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Monday, 26 August 2019

Not just another Monday morning, it's Bank Holiday Monday!

Monday 26th August 2019
Don't worry about failures, worry about all the chances you miss if you never even try.

After a very enjoyable lie in, ignoring all noises from mom throughout the night and refusing to get up at 4.30 when she was having a conversation with Alfie, I've just spent the last half hour searching for my purse!  Woke up to a message saying my payment details on my iCloud needed updating so I thought I'll do that whilst the kettles boiling, then my purse was nowhere to be found, no I know I'm a nightmare so it could be in many places, the last time I'd had it was Saturday for definite in the post office and I thought I'd grabbed some cash Sunday morning for my walk in case of breakfast (which didn't happen) so it had to be there, well after half hour, I thought to myself has mom had it so I started checking her cupboard by her chair and yep, there it was, tucked away in her drawer!  I'm going to have to start putting my important stuff in safe places ain't I, time to become an organised grown up, meh, I'll miss the where's my phone, where's my purse game, although I don't think my friends will.

Thankfully I had a wonderful morning yesterday to balance out the crazy that is my world, we went to explore Highgate common, lovely it was too, especially as I found a fiver within minutes of stepping out of the car, it'd been there since the night before I reckon as it was wet from dew. 

I didn't get to keep it though, as you can see, when I told mom I'd found a fiver, she said 'it's mine!', can't argue with that face!   Do you like my t-shirt, it says 'Your vibe attracts your tribe' on the front and on the pack it say, 'And I have the best tribe Bev's happy owls', I had it made and think I'll be having more done in the future as the t-shirt is a lovely quality, I want different font next time, but I'm really pleased with it.  If you want t-shirts printed, let me know and I'll put you in touch.

Now this Facebook post from my brother proper made me belly laugh when I saw it and every time I thought of it afterwards, especially after the conversation we'd had whilst walking.  

Laughter really is the best medicine, I know the weather was incredible yesterday but I spent it indoors with mom, at least we found plenty to watch on the tv, I decided to go back in time, we watched John Wayne in True Grit and The Shootist, I loved them both, if I'm to spend all this time indoors, I'm going to watch films I may have missed the first time round or maybe I was too young to appreciate, so any recommendations appreciated.  I tried to watch 'The Usual Suspects' again, but I still wasn't impressed, 45 minutes in and I gave up, all I remember from the first time of watching was thinking well the only good thing about the film is the ending and that's not what makes a good film in my opinion, but I hoped maybe being younger when I watched it, I'd missed something, nah it was still rubbish or I'm just not a film expert.

Well let's just say I didn't stay on track yesterday, I'm listening to a book where the lead character makes the best cheesecake so I needed some, which I had for breakfast, 11SP a slice and 6 slices in the box, let's say it looked like a 2 person cake to me!  Then for tea, well that was amazing, way too many points but it could've been less if I'd had lower pointed bread in the house, I'd treated us to the seeded one because they didn't have my usual 400g warburtons in the shop, so I thought if I was having a 800g loaf, I'd have seeds for a little extra points, well there's a lesson in scan it first, it's 4SP a slice, that's ridiculous!  Anyway, I'd also bought the Co-op £5 frozen meal deal and we had the fish on a sandwich, wow so good, I cooked some peas and mixed them in tartare sauce and we had that on the sandwich too, it was truly delicious, if a ridiculous 20SP!

 A thing of beauty!

2 slices Hovis seeded sensations (7SP)
Young's Chip Shop Extra Large Fish Fillets in Crisp Bubbly Batter (11SP)
Tartare sauce (2SP)
Peas (0SP)

Well I have a dog to walk and a kitchen full of washing up that I've got to do or I won't be drinking or eating today unless it's off dirty dishes.  I'm going to cook this morning too, so need the room, making cheese and onion pie, so today won't be within my points either, but as one of my BeYOUtiful members posted in group yesterday "Forgive me owls as I have lived life to the full since my weigh in yesterday. I promise to track and be a ww member from Tuesday" I'll do the same!  If I was away enjoying the bank holiday with friends, I'd have spent more than 20SP on Fish and Chips at the seaside, oh how much I'd like to have been doing that yesterday, although having a good walk with my brother was second best, we only did 3.5 miles as both of us have ankles that are knackered, swollen and not getting better! 

Here's to a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday, whatever your plans, I loved how open more of my members were yesterday after I blogged about mental health, let's keep it that way going forward, it's good to talk. Mwah xx

Luv ya, 

Love me xx

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