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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Moms back in the living room!

Thursday 29th 2021
The only successful way to reach and maintain a healthy weight is to find what works for you.

Well I'm sat looking at a cardboard tube covered in doves, clouds and trees that's holding moms ashes, she's still bloody heavy, it's a bit weird for me I won't lie, they're not giving me any emotional vibes.  Having said that I'm proper bloody emotional at the minute, I cried a few times yesterday, frustration mainly because I want stuff done in the house and I need to wait.  I feel like I'm squatting with these bare walls and floors.

Oh wow I've just looked up and out the window and saw a heron flying over, so today is going to be a very, good day, I'm smiling again now and feeling positive after seeing him.

I just need to be patient and ignore the chaos around me, I'm aware of things that I want doing, things I need to get done to start our new business, so I'll start with the new business and put my focus on that for now.  I'll also start decluttering the paperwork in my office, that will help a great deal and it'll occupy my brain. 

Ah then there's the physical weight I need to shift!  I'm not beating myself up about that, it'll take as long as it takes, 

Breakfast was a b
acon and egg sarnie with a little brown sauce 252 calories. 

I'd treated myself to this 
Sainsbury's cheese and onion pizza roll with a slice of serrano ham 289 calories - ham was lush, pizza roll looked better than it tasted! I wouldn't buy it again.

Then my most amazing sister made me a huge portion of lasagne so I wasn't that hungry last night so cut a piece off it and had with 2 slices of garlic bread and peas. The garlic bread was perfect from Sainsbury's, 9 slices for £1.65, they're fresh so I can just grab a couple at a time 101 calories a slice. I've just looked though and the frozen version is £1 and there's 10 slices, so I'll try them next week, 98 calories a slice.

As you can see I'm watching the pennies, obviously now I'm on my own I need to but I've also realised the less I spend the less I need to earn and I don't want to be working a 60 hour week again, I want to be able to waste a day like I did yesterday. Actually I didn't waste the day, I rested, I allowed myself to feel the emotions I was full off and I had a couple of lovely telephone conversations with friends and a catch up with my sister.

I've got the paperwork to arrange mine and Annes funeral, need to get that filled in and because I can pay by card, I'm going to pay for one this month and one next so that I get the cashback on my cash back card lol, if there not a partner like the ones below, you get 1% off everywhere on your first £1k each month, hence paying for one this month and one next month, that'll knock a tenner of my bill each month! I love saving money now, it's my new favourite thing, I love getting my 3% from Sainsbury's, also it's no 'expensive' shopping there, if you shop smart. The garlic bread is the same prize in Iceland.

I feel okay this morning, so obviously collecting moms ashes yesterday was having an impact on me even if I didn't realise it, I also think I'm hormonal because I can cry at anything!  

I'm gonna get stuff done today, I did watch some work training videos yesterday so I was somewhat productive, I did the washing up too lol.  

Declutter office paperwork starts today, yeah let's get it sorted!  

I've got lasagne to look forward to later, so I'll have a lighter breakfast, maybe yogurt, I could get some raspberries out the freezer or have tinned fruit.   There was a sneaky packet of peanuts consumed yesterday, but they're out my system now, I won't want them again for a long time.  

Can you believe it's the last day of April tomorrow!  A third of the way through the year - let's make May matter shall we?  Yeah, but don't wait till then, start taking care of yourself today, whatever that looks like, it might be giving yourself permission not to be perfect, to eat the cake, to take time out for yourself to go for a walk and have some time for you. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

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