanding that no ones gonna let you got to the front any more because you're not six ;)

All in all we had a fab day it rained but not till about 8pm so we were lucky, we may have been stuck in a field car park for over two hours but if we'd took a taxi we would have had a 15 mile walk in wellies instead!

I managed to stay on track mostly, had a decent filling and healthy breakfast, some cooked chicken at lunchtime before going into the venue and I did have a burger inside but there wasn't actually a great deal of choice!

We are sat in the hotel room now, I've had some pineapple and these two are talkin greasy breakfast from a services! I shall choose healthy I'm thinking egg and beans maybe.

Right better get moving, I've had all of 5 hours sleep, but at last I slept past 5am!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

How happy are you?

23rd June 2012

Getting an idea should be like sitting down on a pin. It should make you jump up and do something. E.L. Simpson
Rather relieved by the dry sky this morning even if the forecast says it’s going to change later, but I’m set for every eventuality, I have a waterproof poncho and my wellies.  I am ready to stand in a field for 8 hours regardless! 

So my first day of Filling and Healthy was a huge success I think, I had scrambled egg, beans and tomatoes for breakfast, I was out and rushing about lunchtime so had a portion of chicken, I even gave them skin away – that wasn’t easy.  Then for tea I mad a beef casserole, mmm delicious.  I also snacked on some beef slices when I was peckish. 
I’m prepared for staying away from home tonight, using a Weight Watchers garlic and herb bag I’ve made tub of roasted vegetable & couscous (on F&H if you use wholewheat couscous).  I’ve also bought lots of salad, cooked chicken and fruit so that instead of getting the munchies and having a burger, I’ve got good stuff.   We will most likely have a pub lunch today so I’m thinking gammon with jacket potato maybe.

I had a really busy day yesterday, rushing here there and everywhere so when I finally did sit down, I flaked out, at least my energy levels are back up to full strength this morning.
I can easily count the people who’ve had a big, positive impact on my adult life and when I see one of them hurting, I feel it too!  Isn’t it awful when something happens to another and you wished you could put it right, make it go away or rectify it for them in some way.  Unfortunately on this occasion I couldn’t, so instead I just held their hand and told them everything would be okay.  I believe that too, whatever the situation, whoever the person, everything happens for a reason and most things work out for the best – I’m a big believer in Karma.

So if you’re going through a rough patch at the moment for whatever reason, stay strong and smile through it, you’ll find it makes the situation easier to handle.
Lightening the mood back up, one of the best rules I have in my life is to fill it with happiness.  In fairness it’s probably everybody’s number one rule, they just don’t realise it.  Think about it, everything you do is in search of being happy, there’s nothing you do that isn’t done to make you happier, or to avoid pain which ultimately makes you happier.  You work to earn money, to provide for your family and or lifestyle which make you happy; you buy someone chocolates to make them happy which makes you happy.  We subconsciously do things to make us happy all the time, so how about purposefully doing stuff.

What makes you happy?  I find my favourite music playing on my itunes makes me happy as soon as I get out of bed, spending time with my bestie like I am today makes me very happy even if we are going to get soaking wet, we’ll laugh it off.  Being grateful for the good things in my life makes me realise how blessed I am, and that then makes me happy too. 
Taking the time to appreciate other peoples actions and behaviour makes me happy, because for example if someone is angry, or behaves in a negative way, by trying to work out why they are being that way, I realise usually it’s not about me and I just happened to be there, so I feel better because I know most of the time they don’t mean it.

A great way to get a warm, glowing feeling inside which makes you really happy is to do a random act of kindness, just because it’s a good thing to do. 

Spending money on experiences rather than material things makes me happier too, don’t get me wrong I like my gadgets and I like to shop for clothes but really do you need as much stuff as you have in your house and closet.  It’s been proven that experiences provide lasting memories and boost your happiness for longer than stuff you buy, for example my ipad I bought made me feel great on the day, but now it’s just a thing I use now and again, whereas I can still remember the last time I went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers as if it was yesterday and I’m smiling now thinking about that day. ;-)
So today, think about what makes you smile – and then go do more of that stuff.

I had my assessment with my boss this week and talking to her reminded me that I love my job, it gives me such satisfaction and makes me ultimately happy.
Yep I’m following my bliss – are you?

Friday, 22 June 2012

Time for a change I think...

22nd June 2012
All we have to decide is what to do with the time we are given. Gandalf to Frodo, (movie)
Only just gone 5am and I’m thinking about food already!  Not because I want to eat but because I’m thinking about doing a Filling and Healthy day today.  Why, because last night when I was in my meeting I wanted to eat the world, I was so hungry or did I just want to eat – mmm I’m not sure to be truthful.  So I somehow resisted the 197 takeaway outlets in Bloxwich as I drove home (exaggerating yes) and made fish fingers (not f&h), mash and broccoli which did the trick, I was so full I didn’t want anything else.  I think my blood sugar levels are all over the place since my holiday and I’m craving foods I wouldn’t normally crave, my appetite is a little out of control, so my solution is to cut out the junk, and the bread because I know personally bread does not suit me, plus when I eat it, I eat too much of it.  Instead I’m going to eat F&H foods which will keep me fuller for longer and hopefully take the cravings away and the desire to overeat.  We shall see!  I just need to work out some meal ideas, and I need to be able to do it whilst away the weekend.  I thinking steak or gammon in the pub with loads of veggies, could even do carvery and not have the roasters or Yorkshire – ooo that’d would take some strength!
I’ve just looked and trout is on the F&H list so I might treat myself so some of that as it’s my favourite fish, it’d cook lovely in the WW zero pp garlic and herb bag.  I might have an omelette for my breakfast with baked beans, nice.  Then there’s wholemeal pasta and couscous, I haven’t had those for ages.  Yes this could work for sure, need a change, ooo just remembered I have some Tofu I can scramble too, think I will go have a mooch through the cupboard and see what I can come up with.  That crustless quiche recipe is f&h too, here it is just in case you forgot to make a note the last time;
crustless quiche, 8pp in the whole thing!
3 eggs,
2 egg whites,
half tub quark (125g)
Any zero pp veg (broccoli is lovely)

You could add gammon to it on f&h too.

Mix the quark and eggs until smooth, cook in oven for about 40 minutes.  I’m guessing about gas mark 4/5, I haven’t cooked it.

Yeah I need to get a shopping list together but not this morning because I have a busy one, but I might take my shopping guide and have a stroll round the supermarket after my meeting with my boss, and after my walk or run if I can muster up the energy it doesn’t get torrential with the rain again!

I’ve loved my meetings again this week, lots of weight loss, Paul got his 75lb certificate, a few got to their goals, Rachel got her 9 1/2 stone, Catherine’s a couple of pound off her 10 stone and one lovely older lady was so pleased with her 5lb weight loss she squeezed my hand so tight, I thought she’d crushed it ;-) it certainly reminded me I have a bit of arthritis in my hands lol.  Also talking about cooking and as you’ve all promised to try something new, then F&H can be my new because I’ve never actually done it.  I shall have a good look at the Weight Watchers esource to get more ideas. 
Right I better start on the paperwork, I don’t want to, I have that Friday feeling, but it has to be done ;-)
Almost the weekend – YAY! Enjoy your day. xx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Where you are going?

21st June 2012

Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world. It beats money and power and influence. Henry Chester
Mmm must be Thursday, it’s raining!  It seems to rain more on a Thursday morning than any other day, and that’s not just this month, that’s all the time.  My outdoor concert on Saturday is not looking like it’s got much chance of being a dry one, but I shall remain hopeful and go and buy some waterproof capes just in case ;-)

At least I’ll be able to enjoy the eating/drinking side of it because I still have 47 of my weeklies in place, I’ve been using my pedometer and running ProPoints for any extras I’ve had already this week, I do love that wineometer, it looks after me well, and most day’s I’ve clocked up 20,000 steps or more around 7pp, then I’ve earned 20pp through running, managed 5k yesterday because I knew the weather was going to change for the rest of the week.  I didn’t have time to run but I made it because I’m important too and everything always gets done, if it doesn’t it probably won’t matter anyway!
I was reading a book yesterday which reminded me that “Intention Sets Direction”

If you’ve ever seen Alice in Wonderland (weird story that it is), there’s one scene, after Alice has shrunk, where she’s exploring the dark, mystical forest – desperately attempting to find her way. Suddenly the Cheshire Cat pops up, perched high in a tree, and offers to give her directions.
"Where you are going?" he asks.

"I don’t know!" replies Alice.

The cat responds: "Well, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there!"
How true is that? Do you know where you’re going? Have you set your intention?  Did you reply to my ten week challenge when I text you last week? Or did you post it on her when I mentioned it.  Have you thought about how much weight you want to lose and how you plan to do it?

Think about this for a moment, have you ever been to a party, expecting it to be brilliant - and it was? Or have you ever gone on a night out, dreading it, knowing it would be an awful night – and it was? Perhaps you’ve got out of bed, stubbed your toe, and decided this was going to be a bad day – and it was? Or maybe you woke up, the sun was shining, and you made the decision that today was going to be fantastic – and it was?  Yep we usually get the outcome we expect!  We consistently prove ourselves right.
So, how about today, setting a good intention on the things you do, decide it’s going to be a fabulous day despite the fact its raining and its Thursday and you might be tired and by making that decision, you’ll automatically achieve many more positive outcomes!  Yay it’s Thursday and it’s going to be a tremendous day today, I feel it in my water ;)

Quite simply: Intention sets direction. Full stop. Set your intention – and you’ll set your direction.
Right now, spend a few moments deciding that this is going to be a wonderful day.
Henry Ford once said: "Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right." Think about it. He was actually saying that whatever we believe will happen, will happen. The things that we hold in mind will ultimately come about. Our intention sets our direction. It might sound stupidly simple, but it works – and works well.   Don’t believe me – try it!  I believe that when I see a heron I have a good day, are herons magical mmm hell yeah I think so lol, but now more likely I decide I’m going to have a good day, so it works.  I still think they’re magical because they haven’t let me down yet ;0) I also believe in Father Christmas!  Don’t even start with me on that one!

Let’s have an amazing day, set your intention. xx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Food, glorious food

20th June 2012

Isn’t it lovely to wake up to a nice sunny, fluffy sky, it starts the day lovely.  Just made me a cup of tea whilst smiling to myself ;), why because I’ve had a flashback to last night when I was scolded like a child by my mom (yes I’m still 42!) for getting my running socks so dirty she can’t get them clean!  She was really annoyed with me, and it took me back to my childhood when we used to get told off for that sort of thing all the time and I have to admit one of the pleasures of running through muddy fields for me as a grown up has been that I don’t get told off for it – well that changed yesterday, although I have to admit it did make me smile whereas as a kid it didn’t because it scared us back then!
I took full advantage of the football last night and used the time to go to Morisson’s and get petrol, everywhere was empty it was lovely, I’m not a sports watcher so I wasn’t missing much.  I walked in the shop really hungry though and all the hot cooked chickens, sausages and gammon joints had been reduced, but I resisted and instead bought a pack of wafer thin ham and ate it in the car – 150g = 4pp, that was a huge saving to what I could have had, it also meant I wasn’t hungry when I did get home so had 5 crackers for another 4pp and was happy with that.  The protein in the ham had filled me up.  I’d also had 2 crumpets for my breakfast and whilst they were cooking I measured out 2pp worth of flora light on the scales, I was really surprised when I used as much of it as I wanted to smoother the crumpets and I still only used half the margarine, so only used 1pp worth. Nice, very nice!
Filling & Healthy


I have to say though when I looked at facebook last night, I wanted Julias F&H dinner or Vicky’s roast, they both looked delicious, you can’t beat a good home cooked meal.  I’d had pork and rice hot pot for my lunch for 12pp, which was tasty too.

It’s great to see so many people posting what their cooking at the moment and in my meeting this week, none cooks are saying they are going to have a try, Deb (my helper) has even started cooking and she’s been a Weight Watcher ping queen all through her weight loss journey!  So I am truly impressed.
If you fancy having a go and want something super easy that you know everyone will eat, why not make the juicy beefburgers below, almost everyone likes burgers and with the weather as unpredictable as it is at the moment, it’s a bbq indoors!

ProPoints® Value: 9
Preparation Time:
8 min
Cooking Time:
10 min
Level of Difficulty:
Add a few flavourful ingredients to lean minced beef and you'll have fantastic burgers in no time.

5 spray(s) ( ) Cooking Spray, Calorie Controlled
450 g ( ) Beef, Mince, Extra Lean, Cooked
1 tablespoons ( ) Worcestershire Sauce
2 teaspoons (chopped) Garlic, minced
1 pinch ( ) Salt
1/4 teaspoons (ground) Pepper, Black (Whole, Cracked or Ground)
4 medium ( ) Bread, Burger Bun


·         Coat a large grill pan with cooking spray and preheat to medium-high.
·         In a large bowl, combine beef mince, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, salt and pepper. Mix well and shape mixture into 4 patties, about 1-inch-thick each. (To retain juiciness, be careful not to overwork the meat.)
·         Place burgers on grill and cook 5 minutes per side for medium (or longer until desired doneness).
·         Serve burgers on rolls with your favorite toppings.

·         These are great to make with the kids, especially if you're stuck indoors due to bad weather!

There’s lots of recipes like this on the Weight Watchers website, when you get your monthly pass in the meeting (as a lot of you have this last week by taking advantage of the £11.90 for the first month with a free magazine and packet of sweets) you gain access to their esource section which gives you lots of recipes, propoints calculator, recipe builder, tracker and many other things.  It is well worth giving a go, even if you only do it short term.

Rigth I’m going to take advantage of the sunshine and walk Alfie for a bit longer than usual, have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Neglect or Nurturing?

19th June 2012

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.
Don’t you just love people who have all the answers!  Yesterday I had the pleasure of a conversation with one such human being and as it was very early in the morning, I wasn’t quite ready for it, and so instead of ignoring the bloke I played devils advocate and tied him in knots and sent him packing.  Silly time for someone to be an expert on weight loss when the weight loss leader has just weighed herself and gained a pound!   Yeah I gained a pound, I’m blaming time of the month – I’m sure it had nothing to do with the KFC or Pizza Hut!  That image above isn’t a lifeline it’s a graph of my weight loss over the last 13 weeks, mmm maybe it is a lifeline too lol. 
Anyway back to the bloke, he had all the answers, the doctors should stop giving “fat people” medication, instead they should send them to Weight Watchers with vouchers and if they don’t lose weight refuse to treat them!”  The entire conversation continued along that line and I was looking at this moron thinking to myself, bless you, you fool, you have absolutely no idea!  If only it was that simple, this planet wouldn’t have a weight problem.  If only another could tell you to lose weight and you did, wouldn’t that be awesome!  I asked him if he ate healthy all the time, had his five a day, drank his two litres of water and had less than 3 units of alcohol a day, he looked at me confused and said no, so I told him to shut up and go away, as he couldn’t have his opinions if he wasn’t even doing it himself!

Again, if only it was that simple, that all you had to do was say ‘right, I’m going to lose weight’, then you’d follow a plan 100% until the weight came off and you’d keep it off forever.  Mmm I wish, it isn’t though is it, I know lots and lots of people who want to lose weight desperately and do well for a while then stop and there are lots of reasons for them stopping.  Some of those reasons others would think are pathetic (not my words!) because they succeeded and didn’t stop when that situation arose in their life, or maybe they decide that person is weak (again not my words) because that person wouldn’t let a personal emotional situation interfere with their success. 

What they’re forgetting is everyone is different and no one knows what’s going on in someone else’s head, and no one should be judging another.  From experience I’ve found that sometimes the guiltiest of judging is someone who’s losing weight successfully, it may be their first time of losing or they might just be so in the zone they’ve forgotten previous struggles.  What most people forget where weight loss is concerned is it isn’t just about food, it’s about the mind, overeating and being overweight is often just a symptom of a deeper problem. 
Consider this, if someone was suffering from deep depression would that same chap from earlier have suggested if they didn’t damn well cheer up after having a couple of laughter sessions then the doctor should refuse to give them anymore of their medication?  No and hopefully no one else would either, well actually maybe they would because they don’t understand depression but hey that just shows their ignorance.

I have to say this photo got my goat a little yesterday too, (I was obviously feeling a bit narky & sensitive over that pound gain ;-> )   
Why did it bother me, because come on my bum is more like the one on the left than the right but I don’t neglect myself and I take umbrage to the suggestion that I do!  I’m guessing the one on the right might have been helped cosmetically to get that bum, but even if she wasn’t she's a very fortunate lady to have such a good structure, I know even with diet and exercise I’d never get it, just like I’ll never look like the photos in the fashion magazines because nature didn’t make me that way.  I’ve been the person who goes to the gym 6-7 days a week for an hour at a time, and ate a vegan diet for years, was I taking care of myself more then than I do now.  I don’t believe so no, I believe I now take more care of myself than I ever have, I look after the physical as best I can whilst maintaining my emotional health too.  I’ve found a balance, where I enjoy life and don’t beat myself up daily because I can’t achieve the perfect body like I used to when I was a gym bunny - I’m not saying all gym go’ers are that way but I was striving for the impossible.  I wasn’t happy in my skin back then even though I was a size 8, with a six pack and buns of steel.  These days my bum looks more like the one on the left but I’d replace the words neglect with loved and happy because I can stand naked in a full length mirror smiling, I never used to be able to.
I didn't think I've ever share this skinny photo of myself because I always used to be so self conscious but just to make my point;
 This was me striving for the impossible, I wanted to get to a certain weight to make me happy, but it wasn't my weight that was stopping me!  It took me a long time to realise that.   When I realised I couldn't get to that person, the picture on the left below shows you what happened next!  I stopped trying and stopped taking care of myself at all!  Then there's the photo on the right, that was taken about two years ago, I'm about 2 stone heavier than the skinny shot and 2 stone lighter than the miserable shot, but it's my favourite photo every because you can tell I'm happy, I didn't think I'd ever be brave enough to bare my body and the photographer said she'd never seen anyone so comfortable in their skin ;-).  Oh and if I'd turned round and had a rear view shot taken on that day, my bum would have been way closer to the left photo than the right one above.  I'm sat here smiling now realising I've come a long way and I'm very content, and even with 12lb to lose to be what the government defines as a healthy weight, I'm healthier than I've ever been right now and happy as Larry whoever he is.  

So that’s my little rant, love the skin you’re in, don’t judge others and remember a squidgy body isn’t a neglected one, cos this wobbly bum, wobbled wonderfully on a 5 mile fun yesterday after not running for two weeks or more, so I’d say I’m taking care of me ;-)

For dinner last night I finally made the chicken & sweet potato supper out of the cooking for one, it was fabulous, I used 4 times the ingredients so I could feed my friends, and there was plenty for 5 dishes in the end, so it was only 11pp a  plate, a very large plate.
Suns shining YAY, it really does make you feel better seeing it in the sky, have a great day and go be a nice person. xx