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Thursday, 8 April 2021

Feeling better already

Thursday 8th April 2021
Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.

A good day again yesterday, tracker journal filled in (£3 plus p&p) if you want one or you can collect it of course.  Anyway 3 meals, I enjoyed 2 bacon medallions, tinned toms and toast for breakfast, I had delicious home made cheese and potato pie with curry beanz for lunch and some crackers with parma ham, salad cream and cucumber with a few olives for tea, then a bag of twiglets (only 99 calories).  I did partake of some wine but I've weighed this morning and I'm 3lb lighter than I was yesterday, I've been weighing daily because my app suggested it but also because I was curious and the daily fluctuations of the body.  Also they don't cause me to have a meltdown when they go up, which they have done, they went down a pound, then up a pound, stayed the same but this morning down 3lb so it will be interesting to see what they say tomorrow morning. 

Why do the scales fluctuate so much?  Water retention, sodium intake, menstrual cycle, what you've eaten and drunk, your body weight can fluctuate 2-4 pounds a day just from water. Drinking water will add weight to you but losing water weight through sweating is just as easy.

Putting too much emphasis on scales alone is unhealthy as they don't tell the whole story, how many drug haddled skinny folk do you see walking the streets, they're thin but they sure won't be healthy!  Don’t let your weight define you!  Remeber there are also other ways to log your healthy, remember scales alone won't make you happy! 

You're BeYOUtiful, you're amazing, you're a one off and you are loved - you are not a number or a statistic.  Start by asking yourself is: Why is the number you see or the number you've chosen as your  important to you? Is there other ways of measuring your success in addition to those scales?

Could you take some photos and repeat that monthly to track your progress?  Sometimes you tone up and it's easier to see in your reflection than on those scales, especially if you're active.  

Are you setting goals that aren’t just weight orientated, physically you could set yourself goals that are based on strength and endurance. Depending on your physical ability, set yourself achievable goals. This could be anything from doing a daily walk, a plank challenge to completing a half marathon. Once you achieve that goal you can then set new ones as you become stronger. You will certainly lose some fat along the way!

Question yourself?  Why, what are the emotional benefits of exercise.  How do you feel? Are you feeling yay or are you feeling blah? You can also look at external indicators: How are your jeans fitting? Do you now need to buy better fitted clothes?  Remember our clothes should fit us not us fit them!  

Take measurements too, I've dont that, If you really like the numbers, work on these too, get a tape measure, do your waist, hips, arms, thighs etc. 

There's more to healthy and happy than that single number on a set of scales, how you feel is to me the most important result to be working on, eating healthier, moving a little more, taking control of your life, all these things make me feel better, I'm guessing they will you too.  

It's more than just a numbers game but obviously we all know, ultimately if we're overweight and uncomfortable, we need to take those numbers into consideration.

Next question is which diet to follow?  I keep saying it - they all work, you just have to follow them, actually you can just eat a little less or a little differently and move a little more and that will work too.  We all (well mostly) know what's good for us and how to lose some weight.  If you fancy trying calorie counting you can get that info for free BMI calculator | Check your BMI - NHS | Your BMI result (www.nhs.uk) you can work out your allowance on the NHS website, and there are different apps, MyFitnessPal is free, Nutracheck has a free triall then it's £29.99 for the year, I'm playing with Noom because I got 90% discount but at £55 with the discount it's still expensive (I'm hoping to use the info I pick up to share with others.  I actually searched the internet yesterday, I just typed in 'calories in potatoes' to find my totals yesterday, most things have calories on the packaging which really helps and the supermarket websites have them on the product pages.  

This morning I'm going to enjoy eggs on toast for breakfast, will add tomatoes or spinach to get a veg in there.  You'll be impressed to know I bought a whole watermelon and cut it up as soon as it arrived to stop it from threatening me all week then walking out the kitchen, well the last one slid out!

For my main meal which I have at lunchtime, I'm thinking fish of some sort, I migh check if I have those noodles and do the salmon dish I blogged yesterday.  I've got yogurt and fruit to snack on but it's still too blooming cold to enjoy it.

I got to see a few of my favourite Owls yesterday, my old helpers which was lovely and I'm getting to see more over the next few days, it's easing me back into society and reminding me how to socialise!  I've almost forgotten because I've spent so much time at home over the last year with mom.  Oh I've finally had her enter my dreams the last few days, that's quite nice, I don't want her out of my head completely do I.

Right I think that's enough for today, here's to getting some work done today, I need to do laptop stuff but it hurts my shoulder which is weird because it hurts it more doing this than it did stripping some wallpaper yesterday - aren't bodies strange things, it isn't hurting as much which is great. 

Here's to a very, good day.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me 

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