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Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Here's to dancing in the puddles

Wednesday 28th April 2021
Diets are like marriages, you can’t cheat on them and expect them to work.

I need to get my ass into gear and start working again, so please if you have half hour to spare and want to know mre about UW and if they can help you save both time and money, gve me a shout, I had my bill yesterday and I saved £15 on my bill this month with my cashback card, not bad for a single person who's not really doing anything other than food shopping and setting up a business with Elle.  I'm so glad all my bills are in one, it's helping me get my finances sorted, one instead of four or five different ones really helps.  We've just had these things called eeros added to the packages for people who want them and they're 

So much more than a signal booster, these amazing devices create a powerful new network that runs throughout your home - it’s WiFi, but not as you know it!  Then there's fibre to the property becoming available throughout the year, about 20% of our customers can have it already, but tbh I have ultra plus and it's never let me down.  

Anyway back to the other stuff, I'm putting off talking about food because I've not been calorie counting or properly watching my intake, I need to get a grip, I can't keep usng the 'I'm grieving' card! 
I need to get some work done today distract me from food and start keeping my journal and record what I'm eating.  Actually I don't 'need' to do it, because that words laced with guilt - I WANT to do it because I want to get my healthy back, lol I want to get my clothes back on more like. 

This was delicious that I had yesterday, chicken thigh and cheesy mash, I only ate one of those thighs, Alfie had the other and it was huge, easily the size of a breast but so much more flavour.  

My sister gave them to me, they're from Chicken Range - Cheeky Charlies and these ones were the chicken kebab ones, as for calories, just weigh the chicken and use count as chicken thigh Calorie checker - NHS (www.nhs.uk) according to this NHS website, 70g chicken thigh fillet raw (skinless and boneless) is 110 calories so that works out at 143 calories per 100g, I'd just weigh my chicken before cooking and work it out from there.  For those not great at maths if the chicken thigh weighed 240g, that would be 143 x 2.4 = 343 calories. 

I had the same meal for my tea just smaller and then I undid all my good work with a bottle of wine and pink and whites!  Be glad when they've gone, I think I ate 4, although they are only 50 calories each, so could've been worse.  

I've got another cheesy pie in the fridge because I used up all the mash, now I could use this as an excuse not to write it all down today because I didn't measure anything, or I could use my common sense and know I used almost a pack of Cathedral city lighter so about 300g which would be 331 calories per 100g, and the finished product weighed 700g I know this because I split it into two metal trays, therefore there was 400g boiled potato 296 calories, proper maths lesson for you this morning, but it's making me realise I can work out the calories in it, t doesn't mean I have to say, 'I'll start tomorrow', I know I'm an orphan now but I don't want to be the Annie of dieting, 'tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll diet tomorrow!'   Right, back to the mash, total calories = 331 x 3 = 993 (cheese) + 296 (potato) = 1,289, I ate half yesterday, so what's in the fridge is worth 644 calories!  It's a huge portion so will easily do two smaller meals with something else, or one massive meal on it's own - no excuses now. 

If you want to work out your allowance BMI calculator | Check your BMI - NHS | Your BMI result (www.nhs.uk) is the quickest and according to that I can have 

Recommended daily calorie intake:
1603 - 2061 kcal
To lose 1-2lbs a week stick to the lower end of the range.

I have no excuses now, the journals coming out, oh and just for info, wine is about 600 calories a bottle!

Time to sort it out ain't it, I have managed to lose a few pounds since mom died but the last week hasn't gone so well so I can feel my 'sod it' syndrome creeping back in!  

Right I've motived myself writing this thankfully, not sure if I've bored you to death lol, but hey ho, tis what it tis ;) 

Have a wonderful Wednesday, ignore the rain! 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx 

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