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Saturday, 10 August 2019


Saturday 10th August
When you're in a dark place, you sometimes tend to think you've been buried, perhaps you've been planted.  Bloom!

When a mug of tea tastes as good as the one I'm drinking this morning, I know it's going to be a good day, I've had a cracking nights sleep, in bed by 8 and slept till my 5am alarm, don't get me wrong I've woken a few times but I've gone back to sleep.  Yay to not being shattered.

I love to sleep, it's good for you, but do you know how much?  Well firstly it's good for your brain, whilst you're sleeping, neutrons in the brain fire nearly as much as they do during waking hours.  This means while you're asleep, your brain is still active, it's clearing out toxins, repairing daily wear and tear, processing information and creating memories.

Sleeps also good for those beautiful looks you have, there's a reason it's called 'beauty sleep'.  Your skin makes new collagen which prevents sagging, no need for botox here!  Blood flow is boosted - giving you that healthy glow.  And well-rested eyes are brighter - sleep is the best way to get rid of those dark circles and bags under your eyes.

You may feel it's okay to be surviving on five hours a night but nah, it's not good, chronic sleep deprivation can make you feel sluggish and grumpy.  Potentially it's much more harmful that that though, it's actually been linked to serious medical conditions, such as an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression.  Personally I'd rather not risk it, I'll have the odd early night and leave some of the things that need doing to another day, I'd rather have a messy house than a messy mind.  The truth is we're healthier and happier when we're well rested.  Who's up for an early night tonight?

I love that according to Britain's leading sleep science expert women need, on average, 20 minutes more sleep than men.  it's thought to be because the female brain works harder during the day.  No argument there ay!

They also suggest that getting enough sleep helps weight loss, yep when we're tired, a little thing they call 'Ghrelin' (I call it gremlin!) the hunger hormone that tells your body when to eat, and when you're sleep-deprived, you have more gherkin.  Leptin is the 'satiety hormone' that tells your body to stop eating and when you're sleep deprived, you have less leptin.  When you guessed it more gherkin and less leptin is a nasty combination if you're trying to lose weight.  Get yourself an early night, I know it's not easy and even if you ain't sleeping lying there, you'll be resting.

hunger is your body's fuel gauge and if your brain isn't getting the energy it needs from sleep, it will try and get it from food.  Tiredness gives you the munchies - boosting cravings for the high sugar and high fat snacks and because you're shattered, you'll have much less self control.  Go back to bed lol.

Anyway, this was my food yesterday, I just fancied this when I made moms breakfast, it cost me 7SP but it was worth it, a real chunky piece of fruit bread.

 5SP a slice
1SP per teaspoon

 My tea was two huge mushrooms, that I overstuffed with a whole packet of this egg fried rice (9SP)
I added a cooked chicken breast and then I had a good couple of tablespoons of ketchup (2SP) all over it, that's my dirty dish where Chinese food is concerned, I've always had ketchup on egg fried rice! 

I didn't have another meal but it I had a packet of WW salt and vinegar chick peas, oh and then I had a couple of slices of Warburton's (3SP) and a bit of cheese (4SP) so that was sort of a meal but it wasn't put on a plate, it was just grabbed when I found myself in the kitchen making mom a drink! DOH.  If I hadn't gone to bed when I did, that could've been a whole lot worse.

Well I'm off to get ready for my day, workshop this morning to enjoy before a day with mom ignoring the housework and watching bad tv with my crochet in hand.  I did get to watch some stuff I like yesterday so today will be her day to choose.

Luv ya, enjoy your day, mwah

Love me x

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