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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Faking it!

31st October 2017
Choose optimism, back it with action.

Yesterday was a good day, different to my norm but good.  I took my car in at half nine and in my head I thought it was going to be done whilst I waited, nope it wasn’t, so instead of going home which was about the same distance, probably further, I said I’d have a walk into town and a nosey around the shops, how cheap is Primark!  Finally got my car back, then had to get back to cook some lunch for mom and sort her medication out before driving to Leominster to do my Mentor Champ bit (it’s a silly title isn’t it!).  We’re looking to recruit coaches out that way (and everywhere tbh), so if you could all head on over to our area page and share the post, I would be most grateful. https://www.facebook.com/WWarea41/photos/a.641795779202474.1073741828.641721782543207/1404978872884157/?type=3&theater

I had eggs, mushrooms tomatoes on toast for breakfast, then for dinner I made us chicken sausage, mash, sweetcorn and onion gravy.  Driving back from the meeting on the night, it was so tempting to stop at the chippy, I didn’t and one of the things that popped into my head (other than mad clowns Lucy!) was the fact I’d tried a couple of pieces of clothing on that afternoon and didn’t feel comfy in them, I need half stone shifting to feel comfy in most things in my wardrobe!

I drove through glorious countryside on a gorgeous day on the way there, dark windy lanes on the way back, thankfully, I’ve drove those lanes many times over the years, not for a few years maybe but in years gone by on my many trips to wales, we often went that way, such a lovely part of the world.

My fitbit was truly impressed with me by the end of the day I have to say, I ended on 21,161 steps, 9 miles that!  I’m impressed, 21 Fit Points – wow, I’ll take that.

A normal work day today – well as normal as being a Weight Watcher coach will ever be, looking forward to catching up with everyone, seeing how their week went and hearing what’s going on in their world. 

I’ve not got my food day planned – oops, I do know they’ll be eggs for breakfast because I have a lot of them, might go with a ready meal for lunch, make some space in my freezer, or maybe salmon, if I take that out this morning we could have that with potatoes and veg, then the ready meal can be for tea when I get home – sorted, see how easy that was to organise your days menu.  We really have no excuse do we!

I got all my members to do a day’s tracker last week, showing how easy it was to stay on track and it is if you sort your mindset – that’s the challenge usually – fake it till you make it I say.  I faked it yesterday, I could’ve eaten my own head, I almost fooled myself a few times, once in town, I needed the loo and thought to myself, McDonald’s has a toilet, I could have a coffee whilst in there – I know if I’d stepped in that building, my tourettes would’ve surfaced and I’d have walked to the counter thinking coffee and instead blurted out, “can I have a big mac meal with a sweet and sour sauce please”, I held my wee instead!   Whilst walking back to the garage, I noticed a KFC and knew my car wasn’t ready because he hadn’t called me, I thought I could go in have that coffee and maybe have something healthier like chicken breast salad, WHATEVER, there’s no way I wouldn’t have ordered the good stuff – the pieces on the bone, I’ve never eaten anything else from there, I didn’t even know you could just buy a couple of pieces until a couple of years ago – I’ve managed that twice! 

My heads not completely in the game, I still want to eat my own head but I also want to get back in those clothes so I will continue to do battle and duel in my mind with myself, the chip shops did not win yesterday on the drive home, I will not be defeated, I will get that half stone off before Christmas because I know I can do some damage over that break.

Today, I will focus on the 12 hours ahead of me, I won’t think about the fact my brother and his wife arrive Thursday and the indulgence that could bring, nope I’ll focus on what I can do today.

Enjoy Tuesday, make it tremendous – we’ve got this BeYOUtiful.

Monday, 30 October 2017


30th October 2017
Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything, maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. 

Who’d have thought it would only take 4 hours out the house having giggles with my bestie to remind me of who I am, welcome back I say!  I’d almost forgot how to be happy there for a moment, yet it’s so easy – you wake up and decide each and every morning that you are going to be in a good mood. 


Yes I was shouting at myself there, you too if you need it – it’s time to get back to me. 

We didn’t go to the cinema, you can’t chat there so instead we went for food so we could chat – damn I’ve missed that.  We went to the Crown on the Wergs Road which is usually brilliant, I was disappointed, our starter was fab, but there was something wrong with my main, it had an antiseptic taste to it, I would’ve told the waitress if she’d ever come back, 2 hours we were there and no one came over to take our main plates, they served and took away the desserts from the large table next to us whilst we were sitting there with finished plates and empty glasses.  In the end I went up to the bar and paid, he wasn’t interested in the fact my food tasted of Dettol and I’d had to nice an afternoon to pursue it, plus we saved ourselves from more drinks and dessert so there’s the positive in that situation.  We also saved the cost of the cinema which after popcorn and pop would’ve probably been the same as a meal for two.

So other than happy what do you want?   I’d quite like to be healthy too, so there’s my reason back to get back on track, I’ve been eating like a wild boar (I’m assuming they eat a lot, I don’t really know, I’ve never had dinner with one – I’ve dated something resembling one, but never met the real deal).  From today, it’s time to stop messing about, I keep using the, “I’ve got ‘such & such’ to eat first before I can start, it’s too many points and it’s not No Count, so I’ll get that out the way and start” excuse to postpone my tracking, well that stops now, the chicken sausages are defrosted and I can point and track them!

There’s a glorious sunrise outside this morning, the start of a bright new day and it’s up to us what kind of day we’re going to have, yes things will happen, we can’t direct the wind but we can adjust the sails on our boat, what direction are you going to take, the one that takes you to a dark place with no light switch, or towards the sunshine, even if you have to make it yourself because it’s raining?  I’m for the sunshine, the happy, seeing a grey day as silver.

To help me with that, I’m going to start making sure I schedule time in with friends, time for me and things I enjoy doing, life shouldn’t be all work and no play.  I needed yesterday to remind me and it proved it only has to be a few hours at a time too. 

Yep, woke up after a good night’s sleep in clean sheets feeling ready for the day ahead, it’s going to be a long one but I’m ready for it and positive – that’s always a good thing. 

You with me BeYOUtiful, but your smile on!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Getting the balance back.

29th October 2017
It’s okay to fall down and lose your spark, as long as when you get back up, it’s like a big bright fire.

Have you put your clocks back?  I woke at 5.15, so 4.15 with the change, fully recharged though as we went to bed at 8pm, love doing that on a Saturday night, means I’ve got double dose of XFactor to watch later, yep I’m its one last viewer!

Off to cinema later, that’s if my bestie ain’t too tired to drive over, either way I’m not doing a fat lot of anything today, I’ll have another look for my glasses, I have no idea where they’ve gone, I even emptied the bin to try and find, no joy.

We all need down time, it’s too easy to get tied up in working and forget how important it is to get some balance, yes I need to have a productive work life but I also need to have an actual life.  I’ve got a busy month ahead of me as I’m going to be in Leominster on a Monday night for four weeks, so it’s even more important for me to chill out today as I’m adding at least 6 hours to my already busy working week for the foreseeable.

That’s another reason I spent yesterday afternoon in front of the TV, we watched Snatched the new comedy movie on Sky rental, it was funny but not hilarious.  If you spend all your time working, you’re not giving your mind the creative break it needs, taking time for yourself and your family gives your brain a chance to rest from work pressures.

I’ve read stuff about how to ensure that balance, some suggest keeping a schedule, but I just find that even more to do and added pressure.  Some days I like to sit staring at my computer screen and taking 3 hours to do what I can usually do in an hour because doing it that way is less stressful for me, yes I know it eats up 2 hours extra but I’d only spend those two hours getting over my hour of busy if that makes sense.  If it doesn’t, that’s okay, it makes sense in my world.

It’s like I spend half hour looking for ideas on pinterest, I find that relaxing too, it distracts my brain, gives me food for thought and helps me come up with meal ideas when I do cook.  Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time!  That’s one of my favourite sayings, what are some of the things you enjoy wasting time on, mine include candy crush, watching rubbish tv, pottering about in my kitchen, I can take 3 hours cooking a meal, I could’ve cooked in half hour!  Yeah I like to waste my time a lot.

Today I plan to waste my morning away, I don’t need a schedule, my house gets cleaned when the mood takes me, my laundry gets down when I have a load and can face it, my kitchen will get painted when I can be bothered.  It’s just not important, any of it, what’s important is giggling with my friends, having a cuddle with my mom and a natter when I take her that morning coffee, enjoying listening to my Sunday morning radio and making sure Alfie gets his walk, when he’s ready to go!  Those are the things that are important.  

I’m fortunate that I love my work too, because I get to spend all those important hours doing something I enjoy, it’s a long time to spend doing something you don’t enjoy. 

Right I’m off as I need a cuppa, need to take some chicken sausages (Penn Road ones rock) out of the freezer, thinking of making sausage and mash with onion gravy for dinner later, mom will enjoy that.

Here’s to enjoying your day, remember you have that extra hour, what you going to do with it BeYOUtiful?  If your answer is sleep – that’s okay too, no wrong answers here today. xx