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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Garlic dough balls anyone!

Wednesday 14th August 2019
It's never too late to turn things around.  You are your only obstacle!

Late this morning, I slept till 6 - check me out, I think it's the piraton to be honest, the antibiotics seem to be having their own effect on my body too, but at least they're not making me feel sick which is a bonus, I did have to stay up a bit later than usual last night to wait the 2 hours after eating to take them, but on a positive it meant I couldn't snack, so it was just the 3 meals yesterday, which were, egg sandwich for breakfast for 4SP, lunch was a stir fry which I didn't really enjoy so left some, it was a pre-chopped one from Sainsbury's with veggies, garlic and ginger but there was something that tasted funny in it that spoilt everything, cost me 6SP for the sausages I had with it - random combo I know but they needed using.

For my tea I had a chicken burger (thank you Penn Road butchers, forgot how nice they could be, this one was Indian Mystery, tasty but I think the mystery was it had never seen anything Indian ;) ) 

I used the Frites from my M&S meal deal to try and limit the damage from that £10 I spent, the entire box was 11SP, the burger 1SP so not too much damage, I added some sauce which cost me a couple of points too.  

I'm going to have the garlic dough balls for my main meal today at lunch time with a tin of WW tomato soup, half packet, 6 dough balls are costing me 13SP but they're already tracked and it's all good.  I will have a big late breakfast when I get back from my weigh in, then I eat my soup this afternoon as I won't get home till late and because of the tablets on an empty stomach, I may miss my tea or just have a protein bar at workshop tonight because I won't be home till 8.15, which means I either wait till half nine to eat or 10.15 to take my tablets (that's not happening) so yeah, early night and no tea sounds like a plan! 

I watched the first WW podcast, here's the link to the youtube version if you fancy a watch, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpPZVisJ3ZQ&feature=youtu.be it is available on other platforms but I wanted to watch them too. 

I've got a lot I want to get done today, a lot of it for my own happiness which is important to me these days, I also like what my quote says today, I love doing absolutely nothing too, but then by nothing I would still be sitting with my crochet probably.  I truly believe the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted at all!  You can't beat spending a morning just pottering around doing nothing in particular.  I would love the motivation to spend a morning having a good clean and sort out though too.  However I have a crochet to do list as long as my arm.  I finished one project yesterday only to have 2 maybe 3 more added to my to start list - I'm not complaining, I love it, especially because they're projects I know I'm going to enjoy.  Now this is the most expensive yarn I've used to date, it's not my favourite that I've done though, just goes to show you don't always have to pay lots for a great result and paying lots doesn't guarantee you great results. 

Right let's get this day started, weather sucks this morning, we've had more than our summers share of rain haven't we this year, hey ho, makes me not mind being indoors with mom and my crochet, it's all good.

Here's to making the best of today, mwah

Luv ya

Love me xx

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