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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Deep breathes

Monday 27th August 2019
Give yourself some credit for how far you've come.

Well that was the longest Monday ever, I have Monday's off anyway, so being a Bank Holiday makes no difference to me, being with mom at home stops me going anywhere, but ma'an did it seem to drag on, mom seemed particularly argumentative and Alfie wanted to go for a second walk but it was just too hot - so good fun all round in our house!  NOT!  Oh and nothing on tele either - great joy!

I did cook a cheese and onion pie though, let's not even get into the points in it, I'll just get back on track today, actually if I have more pie, it'll be tomorrow - oops.  I'll still track it though and try to balance it out with other stuff.

Packet of Aldi shortcrust pastry - 65SP
550g Aldi cheese (grated) - 89SP
1.5kg sliced potatoes - 36SP
Onions - zero hero
Oil to fry the onions - 6SP

Total 196 Smart Points 

Thankfully there was at least 10 servings in it. 

I had it for my tea with Heinz curry beans, so good.  I'm 50 in January, I refuse to not enjoy foods I find delicious, as long as I don't overeat on them and I include healthy foods too, I can, whether the scales will agree this week remains to be seen.  I doubt I've got the balance quite right, but meh, no rush to get a little more weight off, any negative thoughts I have these days have nothing to do with my body!

I posted in Facebook asking people how they'd spent their day because mine had been really long, some had being doing fun stuff, but some like me had a nothing special kind of day, washing, cooking, cleaning, then of course there was those who were at work in that heat, at least I just had to sit next to a women who was constantly getting the wrong end of the stick regarding plot lines in programmes, let's just say if she was on a jury, all the murderers would be getting off because it's a shame for them! 

Looking forward to this weeks workshops, we're talking about quick meals, I like this idea as I'm not into spending lots of time cooking these days, I like fast food, I particularly like cheap food, bargain food, in the past I've been known for spending a lot on food but I'm trying to be more sensible and I love it when I make something that didn't cost a lot but tasted delicious, those beans were delicious, think I'll have the other half on toast for breakfast.

Here's a link to Jack Monroes website, this is a page with suggestions of what to do with leftovers, great idea. She's just bought out a new cookbook for cooking out of tin cans, now that's the ultimate in fast food! 

Well the sky is a little moody this morning, a solid pink sheen over the grey/blue background, think it's going to be another hot one, I can actually hear seagulls from my office window, they don't ever seem to return to the coast anymore, instead they live round the shops!

Today I shall remind myself as I did yesterday, there's always someone worse off, with bigger problems and remember I'm strong enough to handle this disease called Alzheimers and everything that comes with it.  Yesterday when mom was looking for a purse she hadn't lost, we had a chat and she realised she'd dreamt it or it was from a long time ago, she told me how frustrating it is for her and how she wants to cry every ten minutes but that won't help so doesn't ;(, see no matter how difficult this is for me, it's worse for her, I can't imagine what it must be like, having gone from being a smart, independent, healthy women to what she is now.  So you can see why my weight isn't really a top priority, making this household as calm and content with a sprinkling of happiness is my goal, getting the best out of what is a pretty crappy situation.  The worst thought I have some days is that she will go to sleep and not wake up, I can't believe that disease has done that to me, making me have that thought about the most important person in my life who I've had so much fun with, laughed about so many things, travelled the world with.  So yeah, now and again, I'll eat the pie and anything else I want to eat because life can truly be sucky and none of us get out of it alive.  

Until then though, I'm gonna go give her a cuddle and make her another cuppa, try to get someone to either fix or replace her bedroom window because somehow she's broken it and it won't shut, of course she says she hasn't done anything but.... lol. 

Let's have a cracking Tuesday and enjoy the end of summer, I love Autumn, its the season that shows change can be beautiful and we can all turn over a new leaf, mwah 

luv ya

Love me xx

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