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Saturday, 3 April 2021

Here's to an Eater Weekend!

Saturday 3rd April 2021
A true friend is someone who thinks you're a good egg even if you're cracked. 

Another decent nights sleep, although I was fighting Alfie for the bedding, bloody dog has taken over!  It's nice to see that he's okay though, not pining too much. 

A calm day yesterday, didn't do anything round the house, finally got to see my bestie, who I last saw in January 2020 so that was the highlight of my day, I was in bed early and up at half four as usual.

Oh the only exciting thing if you can call it that was I went for a Covid test, my first, I decided because I'm now allowed a support bubble before anyone does become that person I better make sure I'm safe to be around, it took minutes and I had the text without the hour to tell me I was negative, that's a relief, I was thinking as I'd been at the hospital with mom there was always the chance I'd picked something up whilst there, but it's 12 days now so symptoms would've shown. 

Yeah not much to talk about today, I'm looking forward to an Eater weekend of chilling and indulging, I haven't changed the spelling of Easter above because it made smile when I realised I'd missed the S out as it's probably more apt, as I do intend to have an Eater weekend lol.  Then I plan to sort myself out from Tuesday and get some more organisation into my eating and get a little healthier too, hopefully lose a few pounds.  Got my Be Happy Owls journal at the ready for 12 weeks of #HOOT (Happy Owl On Track).  After all what is it they say; 

Which means, 4 weeks will be 4th May, 8 weeks is 1st June and 12 weeks is the 29th June.  Just in time for the real summer months, ooo be nice to be back in my scruffy jean shorts by summer, yeah that can be my goal to get my ass back in a pair of shorts that make me look like I've been decorating ;) I remember the vicar asking me one day if I had and I was no, but I did decorate in them once!

I'm liking this idea a lot, I want to get my healthy back, get back to something resembling a real life, ooo exciting. 

Anyway, for now I plan to have my leftover curry for breakfast, as you do, at least I'm not having lager with it ay.  Got a zoom to look forward to this morning and a few people popping over, one's taking my bags of stuff for me so that's a bit more sorting gone.  It's starting to look like a different room now, it's all under control. 

One last thing, this lovely lad Tyler is fundraising for the red cross, make his Easter by sponsoring him will you x

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me 

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