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Monday, 30 April 2012

Today I will actually do some moving!

30th April 2012

I am a slow runner, but I never run backward!
Well that went quick to say yesterday I mostly spent sitting around doing nothing, trying to make the day last forever!  I have nothing to tell you about my day yesterday because nothing happened, I did nothing more than sit in front of the tv not really watching it!

We’ve just had an amazing sunrise and at the moment (don’t want to speak to soon) it isn’t raining.  I would very much like to run today without getting wet!  I know I can go out in the rain but its really not so much fun is it! 

Tomorrow is the first day of May, Weight Watchers is challenging you to sign up to our Move More Manifesto. People who move more benefit from proven weight loss and health benefits, including protection against heart disease and osteoporosis, and we’re here to help you get started.

The Move More Manifesto is a simple way for you to pledge that for the next 30 days, you’ll start taking small steps towards a more active lifestyle.  To sign up and for more information go to the webpage http://www.weightwatchersmovemore.co.uk/ 

There’s lots of information in their about how to get started, how to make small changes in your lifestyle that can make the world of difference to your activity levels, whether taking the stairs instead of the lift each morning, getting your bicycle out of the shed, or exploring the countryside on foot at the weekend, moving more doesn’t have to be about personal trainers and expensive equipment. 

We all know how important friends are, but they can really make a huge difference to getting active. Finding an activity you can both enjoy, such as attending the same aerobics class, is a great way to force yourself to stick with it on those days where you are lacking motivation! My mate is my running coach and she’s been giving the challenge of getting me running further, one I don’t envy and I can share with you that when I run behind her I call her everything but Lynne under my breathe!

If you lack the energy and motivation to get active, you might want to look at how you are fuelling your body. An unbalanced diet can cause you to be constantly tired, rather than full of energy and ready to move more.  There’s even information about that on there too.

Well I’m off to have a quick read before I go take Alfie out, or maybe I’ll read it later as I’m still in shock that its not raining!

Have a great ‘day!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

lazy day planned.

29th April 2012

I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards.  Abraham Lincoln

6.30am, guess who had a lie in – ain’t I the rebel!  Had a lovely night last night, went for a meal with my mates and we had a good natter as you do, and I managed to stay on track because I wasn’t overly impressed with the food.  The Kings Repose isn’t a patch on The Penn Tandoori, I have to say, it didn’t matter though because we were all about the talking and the catching up and for that we could have been anywhere.   The only downside is I’m still craving tandoori chicken from Penn Tandoori, might be driving over for a takeaway soon I think.

Another lovely day out there – NOT!  I shall use the day to do things indoors, my office is ready for another sort out and there’s lots of bits and bobs I’ve been meaning to do, then this afternoon I’ll settle down in front of the tv and spend some quality time with mom. 

I was really productive yesterday, spent most of the day in my office and got bits and bobs done, love weekends like this where there’s nothing I have to do and can just do the things I want to do.  Although it’s beginning to dawn on me that those things might not get done today at all as I’ve been sat here for 30 minutes and haven’t wrote very much so I can’t see me being very productive at all, oh well, here’s to a days chilling. 

I’m thinking beans on toast to give me a bit of a boost of protein and carbs that might spur me into action, on wholemeal bread of course!  Did you know that bread marked ‘brown’ isn’t necessarily as healthy as wholemeal?  The wholewheat appearance is sometimes achieved by the help of caramel colouring, so always read the label.

I know why I’m feeling a bit tired this morning and out of sorts, its because I had a drink last night (first for a week) and also because I’d drove to the airport the night before breaking my sleep so I’m okay with this feeling.  If however you’re feeling tired all the time, did you know constant fatigue could indicate an iron deficiency, so consider increasing your intake of iron-rich foods, such as lean red meat, dark leafy green veg, pulses and liver (mmm I might go get the liver out the freezer could just eat liver and onions).  Obviously if that doesn’t help then a trip to the doctors for a blood test is in order.

Other ways to eat yourself energised are;

-          Eat breakfast, it will kick-start you and set you up for the day.  Opt for healthy options such as porridge topped with fresh fruit, or a poached egg on wholemeal toast.

-          Drink up – staying hydrated will help to keep you feeling alert.  Aim for two litres of water a day. 

-          Little and often.  Spacing out your food during the day into three small meals and two snacks will help you keep hunger at bay, and will also help to prevent that post-lunch sugar crash.

-          Eat more fruit and veg – when you snack, don’t fill up on ‘empty calories’ and foods with no real nutritional values, such as cakes.  Instead, opt for fruits and vegetables, which are packed with vitamins and minerals to help boost your brainpower.

On that note, I’m going to get the liver out the freezer and make myself beans on toast. 

Hope you’ve got a good day planned, don’t let the weather spoil it.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A change is as good as a rest...

28th April 2012

Your outlook affects your outcome.  John Paul Warren

I had a very different kind of Friday yesterday, spent the day in training then drove to Manchester Airport to pick my nephew up from the Airport at 1am, so instead of going home and then driving up about 11ish, I drove up straight from the training day in Burton and got their about 5 and had 6 hours in a hotel room (cost me £24 bargain, and saved me adding 100 miles driving to my day), where I slept and enjoyed the quiet, no everyone’s ideal way to spend a Friday night but I enjoyed the solitude, especially after all that training and making my brain work. 

I was reminded of so many things in my training and it was good just to take time out to think about ideas and what might help me be more productive and better help my members, when I left I decided to take one thing at a time and work with it, rather than do my usual trick which is going at it like a bull at a gate and trying to do it all at once.  So tday I will spend a few hours making notes from my training and also planning what to do and when.

I have a habit of taking the all or nothing approach in other areas of my life too such as my weight loss efforts!  Can you relate to that, I’m either on track OR I’m off track with style!  Yesterday made it difficult to be on track because I was rushing to get to the training in Burton-on-Trent for 10am because I had paperwork to do first, so I didn’t have any breakfast other than a cup of tea.  As I’m driving the thirty miles I realise not only haven’t I had breakfast, I’ve got no lunch either and I won’t be going home so need to think about tea too!  I went to Morrison’s and bought a salad box from their salad counter and in it put, salad leaves, peppers, tomatoes and a hard boiled egg, then some celery & raisin salad, 2tbsp of tuna pasta and some couscous.  I also bought a cooked chicken and a pack of 6 crusty rolls.  I’m quite pleased with myself because I’ve bought back 5 rolls and over ½ of the chicken, there’s even a bit of the salad box left.  So even though I hadn’t thought out what I would eat all day, I still managed to choose wisely, and I did have a couple of treats, I ate 2 biscuits that were with the tea in the hotel room and a crunchie which I bought at the airport to give me a sugar boost at 1 am this morning.

Yep with a bit of thought you can limit the damage in any situation, I’m off for an Indian meal tonight and I’ve already pre-planned that because otherwise temptation will rear it’s ugly head, I’ve been planning tonight’s meal all week ;-)

So back to the idea of taking one thing at a time and working on it each week, it works, a few weeks ago I went for the eating only good food angle, when I shopped I only bought non-processed food and for the last two weeks I’ve stuck to eating good food, and now I’m making those good food choices almost without thinking about it.  I know that would take longer for most people but my diet was already pretty good to start with.  This week I’ve chosen to cut out the booze in the house, last Sunday was the last drink I had and I have to say I haven’t really craved it nor noticed the difference it’s made not having it.  I have probably slept better but then I’ve been running too which would have helped so it could be either or both.  Yes by focusing on one thing at a time, permanent long term changes can be made and it doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming. 

I’m going to take advantage of the fact it isn’t raining right now and walk Alfie, be the first time this week when we haven’t got soaked!  Have a great day, whatever you’ve got planned.  Remember you joined Weight Watchers because you wanted to lose weight, remind yourself of that when temptation comes your way today – everything in moderation. x

Friday, 27 April 2012

Me Dramatic! NEVER!

27th May 2012

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. Winnie the Pooh
Don’t let it all get on top of you!  It’s way to easy to lose the plot or to let life get you down.  Yesterday morning I went into hormone meltdown, it was the start of that once a month wonderfulness of being a women! Mmm and as I’m getting older it’s getting worse, the pain is awesome – NOT, the moods are amazing – NOT and the emotions, well lets just say “it’s emotional”.  So it’s 6am and I’ve got loads to do before I can go to work, it’s peeing down and the dog needs walking, I need to print off some stuff for work and stock up my car and nothing is going to plan, the black ink runs out in the printer, so I replace that and it won’t print, the printer nozzles need cleaning so whilst I’m doing that the yellow ink runs out, then the cyan so now I’m getting wound up and go to sort my car, I can’t find the things I need in my shed so I’m now screaming at a cardboard box!  That of course helps the situation enormously, I stomp off and start crying as I walk up the stairs, sit and my computer and press print because now I’ve replaced every ink in the damn machine and it starts to print then stops because YAY I have a paper jam!  I sit and breathe and type into my facebook status “Yay and now a paper jam!” to which I then get a link posted with the following video (if you’ve ever had a printer problem you need to watch this)

Well I sat, watched it and laughed out loud, called my mom up to watch it with me and we both laughed out loud.  I then realised I was being way too dramatic and OTT about the entire morning and I needed to chill out, after that I was fine.

Isn’t it easy to get carried away with a downward spiral, to let life or a situation get on top of you!  I often say you may not be able to change a situation but you can change your reaction to it.  We all have a choice how to behave at any given time when something happens, the way I behaved yesterday morning was a little silly and normally I wouldn’t have but I was in pain and my hormones were playing with my emotions and it took me half hour to realise that’s why I was reacting that way, and as soon as I did, I chose to switch it back.  The universe just this second tested me by giving me an evil knife type stabbing pain in my stomach – I smiled ;-) after I went oooowwwww! Of course!

Yes life’s all about choices and I’d rather choose the happier option any day of the week, I’m all about the positive, cos the negative sucks.  I can’t see why anyone would prefer to dwell on the downside of a situation when it makes you feel so gloomy and trust me there is always a positive if you look hard enough. X

We’ve had some fabulous results in my meetings this week, 700lb weight loss (that’s 50 stone) and four members achieved their goal weights, two of them losing over 50lb each, awesome isn’t it.  And everyone answering the questions which I posted on Tuesday’s blog about ‘why we want to lose weight’ – if you haven’t already done that, go back to Tuesday’s blog and find them, answer them and put the answers somewhere safe for you to refer to often.

Almost the weekend folks, so enjoy a feel good Friday. xx

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sugar withdrawals suck!

26th April 2012

Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory. Norman Vincent Peale

It’s only rain ‘-) keep reminding yourself we wouldn’t survive long without it!  My members were amazing yesterday coming to get weighed regardless of the rain, and they were rewarded for their efforts over 240lb lost and two achieved their goals, WOW, well worth getting a bit wet.

Oone of my members told me yesterday that she’s addicted to coca cola, she’s trying to do cold turkey from 3 litres a day, at one time I would have laughed and said no your not, it isn’t addictive but now I know differently, so can sugar be an addiction or is it just a habit?

Did you know that sugar could be addictive apparently, a 2008 study by Princeton University showed that when rats ingested large quantities of sugar, the changes to their brains were similar to those seen with drugs such as heroin and cocaine.  It’s immediately gratifying, an instant energy boost.  We all know it helps towards your weight problems, possibly even more so that fat, everyone looks on the label at the fat content but who looks at the sugar content!  Did you know apple juice is used as an ingredient because it sounds healthy, but realistically it’s mostly sugar!   I’ve seen members eyes light up when I mention the word chocolate, it’s sweet, sugary and delicious – everything that gets your juices going.  Brits are collectively eating 2.25 million tonnes of sugar a year, that’s an average of 58lb of sugar each, the equivalent of 27 bags, if you want an instant visual it’s a little more than a large sack of potatoes!  Unfortunately a lot of it is hidden in foods such as bread, soup and salad dressings, I bet you didn’t realise that. 

Yeah sugar is called lots of different names to fool you if you are looking at ingredients, they are;

Concentrated fruit juice
Corn sugar/syrup
Evaporated cane juice
Galactose (that sounds like a planet!)
High-fructose glucose syrup
Hydrolysed starch
Invert sugar syrup
Sucrose / sucrose syrup

We all know it’s difficult to give something up if you really enjoy it, and also if you’re a little addicted to it.  You can’t go to a rehab centre for doughnut addiction, well I’m guessing you actually probably could if you’d got enough money.  But in reality it’s very difficult to go cold turkey; going from a 3 spoon sugar tea drinker to no sugar overnight is hell.  The best way to do it is to wean yourself off it slowly, or stop drinking tea ;).  If a food label shows that sugar is in the top three ingredients – stop buying it. 

If you decide to cut back on sugar, and get a sugar craving in the afternoon have a banana and a glass of milk, it may not be the same as a mars bar, but you’re body will appreciate it.
Switch to sweeteners, it’ll help, we humans are built with an innate desire for sweet foods apparently, so if you really can’t live without, use sweeteners.   To help balance out your blood sugar levels, up your protein.  A handful of walnuts would be great, and before you say OMG they’ve got so many ProPoints in them – so has chocolate!

Boosting your vitamin C intake can help lower blood sugar levels, oranges, kiwi fruits are both good examples. 

So who’s up for a bit of cold turkey, I’m doing the alcohol version, do you need to do it with the sweet stuff?

Beware the hidden sugar, this is how much is lurking in some of the things you don’t realise;
Orange juice = 4 ½ tsp
200g tomato soup = 2 ½ tsp
15g ketchup = 1 tsp
30g cornflakes with 125ml milk = 2tsp
3 slices wholemeal bread = 1 ½ tsp
Half a jar of pasta sauce = 1 tsp
1 milk chocolate digestive = 1 1/3 tsp
Can of cola = 8 ¾ tsp
Can of baked beans = 5 tsp
Fat-free vanilla yogurt = 2 ½ tsp

So there’s some food for thought, are you consuming too much sugar, is that the reason you feel sluggish, or have a sugar slump in the afternoon. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

There's always something you can do to help...

25th April 2012
Joy is not in things; it is in us. Richard Wagner
I got out of bed in a great mood yesterday, wrote my blog then booted up my pc and logged into facebook to find out that one of my amazing members has cancer ;( my heart sunk, I was gutted.  At first I sat and cried then I thought what can I do to help?  Not much unfortunately, but I realised I'm already doing something, I’ve signed up to take part in Race for Life on Sunday 10th June at  Walsall Arboretum, so I will run for Kim, she is one of the happiest ladies I know and strongest too by her facebook post because she’s gonna fight this disease with all her strength.  So please either consider taking part and joining us on the day, or give me a donation in the meeting or sponsor me online http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/weight-watchers

If you’d like to take part and be in our team, here are the details
• Group name: Weight Watchers
• Group ID: BL3202
Just log in and sign up.

So yesterday started a bit sad but soon picked up because if Kim can be positive so can everyone around her.  I slept like a brick last night, not drinking always means I sleep better and yet I forget that is one good side effect, running probably helps too, I managed another 30 minutes yesterday, which again was easier having not had a glass of wine the night before.  Yes I’m all on track and focused, and I’m aiming for a pound a week.

Read an article yesterday on yahoo about Adeles weight loss and apparently the only thing she’s stopped doing is drinking because of her throat problems and if you’ve seen photos of her she’s lost a lot of weight, just shows how making one change can have such amazing results.  When you change one thing, it usually means you end up changing other things too wihout trying, so for example because I want to get better at running, I’ve cut down on the drink because I know I will run better and I’ll start eating better foods to help me too, which all adds up to helping my weight loss. I read an article last night called ‘drop a drink size’, apparently the government recommend 2 booze free days a week, if you’re struggling with that idea then you could shrink your glass, swap your 250ml glass for a 125ml and you’ll save 1.7 units of alcohol and 3 propoints!  Use a smaller glass, it works the same as a smaller plate!  You can even log it on an app called Mydrinkaware which tells you what the equivalent of your booze is in burgers! 

Did you know 2 x large glasses of white wine is 370 cals, 6.8 units! That’s the same as;
7 gin and slim line tonics (6.8 units, 318 cals)
9 MacDonalds Chicken McNuggets (375 cals)
2 ½ pints of lager (7 units, 600 cals)
1 ½ mars bars (363 cals)
3 x packets of walkers crisps (396 cals)
8 x jaffa cakes (368)

Interesting maths, I know we work in ProPoints (the wine was 12pp) but it gives you an idea. 

Isn’t the universe clever, as soon as I decided to cut out booze, articles started appearing everywhere about it, or was it just that I started noticing them!  There was another one from Davina McCall about beating addiction, I’m not addicted luckily, I just have a bad habit, but her tips for kicking unhealthy habits were still relevant, here they are;

Davina suggests;
Identify your limits – “I’m an all or nothing, but if you’re cutting down on alcohol, say, and can limit yourself to a couple of glasses a week, do that.  But if one leads to a bottle, you may have to go cold turkey.”

Swap ‘TRY’ for ‘WILL’ – ‘make a promise to yourself and make it long term – not for a month or two.  I still go to meetings to stay vigilant. Want a bikini body? Exercises isn’t just for summer, it’s for life!”

Avoid the triggers – “I’ve cut back on sugar, so I avoid meeting friends for a coffee anywhere I’ll be tempted by sugar-laden treats.  Tweak your lifestyle to avoid unnecessary temptation.“

Yes you can definitely take ideas from her suggestions, you don’t have to be an addict to make those ideas work for whatever your habit is, whether it be cakes, crisps or lager!

I’m enjoying being able to have larger meals because I’m not drinking I have to admit and I haven’t really noticed not having a drink the last couple of nights, and last night I smiled when I realised I could murder a cuppa tea!  Speaking of which I’m off to make one now.

Enjoy your day, ignore the rain and smile knowing the sunshine is still behind those clouds. x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

On it like a car bonnet - True Story!

24th April 2012

People don't resist change. They resist being changed! Peter Senge
Well so far so good  ;-) one day down, totally on track, no booze before bedtime last night and feeling good this morning. 

If the negative outweighs the positive then that behaviour needs to change.   That’s what crossed my mind yesterday after I’d finished writing my blog, because yes I really do enjoy sitting there having a few drinks at night but I don’t enjoy watching the scales tell me I’ve gained weight and alcohol is the major contributor to that.  I also know I would run easier if I didn’t drink, and that my health would no doubt be better too, maybe not so noticeable now because I am quite healthy, but in the future it’ll keep me fit into old age.

So I asked some leaders to convince me yesterday to get on track, here are a few of the questions they asked which you may want to ask yourself!

-          Why do you want to lose weight?
-          Is it important to you?  If it is then what’s stopping you?
-          Why don’t you like being the weight you are?
-          What would be the difference to you if you saw the weight you wanted on the scales and a slimmer trimmer you in the mirror?

The conversation was finished with

-          I want you on it like a car bonnet!  You know you can, we know you can so prove it. End of sermon x
-          So Bev you have every reason to lose weight and no reason not to.... Get on with it girl
-          So if you don’t like that feeling Bev then it is down to YOU to do something about it!

  OUCH, as you can see none of them were beating around the bush and all of them were absolutely correct.  So as said, I’m on it like a car bonnet! True Story ;-)

Yesterday I walked Alfie for 45 minutes, then after my meeting I ran with my mate for 30 minutes then we walked another 3 mile too, so I earned around 12 ProPoints which is great.  I did eat more ProPoints than I’d have liked because I’d already got a cooked dinner left from Sunday and I had some walnuts on my salad which maybe excellent for your health but boom they’re also 19 ProPoints per 100g, that’s higher than chocolate!  3 walnut halves = 2pp, I shall be using them sparingly in the future because I obviously had more than 3!

I’ve already got today planned in my head, thinking a banana & yogurt smoothie for breakfast, beef and ale casserole with sweet potato mash for my main meal then a salad for tea followed by an early night because it’s a 12 hour work day for me from beginning to end, I do get an hour inbetween which I plan to run in as long as it’s not raining.

I was reading a magazine yesterday which said, according to new research the nations favourite meal is now the healthy stir fry.  If put together correctly it can be really healthy and packed with vitamins but just one slip – overcooking the veg, adding too much oil or drowning it in a fatty sauce and you’ve changed all that.  Here’s how to make your stir-fry the healthiest ever;

Serves 2 - 16pp each, so maybe it could serve more!  I reckon 4 servings at 8pp each easily!

1tbsp rapeseed oil. (4pp) (It has half the saturated fat of olive oil and a higher smoke point – the heat at which the oil starts to degrade and it becomes bad for you – this makes it idea for stir fries.
2 diced chicken breasts (8pp) – low fat protein curbs your appetite for hours.
1 deseeded, finely chopped red chilli – revs your metabolism and boosts immunity.
1 tbsp finely grated fresh ginger – similar properties to chilli, combine them for a maximum nutrient hit.
3 chopped cloves of garlic – it’s an antibacterial that fights off bugs
1 sliced onion – works with the garlic for an even bigger antibacterial blast.
125g chopped cabbage – helps protect against cancer and jam packed with fibre.
8 sliced mushrooms – they’re full of energising B vitamins to support your nervous system (Heave ho yr stress)
1 sliced yellow pepper-  with immune-boosting skin-protecting vitamin A
Juice of half lime - rich in vitamin C
2 tbsp reduced-salt soy sauce (1pp) – better for you than it’s super-salty cousin
200g rice noodles (19pp) – wheat & gluton free, so they’re easily digestible (stop the bloating!)

1.       Drop the rice noodles in a pan of boiling water and leave to simmer.
2.       Meanwhile, heat the oil, and add the chicken, ginger and chilli.  Stir fry for 2 minutes, add veggies and stir fry for another 2 minutes before adding the lime juice and soy sauce.  Stir for a further 30 seconds.
3.       Drain the rice noodles, then mix into the stir-fry and serve.  Wash down with a large glass of smugness ;-)

Stir fry swaps;

If you’re bloated swap cabbage for courgettes.  Cruciferous veg are gas inducers (think granddad after the Christmas sprouts).  Add an easy-to-digest courgette instead.

If you need an energy boost swap onions for kidney beans (1tbsp = 1pp) they are a good plan source of energising iron, which the vitamin C in other veggies will help your body to absorb.

If you’re veggie, swap chicken for tofu (50g = 1pp) and cashew nuts (10g = 2pp) chicken cotains all 9 essential amino acids, but by combining these, you’ll achieve a full set the meat-free way.

If you’re hitting the gym, swap rice noodles for soba noodles (8pp per 100g) which are made from buckwheat, which helps enhance your body’s uptake of muscle-toning protein when working out.

If your skin needs a boost, swap rapeseed for avocado oil, it has a high smoke point, so is perfect for stir frying and is also packed with skin-nourishing vitamin E.

Mmm need to be making a stir fry soon I thinks, right I’m off to walk Alfie, have a fabulous day, keep up the good work. xx

Monday, 23 April 2012

It's all about the habits

23rd April 2012

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
I’m listening to an audio book about habits at the moment, interesting stuff actually, it says that our habits all have cues, routines and rewards and that a habit cannot be eradicated it can only be replaced.   It also said the old habit never disappears from your subconscious and can reappear at any time!  I’m not impressed with that last bit of their theory but it does explain why when I have changed a habit to help my weight loss and I think it’s ingrained and will never revert back it sometimes does.  We all notice old habits creeping back in from time to time don’t we and it can be very frustrating.  The books a long one so I’m only so far in but it’s interesting, I’ve just listened to the theory that if you wish to change a habit, you identify the cue, routine and the reward and change the routine so that something else gives you the reward.  It always says that to give us more of a chance of success, we have to have belief that the habit can be changed and that a support group is another core basis for success. 

I’m like that thought pattern because that shows Weight Watchers actually does help in the process of habit changing, getting the support you need really does help, the actual words from the book were, “To change a habit you need to find an alterative routine and your odds of success go up, even more so if you are a member of a group.”

Now I’m going to sound like a broken record here BUT… the habit I’ve decided to work on is drinking alcohol in the house, it is just a habit and I’m aware of that.  I have done it before but as the book says your old habits never completely disappear so at sometime something happened and I started doing it again.

I first need to work out my cues and rewards, I think the cue is as easy as sitting down on my chair in the living room!  Because the only time I do that is in the evening after work, I spend the day time in my office or out and about.  My rewards I’m still thinking about but I think it’s feeling chilled out or maybe even zoned out because alcohol does slow me down, I need to find a different routine to get the same reward. 

I’m thinking meditation, that would help zone me out, so tonight when I get home instead of sitting in front of a tv show I’m not remotely interested in, I’m going to have a go at meditating, I’ll let you know how that goes ;)

And yes I know I’ve said I’m going to cut my drinking in the house out before but you know what, if at first you don’t succeed and all that, I’m not a quitter and I shall keep giving up, until it works.  I know it will help with my weight loss for one and also it’s not good for the menopause symptoms so there’s too good reasons. 

Right it’s getting light outside, got a busy morning planned, walk Alfie, meeting at Bloxwich then a run round Chasewater with my mate, we’re gonna run round once, then walk round once, she wants me to run both times, but I don’t think I can, I’m not back up to full steam with my running yet – but I will be given time.  I managed 30 minutes yesterday (2.76miles) not the fastest but faster than I was moving when I used to be sat on the couch!

Monday is a great time for a fresh start if you need one. x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

You can't beat a good hug ;-)

22nd April 2012

Spread love everywhere you go: First of all in your own house ... kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness.  Mother Teresa

I’m all about sharing the love this weekend, my how I’ve changed!  I never had time for anyone or anything in my early 20’s, people were an annoyance to me back then.  Yeah I’ve definitely changed – dramatically.  So what happened, why did I change, no one thing that I can recall, just lots of little things.  I started developing myself, learning to understand what made me tick and slowly as I learnt to love me and my life, I started to love others too.  Because if you don’t love yourself, you’re not able to love others completely, that’s just the way it goes.

I smiled at myself yesterday morning though, I did exactly what I’d told my members in the meeting this week not to do, I mindlessly ate, I sat at my desk yesterday morning and ate breakfast in a hurry without paying it any attention or tasting it much either, which was a shame because it was delicious!  Yeah I’ve changed but I’m still a work in progress ;-) constantly learning new things and using them to become a better person, the person I want to be.

I lost my morning yesterday putting together a photo book using photos from facebook, it’s amazing how you can fill your time if you find something to get engrossed in.  Actually yesterday went by in a blur, after the photo book I went to see my crazy back lady, I don’t know her true title just know she inflicts scary amounts of pain on me for half hour but I come away feeling better than I did when I went in, after sleeping on a blow up bed in Corfu my back was a bit of a mess so the pain she inflicted this time was serious!  I followed her up with a nice massage at the Chi Rooms, Karen makes me feel amazing, the best massage in the world!

I finished my day in front of the tv chatting with mom, perfect Saturday, which I plan to follow with a perfect Sunday, which will start with walking Alfie and if he doesn’t take me too far I will follow with a run to get me energised, then I have no plans, I’ll just go with the flow.  Liking the idea of another photobook though, maybe on of Alfie, or highlights of 2011, mmm yes I likes to be creative.  I’ve found a way round my reading problem, I love to read but never sit still long enough, then at night when I could read, I’m too tired and sitting in front of the tv is easier.  So I’m listening to audio books instead on my phone, great when I’m walking Alfie in a morning. 

Hobbies are great things to have because they give you something to do, especially if you’re struggling with your weight loss because you’re bored!  A lot of people treat eating like a hobby and unfortunately it isn’t one and behaving as though it is, unfortunately is what causes the weight problem in the first place. 

Mom and I have helped ourselves this last two weeks by not buying the stuff, even mom isn’t eating all the cakes and junk she usually does and we both lost 2lb at our weekly weigh in, we both weigh roughly the same weight now and we both seem determined to eat healthier and cut the rubbish out, and not having it in the house really does help enormously.

Anyways time for walkies ;)

Enjoy your Sunday, I will.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

you can't beat a smile...

21st April 2012

Perhaps the world little notes nor long remembers individual acts of kindness - but people do. Herm Albright

I’m proper smiling this morning; I woke up with the smile on my face, probably because I went to bed with the smile on my face.  Why?  Because it’s my brothers 50th birthday today, the one who’s in Corfu that me and my friends visited at the beginning of the month.  Well we all had such a good time and Terry took care of us so well we wanted to say thank you, so we decided to send his son out for a visit without him knowing.  I took Jason to the airport yesterday and he flew out, and then got a taxi to their house, arriving just before midnight.  To say Terry was pleased was an understatement, and now they both get to spend their birthdays together because it’s Jason’s next week too.  We also sent them a suitcase full of goodies so that will keep them amused too.

It’s nice to be nice isn’t it, I personally get more satisfaction from giving than receiving, there really is nothing better than seeing or hearing that joy in someone’s voice.

Another weekend with no plans ahead of me to look forward too, having a massage later to try and get rid of the knots in my back from sleeping in Corfu!  Other than that, I’m not even going to think about what I’m going to do, I’m just going to go with the flow.  What I do know I won’t be doing is overeating, or eating junk because there is still not to be had in my house and I can tell the difference in myself too.

I forget yesterday but I said I’d give a mention to Lean www.Lefx.co.uk, he’s a personal training and is offering my members a special offer £125 for 10 hourly sessions (saving £75) interested give him a call 0742 3540316.  I’ve had very good feedback about him, and met him – he’s a lovely guy – cute to look at too, which of course helps distract you from the pain of personal training ;-)

Another plug while I’m on a roll is for Paul, he’s one of my members who’s also now a Zumba instructor, and is starting meetings at Joseph Leckie Academy on Tuesdays 6 & 7.15 or Saint Matthews Church, Thursday 7.30 & Saturday 11am, all start next week.  He’s also going to be doing a few demos in my meetings next week if you’d like to come and take a look.

Anyways short one today as I want to get out there and walk Alfie for a really long time because it’s actually NOT raining for a change this week. 

Have a fabulous Saturday, remember it’s much easier to avoid bad foods when you’re full of goods foods, so choose wisely, if you’re full of vegetables there’s no room left for doughnuts. Xx

Friday, 20 April 2012

mmm a little peckish maybe...

20th April 2012

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  Marcel Proust
Yay it’s Friday, I’m looking forward to chilling a bit this weekend after I get through today, which is going to be a busy day, Alfies got a vet check up at 8.30 then I’ll be out and about till teatime, it’ll be worth it though. 

Well I’ve survived the week without eating any processed food at all and I have to say my body feels better for it, I haven’t had any heartburn or hot flushes at all, and I’ve eaten some delicious food which makes it worth while. 

In the meetings this week we talked about being hungry and full, it’s an interesting subject because not many of us now hungry and full we only acknowledge starving and stuffed!   We all know the latter two mean we’ve gone to far to the extreme so it worth taking time to learn the middle grounds by listening to your body, if zero is ravenous and 5 is stuffed, work on finding out what 1, 2, 3 and 4 feel like!

What does peckish feel like for example? 

Eating when you are hungry is a very basic concept.  When you eat when you're hungry (and consequently stop eating when you're not hungry) it will help you to lose your excess weight.  At home its easy enough to stay on track because you probably weigh and ProPoint your food but when you’re out in a restaurant you need to use physical cues to help you know when to stop as the portions are much larger. 

And one thing I didn’t’ mention in the meeting was that it's important to avoid the 'all or nothing' trap and vow to only ever eat when you're physically hungry.  It's absolutely okay to eat for pleasure, for comfort, to celebrate, for whatever reason occasionally, the aim is to learn to recognise your hunger and to eat because you are hungry most of the time.

It sounds simple enough and yet so many of us eat when we are not physiologically hungry at all.  We eat at set meal times, because it's convenient, because other people are eating, because we like the food, because we don't want to say no, because we're bored, because it's there... Some never let themselves get hungry at all, they graze and pick all day whereas others are constantly hungry, always resisting temptation and eating as little as they can.  Many of us yo-yo between the two. 

Most of us eat to the clock, we don’t really have a choice if we work or your kids go to school so they have set meal times, even if you do knowing how hungry you are and then recognising when you’ve had enough is still really important and can only help your weight loss journey.

There’s no 'right' time to eat, nor a ‘correct’ kind of meal, heck I had curry Sunday morning and chicken and rice Tuesday morning, I know you all think I’m mad but I enjoy eating at that time of day. 

Never wait until you're ravenous to eat as you are not likely to be choosy about what you have - anything will do as long as it's NOW.  We tend to eat anything and quickly when we're over hungry and that's one of the surest ways to end up overeating.  So aim to eat before you're famished.

So today pay attention to your bodies signals and start to recognise it’s messages, maybe one day this week, instead of having your breakfast at the usual time, wait until you are hungry (not starving).  How long does this take?  How do you know when your body needs food?  Tune in throughout the morning.  After your meal of the day, tune in every 30 minutes and find out where you are on your hunger scale.  Notice what you tell yourself about being hungry... What are the messages you have about it?  Is it a good thing to be hungry?  Do you welcome or resist it?   

Today every time to reach for food ask yourself 'am I hungry?'  Again remember its fine to eat when you're not - this is just learning to work with your body.