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Sunday, 9 May 2021

Let the declutter commence...

Sunday 9th May 2021
Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself.

Well let's just say I've been away a long time!  Yesterday didn't go as planned which is okay, these things happen, so my plasterer had his second covid jab the day before and it knocked him about so he didn't come.  I'd already disconnected the tv/sky box put furniture in middle of the room and because he's hopefully gonna come today instead, I didn't want to put everything back.  Then my sister suggested a duvet day which didn't sound like a bad idea, I didn't quite have one of them but after working on the morning which was fab as always and then I was on the phone to my brother for almost 2 hours discussing plans and flights, so once I'd done that, I turned my phone off, watched a movie on my laptop and Alfie and I were in bed by 6ish, well I must have fell asleep pretty quick because I woke up just before midnight and I've not been able to get back to sleep since.  

A positive that's come from laying here for hours is I've made the radical decision, I'm doing an extreme declutter on my office, all the stuff I've been keeping because I might one day use it is going, I haven't scrapbooked in years and I've realised I'm unlikely to ever again and the scrapbooking I have done in the past is just shoved on a shelf and never looked at so why do it or keep it.  It served the purpose at the time, I enjoyed doing it but crafting ain't my thing anymore.  I love to crochet and that's enough to occupy my brain and hands and now my shoulder seems fixed, I'll be able to get back to doing that again.   I'm hoping by the end of the day to have got rid of a load of stuff!

I've also come to the conclusion that the larger of the two spare rooms can stay as a guest room with the double bed in and what is at the moment my office can be where I do my yoga, it'll be more than big enough I reckon once it's decluttered, the book cases won't be in the way, I think I can make it work and if not I'll continue to do it in the living room.  Now I can use furniture I already have in the spare room and I won't have to buy any new stuff.  See lack of sleep has just saved me money = bonus and I can have a snooze in the day if I need one or an early night again tonight, but not 6pm early!

I've been playing on Pinterest for the last hour trying to work out how to arrange my living room so as to fit everything it, I think I need a trip to IKEA, I want some of these to make the units I already have look fresh in the living room.  Cheaper than having alcove cupboards built ain't it! 

I also want a nice big rug too I think.

But first to declutter, it's half four now, I'm going to try one more time to get an hour or two sleep but if not, I'll get up and start my mission! 

Wish me luck, have a great day x

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

Saturday, 8 May 2021

It's raining again....

Saturday 8th May 2021
A negative mind will never give you a positive life. 

Had a lovely early night, actually I'm really pleased with the sleep I'm getting, especially when you compare it to what it was like for the first few months of the year.  

I'm moving more too which is great, over 11k steps yesterday and 66 active minutes which means Alfie is actually walking not just standing and smelling so good for both of us. 

My knee wasn't too happy about all this movement but that painkiller gel helped a lot and it's just a little tight and crunchy this morning so as I get more active and lose some weight that will help take the pressure off it.  This is not a race, I've spent the last few years losing my level of health I had, so I'm not going to get it back in a week or even a month.  

No yoga this morning because there's no room, all my furniture is in the centre of the living room covered with clothes ready for the plasterer to come do the living room - YAY!  All I need now is to take the curtains down which I'll do when I've done this and had my shower, don't wanna be flashing and terrifying the neighbours!  It's all coming together slowly, I reckon I'll be able to start painting upstairs in another 2 weeks so that's the weekend of the 22nd which will give me time to then hopefully get it carpeted up there before getting the shelving units fitted first weekend in June.  I'll then have a space to do my yoga every morning and a mat big enough so that Alfie isn't completely in the way, although I'll get him a bed for that room, but I'll guess he won't use it! 

The yoga seems to have helped my shoulder so I'm hoping if I keep it up then I'll be okay to paint and it won't cause me too much pain like the scrapping of the wallpaper did.  

I boxed up all my wool yesterday I think and it's now stored in the concrete shed off my alley, I think it's okay out there for now, there doesn't seem to be any damp and I've never had problems before.  I can get in the office now so it's time to start the declutter - eek,  Time to decide what to keep and put in those new cupboards I'm having made and what needs to go, I've decided the crochet magazines can go, so that's loads of space made, I'll message a couple of crochet friends I have to see if they want them, or just take them to the huddles with help yourself on them.  My printer can stay in that room I reckon as it's wireless so can be stored anywhere and there's a unit for it to sit on.  Sorry this is me processing my thoughts, so not the most interesting of reading.  Maybe it'll encourage you to do some spring cleaning, decluttering, especially as the forecast is rubbish for the weekend, rain and more rain. 

Honest it feels great when you have less, clothes wise it's less to wash, ornaments and photos it's less to dust, even the kitchen cupboards, it feels better knowing where everything is and what you've got.  Yeah the office is my focus this weekend. 

Right I'm off, need to shower and get those curtains down, unplug all the tv etc so he has a clean run of the walls, it didn't matter if he made a mess on the floors upstairs, it does down here and he's like the Beverley of plasterers, a right messy bugga!  Those walls do look amazing though, so good to know they can just be painted over.  I do hope Terry can get back to the UK next month and get that hearth removed and the floor sorted, oh and decking outside for when we finally get some sunshine! 

I want my house to become a place where people are welcome to come and chill out (only people I like of course ;) ) 

Mwah, luv ya

Love me 

Friday, 7 May 2021

Give yourself a break!

Friday 7th May 2021
Stop overthinking, you're only creating problems that aren't there.

Well yesterday I tried to make spinach pancakes/crepes/wraps call them what you will, I found a couple of different recipes online 2-Ingredient Spinach Tortillas {Vegan, Grain-Free} | power hungry being the one I opted for because of the lack of oil being used.  

Anyway, proof that if at first you don't succeed lol, here's what happened!

It stuck to the pan, I couldn't get it out and it was too thick and a disaster.  Now that recipe calls for a blender, I only had a food processor so mine wasn't as clear as hers, mine had some bits of spinach in it still showing, she did say to leave it for a least an hour, I hadn't, so I took Alfie for a walk, then tried again when I got back with more success.  The ingredients I used were;

100g spinach
150g chickpea flour (Gram flour in Sainsburys) 
325ml water 
Big pinch of salt

Mixed it all together in food processor (blender better apparently) leave for an hour or more, then I used about 2/3rd ladle at a time, I also used a pan liner to stop them sticking, this kind of thing, pic from amazon but you can get them in places like B&M, pound land, if they're square but them into rounds. 

I was really pleased with how they turned out, 2-Ingredient Spinach Tortillas {Vegan, Grain-Free} | power hungry reckons they'll kill refrigerated in airtight container for up to 2 weeks, I managed to get 8 pancakes if you include the one that failed and they'd be about 75 calories each. 


I walked to get my car back again, my knees wasn't impressed when I got home, glad of that painkiller gel stuff I was, but I enjoyed the beef dinner I'd cooked before I left the house. 

I'm sleeping really well too, thankfully, I think that makes such a difference to everything.  Yesterday was a good day, maybe not a lose weight day but a good day. 

Now, I've been reading people's comments on Facebook about feeling ashamed of not being able to lose weight, or not liking themselves enough.  We all need to remember how bloody difficult this last 14 months has been, remind ourselves that our bodies and brains do everything in their power to get us to overeat, hell temptation is everywhere - give yourself a break and remember how BeYOUtiful and amazing you are!  You're surrounded by people who love you for you, not for the numbers on a scales or because you say no to that cake.  Do what you can when you can and when you struggle, give yourself a break, remember we don't take care of anything we don't love xx

Right let's do our best today, I've got another beef dinner to enjoy, I might have eggs on a breakfast muffin now with a big mug of tea.  I'm struggling to drink the water because it's so bloody cold!  

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Here's to a productive day (I hope or maybe another film lol)

Thursday 6th May 2021
Sometimes Plan B works out better than Plan A ever could.

Well that's my yoga done for the day, my mat needs a clean, Alfie's been messing about on it and it's covered in scratchy bits lol.  I also clocked up almost 13k steps yesterday and 75 active minutes on the fitbit, that was because I dropped my car off to have the brakes sorted so walked the 3 mile back, was happy to sit down when I got back I won't lie, got to get my fitness levels back up, that's for sure. 

Food included this for breakfast, the guacamole was pricey but really good and to be honest it works out better for me because if I have avocados I end up eating the whole thing so expensive in money and calories, instead I just had a couple of spoonfuls of the guacamole and it was delicious.

I had an indulgent dinner after that long walk, pie, chips, peas and gravy, blooming delicious.


The pie was a bargain 75p (393 calories), really tasty especially for the price, you couldn't make em for that much and buying just one small one stops me from eating a massive one - which I would. 

I didn't do a lot yesterday, enjoyed the last episode of the Syndicate and just chilled out and pottered, plan to do the same today, blooming rain is stopping us from wanting to walk Alfie miles that's for sure, if my cars ready later, I'll go pick that up but if I know Tif, it'll be Friday. 

I'm gonna experiment in the kitchen I think, have a couple of recipes I want to try, spinach pancakes/tortillas being one of them, actually I'll do them for breakfast see how they turn out.  

I'm brain empty this morning, nothing to write so I'm gonna go make me a cuppa and get something done, I need to get sorting what I want to keep in that office and what I want to get rid of, I have a load of crochet magazines I think I'll donate to anyone who wants them, will go through the crochet boxes I had over the last few years too, sort what needs keeping and what can go.  Yeah that's my morning sorted. 

Right I'm off, mwah, luv ya 

Luv me x

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Midway through the week already

Wednesday 5th May 2021
Don't let anyone dull your sparkle.

Well I had a great day yesterday and I woke up feeling great and ready for my day, day 3 of yoga and can already feel it working on both my body and mind, my shoulder pain is easing - yay and Alfie is loving my yoga mat!  I'll get me a nice big one when the back rooms done and he can have his own so I don't have to yoga round him :)

I got on the scales this morning and I've lost weight too, I got naked and I'm under the stone woo hoo, so that's 7 1/2lb gone since March 30th when I braved them for the first time after mom died.  I'm really pleased with that progress because I'm not being a hardcore dieter, I'm working on healthier, keeping my eye on the calories, this week I've also started looking at ingredients of things I buy I made my own hummus (ish) spread yesterday and I was going to buy an avocado but the last one I had went in the bin so I thought I'll have gaucamole, one of the pots had double cream in - WHY!   It's just not necessary at all, can you imagine being a veggie or vegan in a rush and thinking oh I'll pick a pot of guacamole up and have with something for lunch to find out it had cream in, you'd be proper annoyed. 

Back to the hummus (ish) spread on toast (300 cals), really nice, whizzed up drained canned chick peas with some low fat mayo and dijon mustard, will definitely have that again, really tasty and filling.  

Then for lunch I had this chicken biryani (548 calories) that Elle had picked up from Morrisons for me, that was tasty and convenient too, I reckon if I used Penn Road Butchers chicken thighs I have in the freezer, add some sultanas and rice and it would be a close match too, we both thought they were sultanas, I've just looked at the ingredients, they're cranberries! 

Now my tea was a random mix, I'd defrosted some leftover bubble and squeak from the freezer (300 cals), I had it with a can of WW spaghetti (100 cals) and a fried egg (80 cals) and those minted lamb grillsteaks were from the freezer (152 cals each) Alfie saw them off, can't say I was overly impressed, it was when I was going through my 'buy frozen processed crap' phase, I'm over that now, apart from Findus french bread pizza, I still love them even if I can't get them!  Maybe I'll buy a french bread stick and make my own at some point. 

My shoppings coming this morning, I'd ordered a couple of new veggie burgers that were on offer but they're out of stock so they're sending subs which I don't want - gutted I fancied them too, never mind we'll try again next week and click no subs.  

The suns shining at the minute and it's not forecast rain till this afternoon thankfully, I've got to take my car in this morning so if he's got to keep it, I might be walking home!  I don't need the car till Saturday so it's all good, I'm loving this new life, finding my way a day at a time.  

I can't wait for the sit down Huddles to start, two weeks now, soon be here, exciting times, let's hope we have an amazing summer and we can all make up for the past year by having wonderful times. 

Right I'm off, hungry this morning, have a very good day x

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

May the 4th be with you.

Tuesday 4th May 2021
Be good to people for no reason.

Well I decided to make some hummus type thing yesterday with chick peas, mustard and low fat mayo, now I've never been a fan of chick peas unless they're mushed up, but when I opened the can I tried one and it turns out my tastebuds have changed because I sat and ate half the can for my breakfast and enjoyed them!  Now I'll be able to have them in salads and as a snack going forward and they're healthy, cheap and good on calories about 120 per 100g depending on the brand.  They're  a plant based source source of protein and contain several vitamins and minerals and are also a good source of fibre - so yes I need more of these in my life.  

I fancied gravy for dinner and then remembered the minted chicken I'd cooked but realising I have mint sauce on my roast dinners I decided why not, I went a little crazy with the wedges but it was bloomin delicious. 

I ended my meals for the day with crackers and hummus, some of the one I'd made and some of the red pepper one I'd bought.  I'll definitely make my own in the future, one because it works out much cheaper but also it tasted just as good, if not better and I didn't use any oil at all. 

I've done my yoga again this moring, Alfie doesn't make it easy but he does make me chuckle as he helps me do the downward dog.  I've had 8 hours sleep, went up at 8 and got up at half 4, those hours suit me I think, if I can get in bed before 9, I sleep well and don't get the munchies, after all you won't find your mattress in the fridge will you. 

Two weeks today, we'll be able to sit together in a room!  Elle and I will be doing our first full week of Be Happy Owls Huddles and I cannot wait, (get it in your diary) details at the bottom of this blog, please spread the word, help us make a living doing what we love.  Hopefully it'll be warmer by then and we'll all be starting to enjoy life too.  I have my second jab that week too, happy days. 

Got a busy day today, catching up with some Owls, I have laptop work I want to be getting done and I need to get in contact with my mechanic, I think my car needs new brake pads, there's a noise anyway.  

I did enjoy a couple of films yesterday, Ride and Come as you are, both on Sky Cinema (I'm locked in to it till November lol, then I'll be cancelling and saving myself some money there) they were both worth a watch though, oh and The Good Liar with Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen, wow I did sit watching tv for a good few hours didn't I.  I did clean the bathroom upstairs before having a lovely bath at least, just checked my fitbit just over 6k steps and 36 active minutes, we only went for one walk because of the rain we were out a good hour if not walking actively for all of the time :)

Oh ma'an, I should've whacked the heating on cos I need to go shower and damn it's cold!  Might put it on now and go wash up whilst it warms up then shower!  That's a plan.

Here's to a very good day, it's Star Wars day isn't it, May the 4th be with you! 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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Monday, 3 May 2021

What's for lunch?

Monday 3rd May 2021
The whole world is a series of miracles but we're so used to them we call them ordinary things.

now this is a miracle I'd welcome ;)

Well I'm sat watching Line of Duty before going on Facebook and before anyone can tell me what happened, even though I don't really know what is going on anyway!  

I set my alarm for 5.30 this morning, a couple of reasons, the first one because someone was possibly coming to collect something at 6, but the other more important reason because I've decided that I'm going to start every day focusing on ME going forward, I've just listened to the Decision by Kevin Hart and as entertaining as he is, he has a good attitude to life and one of the things he does is start each day focusing on himself, then he sets himself up for the day, after all the old adage 'you can't take care of anything or anyone else if you don't take care of yourself' is so very true.  I tried to do that whilst mom was alive but it wasn't always possible in the way I'd have liked to, so now I can, I owe it to myself to make that effort.  

I've started my day with a half hour yoga session, Alfie joined in of course but I can live with that, he just likes to lie on the yoga mat with me, so maybe I get a bigger one, or a second one.  I choose a next and shoulder relief session so hopefully over time it'll help fix that issue. 

I've already drunk some of the planned 2 litres of water I want to start drinking and I've stopped to appreciate the good things in life, the birds on the front garden having their breakfast.

I ate better yesterday too, had egg and tomatoes on toast for breakfast and this plate of deliciousness for dinner; 

Penn Road Butchers
 minted chicken thighs (skinless & boneless) 150 calories per 100g, really enjoyed them and Alfie approved too, the veggies were one of those steam bags, convenient now I'm on my own and they were 2 for £3 from iceland, so 8 portions in total.  For tea I had a pack of crackers with cheese spread to use it up.

I've got the other half of the chicken to have today as I cooked it all, I think I'll have it with rice and veggies, toms on toast for breakfast again sounds good too, this time it'll be tinned ones as I've used the fresh.  

Now whilst we were enjoying a zoom catch up yesterday we got round to the topic of low calorie lunches, which got me to thinking I need some of them in my life, I'm more likely to have them for my tea as I usually have my main meal at lunchtime but it's useful to have a list of possibilities.  I personally think it'll be easier when the weather warms up and I'm happy to eat a salad with a tin of tuna on it, no bread needed then although that's an excuse because a tin of big soup is filling and fast.  There is nothing wrong with a healthy sandwich or wrap, then there's frittatas, omelettes, salad jars, couscous, pasta, potato or rice salads.  There's 30 Low-calorie lunch recipes - BBC Good Food
on this link, fancy the Welsh rarebit muffins or the hoisin wraps. 

and this ones great because it has supermarket ideas on it 99 Low Calorie Healthy Lunch Ideas - Ideal for Work - Weight Loss Resources 

Well that's the end of Line of Duty, don't worry I can't spoil it for you as I'm still confused, it would help if I paid attention whilst watching but my memory is so bad I can't remember previous series. 

Right here's to the day ahead, Bank Holiday Monday and the forecast is rubbish, so I'll try and get Alfie walked before it pours down, here's to a good day.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

Sunday, 2 May 2021

It's all coming together

Sunday 2nd May 2021
Either you run the day or the day runs you.

4am wake up for me but it's all goo as I'm not tired, thankfully I went to bed at 9.15, Alfie more or less told me it was our bedtime, he get coming in staring at me and scratching my leg, I thought he wanted to go up the garden, but no he went to the bottom of the stairs lol.  I'm glad he did as I went straight to sleep. 

A good day was had yesterday, by the time I got back from my morning, my brother and his mate had already removed the shed in the garden and the plasterer was doing a great job upstairs (he's gonna do my living room next weekend) YAY, it's all coming together.  Ian also disconnected my gas fire so when they'd gone, I worked at getting the surround off the wall, today I'm going to remove the hearth, it'll all make less work for Terry when he does get over here, because he has a long TO DO list, starting with constructing a 50 square metre decking area out back!  I've been waiting over a year for it, because when he was due to fly over we went into lockdown the month before, it was my 50th birthday pressie he doing it (not paying for it), 

The living room looks bigger already without the fire, I'm going for a minimalist look I think, also known as less to dust! 

Well I thought I was being good by throwing a chicken in the slow cooker but that didn't work out, I don't know what was wrong with it but I murdered it, I couldn't decide if it wasn't cooked enough or it was overcooked, it wasn't very nice anyway, so I had a sarnie with it and the rest went out for the foxes, I had a chip butty for tea instead.  I'll put more thought into my dinner today, I'll have the time so no excuses. 

Got a zoom call this morning to look forward to, then I'm free all day to do whatever I fancy - that feels so good, but first another cuppa and get dressed in something warm cos it's another cold morning!  I will not put the heating on lol.

Here's to a superb Sunday.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Make May Matter

Saturday 1st May 2021
May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.

No excuses this month, when food like this takes five minutes to cook!  385 calories, absolutely delicious, the recipe was in yesterdays blog, it's vegetarian and if you're vegan just miss off the egg.  

I'm getting me a nice collection of tasty meals for one, so far there's this one, the garlic noodles I did a few weeks ago, oh the egg fried rice, I might need that in my life today, mmm shall I put the chicken in the slow cooker then I can eat off that all weekend.   Maybe not as I've got some chicken coming from Dave (Penn Road Butchers), I've asked him to get me some skinless and boneless flavoured thighs, if you fancy some of his stuff but don't wanna drive that far he'll be on the carpark of United Reform Church, Old Fallings this morning for an hour till half ten.  They also delivery nationally now you know!  Oh yeah, here's the website Penn Road Butchers | Home  I'm having mint, tandoori and bbq, 3 kg packs and I'll split them and pop in freezer.  Minted chicken sounds and even looks weird but trust me, it's absolutely delicious and at 150 calories per 100g it's worth it. 

It'll be busy round here today, hope it doesn't rain, I'm having the back bedroom plastered and my brothers coming to dismantle and remove the huge shed in the garden, it's got to be 12 x 8 or at least 10 x 6, it's bloody big anyway and will leave such a space ready for the decking when my other brother can fly over.   My big brother was 60 yesterday, that's wonderful because after his diagnosis of prostrate cancer over 2 years ago, they wouldn't give him an idea of how long he had left because his cancer was so bad, but true Longsden, he ain't going down without a fight. 

Alfie and I are going out this morning to leave them all to it for a few hours, he loved yesterday, 2 hours we were over the park, then we had another hour out on the afternoon.  I was still productive inbetween, I started emptying the important stuff I wanted to keep from the shed and then I fox proofed (I think) the front of the summerhouse. 

If you are going to pop along to the church to see Dave, bring some extra pennies because this amazing young man who's been doing charity stuff all through April will be there selling raffle tickets https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tylerscharitychallenge let's help get him to £1k, he's an inspiration.  Give the kid a quid.

I did a UW appointment yesterday too, last minute, they move into their new flat on Tuesday and now she's all set up with electric, broadband, 2 mobile sims and a cashback card, plus she was going to look at the home insurance as well.  Was lovely knowing I'd helped in some way.

Right I'm off, got lots to do this morning, I am going to put that chicken in slow cooker, it'll keep me on track later.  Have a great day, let's make May matter xx

Mwah, luv ya

Luv me