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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Here's to 2016 being SMART!

31st December 2015
The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

So it's the last day of the year and so people tend to look back over their year and reminisce, I like to do that in photos which I've done this morning my year in iphone pics made me smile for an hour this has!

For some reason my old phone doesn't want to back up so I'm going to have to back up the images a few at a time because when I try to do it all at once the pc locks out and I have to reboot - loving technology - NOT!

So having looked back, nows the time to look forward, I'm just listening to a 'life coach' couple on the radio, should've paid more attention, think they've been interesting!  Maybe I'll have a listen on playback later. 

So I've realised looking at my photos, I really do like my easy going, simple life, yes I work really hard and I haven't included many of the photos from work because they have an entire folder of their own, Bevs WW Success Pics and  Bev's WW Smart Success #MyWWJourney, my work gives me loads of satisfaction and then the simplicity and calmness of my home life suits both mom and I, I love my small circle of friend who understand me and my ways, I love my garden (not so much in the winter!) and now I've got my greenhouse I can start enjoying it earlier in the year.  Yes I'm very lucky to have a good life.

Sometimes though I need to get the balance shifted as I do work long hours and forget to spend time doing the things I like to do, even something as simple as spending time doing nothing, to relax and rest.  To take time to sit down and enjoy lunch rather than eat on the go! 

I intend to get back to cooking a nice meal just for the sake of doing so. To spend time in the kitchen enjoying the planning, preparation and the obviously the eating of a delicious dinner rather than rushing to get something on a plate as soon as possible! 

I'd love to start making time to read again, I always seen to end up sitting watching tv instead, so that's something to think about. 
I don't usually do the 'new year's resolutions' thing but I am going to attempt to see cleaning as satisfying rather than a boring necessity!  I did love walking into my nice clean bedroom last night to go to sleep. 

What I have realised over the last few years is I don't need to go anywhere to be satisfied, that I have everything I need right here and so I spend time with people I love, just eating and chatting and giggling.  Or spending time on my own listening to music, sitting in my garden enjoying the view.  Again it's just as important to have me time as it is to spend time with my friends and family.
Yeah this year I'm going to continue to do what I've been doing but tweak it a little, I've been guilty of letting my weight creep up because that work/life/me balance has got a little out of sync, I need to put my personal health as a priority, eating healthy food is great but it also needs to be in the correct portions! 

So here's to a year of being BeYOUtiful and focusing on my healthy and happy to, and to continuing to support others with theirs.
Happy New Year xx

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Here's to making new routines!

30th December 2015
You can't spell challenge without change.
I've woke up in a 'doing' mood, I think my batteries are finally recharged and I'm ready to tackle the house!  If I can get it spick and span (well our version of it) before I return to work, I'll find the busy of January in combination with starting the Smart plan a great deal easier.  So yeah today I clean and tidy, I'll put my superhero cape on and everything :)

Routine, that was a word that came to mind this morning as I was about to meditate, I like routine, it works for me, I have as bad a memory as my mom so if I have routine it helps, if I can get into the habit of doing things I don't have to think about them then, they're automatic.  I need more of that in my life as I have so much to think about and do constantly that if some of its automatic, that can only be a good thing. 

One example of a routine I got into last year was the pint of water I get as soon as I wake up, that's a great habit, it ensures I at least have some water each day, it's become that I very often pour another glass which also means I'm drinking less  tea, I used to drink mugs of the stuff!

I plan to look at how I can get more routine, not change my life completely overnight but little things that I can build in a bit at a time, I google a lot for ideas and I found a blog the other day and took two things from it that I thought were great ideas;

1) Each day, write down one thing your body allowed you to do

2) Give everything you own a “home,” it is essentially the key to feeling at peace in your space. Go through your belongings and only keep what’s purposeful or beautiful to you – and then assign each of those things a “home,” or a space to return to each night. It makes maintaining flow in your space effortless and calming.

The first one is great from a weight watcher point of view, members can be that busy beating themselves up for not having the 'body' they wish they had, that they forget the amazing things the body they do live in enables them to do!  This could be something as simple as pick my fork up to eat - no pun intended!

The second one I just love, I know it's not going to happen in my house, I just don't have that kind of tidy in me, but it doesn't have to stop me from trying, so today I'm going to start having a sort out, bit of a 'spring' clean at Christmas, you can't beat it I reckon.  If I haven't wore it or used it for a year, it's going!   I will do what I can to find everything a place but I don't hold out much hope, especially as even if I did, mom wouldn't remember that place and I'd still throw stuff on the floor, sides, wherever when I'm rushed or tired - so good luck with that one I reckon.

But the routine yes, I've got me a calendar, so I'm going to make use of it, I'm going to put reminders in my phone, now to decide whether to make 'cleaning' a routine or just rely on cobwebs appearing and dust gathering to work as a reminder!

More useful routines would be only shopping once a week, maybe after I've done my Saturday meeting, that would save me time and a lot of money - it'd save me pounds on the scales too as I wouldn't be tempted to buy stuff I don't need to be eating!

I could also do with a list of meals we enjoy, all Smart Pointed up and stuck on the fridge to help me decide on dinner and write shopping lists, ooo I'm getting all excited about getting organised - I must be re-energised.

Right I need to go, I have a bedroom to start on, watch this space, I'll be shattered by the end of the day and moaning about housework, but hopefully it'll all be sorted by then, I'm going to treat it like a workout, like a job, think about all the Fit Points I'm earning and the money I'm saving not having to pay a cleaner! 

Whatever you're up to today, do it with passion BeYOUtiful!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

All you need is love...

29th December 2015
Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.

I watched my BeYOUtiful friend get married yesterday and she really did look breathtaking, the moment I saw her outside looking nervous, waiting to come into the church, I became quite emotional.  Here she was on one of the biggest, most important days of her life and it was a magical ceremony, it really was.

I'm not religious but I have to say the Bible reading really stuck with me.  It talked of the gift of love.

"Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude.  It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth.  It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never ends" 

Love of course isn't just between a man and woman, in our house it's between my mom and I, and as I sat listening to the Reverend explain the reading in her own words (yes a lady!) I reflected on the relationship I have with my mom, how for 45 years, she's loved me unconditionally, nursed me through ill health, of which there was quite a bit when I was younger, she's supported me through everything that I've gone through in my life and all the decisions I've made.  My memories go right back to when I was poorly and we'd sleep downstairs on the settee together, her wiping my tears when I first got my heartbroken (even though she never liked him and knew he was a wrong un, she never tried to sway my feelings) to her supporting me when I decided to walk away from a well paid job because I was no longer happy.  Just a few things she's been there for along the way.

Now it's my turn, I'm returning the love, I'm patient because I know she cannot help that she loses track of what we're talking about and repeats herself.  Or that she can no longer follow complicated story lines on tv, instead of trying to, I'm happy to sit laughing through endless repeats of Friends.   When she repeats herself for the umpteenth time, I don't say "you've already said that", there's no need to, I respond again and recall how many times I must have said, "But why?" when I was a child! 

When she can't work out the tv, the microwave or the new coffee machine, I offer to make her a drink or find her favourite programme, rather than point out she can't do it, then I smile and remember this lady taught me to talk, walk, tie my shoelaces and to use a knife and fork!  Yeah we all need that support as we age, I'm just glad I'm here to be hers, I consider myself blessed that I was given the most incredible mom who became my best friend.  We have so many memories, we've done so many wonderful things together and visited amazing places, we may not be able to do all those things now so instead we'll find our pleasures in the simple things like giggling together, visiting coffee shops and eating cake, not forgetting sitting in our glorious garden. 

If and when it becomes necessary, I will bathe her because she did that for me too, it's called the cycle of life and real love is part of that.

I was blessed with the best and I will take great pleasure and pride in looking after her and ensuring the rest of her life is the best of her life.

So I may not be religious but realised yesterday that a lot can be taken from the Bible readings!

I'm so glad I got to see my friend get married, not just to see the pretty white dress but to see another side of her and to be part of her taking the next step in her life, I hope to be a part of many more precious moments over the years too.

Who are the people in your life that you love?  As the vicar said yesterday, patience is key, it is to all relationships because let's be honest, ain't none of us perfect, we're full of emotions and sometimes they ain't pretty! 

On that note, I'm going to get me a mug of tea, I've been up since stupid o'clock, it's that one day of the month where I don't sleep, my poor mom has a stinking rotten head cold that I'm praying doesn't go onto her chest and so we shall mostly be chilling today, although I have promised to tidy my room :)  

Now normally mom gets a copy of my blog to read, now to decide whether to print it as is, or edit it and remove the bits about her, mmm, decisions, decisions.

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, go tell your loved ones that you love them. Xx  See there is so much more to life than food! 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Don't Panic, it'll come off!

28th December 2015
Either find a way or make one!

So it appears panic mode is setting in throughout the land!  People all over the country are suddenly realising they overate too much this month and that does actually equate to weight gain, Santa doesn't bring you a faster metabolism for Christmas unfortunately.  

Now what!  Well stop panicking and trying to lose a stone in a day for a start!  You know that isn't possible and it's where everyone goes wrong.  Start today if you wish too, get back on track or if like me you're off work until January then start making sensible choices but not expecting perfection. 

Think...  What is your body craving?  For me yesterday, it was green vegetables and water, lots and lots of water.  What has your body had too much off?  Yeah not surprising it's alcohol in my case, my body just said no to even red wine yesterday!  Listen to your body, start to tell your greedy to shut up, enough already.

STOP expecting yourself to turn into a health freak overnight with the willpower of iron - it ain't gonna happen!  Get clearing up the kitchen and I don't mean wiping the surfaces, I mean turning it from a toxic environment back to a supportive healthy one.  If there's loads of junk left, if it's sealed, maybe consider donating it to a food bank, you could even go drop it off at the nearest YMCA.  If it isn't or you don't want to get rid as there are others in your house who aren't so fussed about the weight gain, then tidy the stuff away so at least it's out of sight.  I know I cannot resist Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps if there in sight but I asked mom to put them where I couldn't see them and I'm okay. 

I purposely didn't do the 'Christmas' shop because I knew mom would get chocolates as gifts and I would get booze, so we're not too bad in our house.  Although I do have a white chocolate milkybar penguin left, 80g of yummy that I've just worked out at 23sp - ouch, now a little 25g bar is 7sp and a 13g bar is 4sp, they would normally be more than adequate for me, it does say 4 servings on the wrapper, but we all know if I unwrap that beast, he's not lasting 4 days!  To eat or not to eat, that is the question.  Because he's been out of sight since Christmas day, I haven't even thought about him, now I've just had him in my hands, I can't stop looking at him.  That's why we greedy foodies need to have an environment that is weight loss friendly, I know my willpower is weak a lot of the time.

I also know it's not what I eat between Christmas day and New Years day that causes my weight issues, it's what I eat the rest of the year and I know once I'm back at work, living and breathing Smart Points, I'm going to lose any gained weight easily!  How do I know?  Because my members have shown me already how fantastic it is, almost 1,000lb lost on it already just in 3 weeks at what's always the quietest time of year, so January we're all gonna blow it out of the water.

I have been on the scales, there has been a weight gain - I don't care, it'll be gone in January as will everyone else's who gets back on track and follows the plan.  It works, you know it does, so stop panicking, enjoy any break you have left and look forward to an awesome 2016 BeYOUtiful. xx