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Friday, 2 August 2019

Just out of interest, what diets do we all follow and why?

Friday 2nd August 2019
May you never overlook how powerful it can be to slow down for a moment and take a little time to breathe.

Yesterday I woke up tired, had a strong coffee from Greggs (thanks to Sheila for fetching them), it was horrible!  The truth is we realised yesterday, I don't actually like coffee, I just drink it for the caffeine buzz, it worked!  

My day of food looked like this, breakfast was a 3 egg, spring onion omelette, Zero hero meal to save my points for later.  

4SP lunch, still saving points for later

And this was tea, because with WW you can! The ready meals should've served 2, but I didn’t share 😝 it cost me 29SP but I’d only had 4SP all day, so with my weeklies, plus earning FitPoints, this is all good & it tasted so good! No need for hunger on WW & greed is okay occasionally too, which is a good thing because I can be greedy.

I was quite pleased yesterday when I realised I'm on the last page of my success booklet, which means I've started the fourth month of attending workshops as a member, and it's working.  Thank you Elle Austin for your support, this is the first time in years that I’ve consistently attended workshops & it really is what’s making the difference. I've set my goals for August. it’s true, workshops are where the magic happens! Being accountable at the scales has made the difference for sure.

But that's not the only thing that's made a difference!   Yesterday morning I noticed a friend had posted on her timeline, 

Just out of interest, what diets do we all follow and why? 😍

As you can imagine every one had an opinion, the truth is EVERY 'BODY' is different, so what works for one, won't work for another.  Some people just want to be thin, some are more interested in being healthy.  Some want convenience, some are happy to spend time in the kitchen.  The truth is 'diets' don't work!  If you want long term success, you have to make lifestyle changes but what I've realised over the years too, is I've had to accept that I'm never always going to be 'healthy', there will be days, weeks or even months, when my emotions and circumstances dictate my behaviours.  What's different for me now is I don't beat myself up when those times strike, I also don't abuse my body by seriously overeating, yeah I indulge and overeat, but when I've done it, I don't punish myself by doing it even more.  

I've lost weight over the last 3 months and no the amount I've lost wouldn't impress some but the difference is, I've not had to make many changes to get those loses, I've just tweaked my behaviour, made the better choice when I can, but when I've fancied something, I've had it. 

Yes we all know it's a case of creating a calorie deficit that will give you a weight loss.  

Calories in - calories out, but do you know what - I'm not a science project!  

I'm a living, breathing, feeling, human being who bloody loves food and wine and I'm in my 49th year, well over half way though my life - I don't want to live to 100, I want to enjoy the glass of wine.  What's the point of having a perfectly toned body if all I can eat is 'Free Foods' or 'Zero Foods' depending on what plan you follow, or if I can only indulge on the 2 days of the 5 (not sure if I have that the right way round), I don't want to control the day's I fancy the doughnut.  I also don't want to count the calories in every single thing I consume, not work out if something is a Syn, that word is laced with guilt straight away.  

I want to have a more relaxed relationship with food, not be obsessed with it. I love eating and I don't want that to change, so for me WW works because it guides me in the right direction, it gives me the knowledge I need to know what's 'healthy', but also the freedom to decide how healthy I want to be because I'm a grown up and if I want to drink a bottle of wine on a Saturday night, I will.   If I'm in a restaurant it helps me opt for the healthier choice but if I decide I want the dessert it gives me the Smart Points in it so I can use my weeklies or FitPoints (yeah I use all my FitPoints, I basically walk for wine - it works for me).

I've used the word 'truth' a few times in this blog and the truth is, you have to want to lose weight but also love yourself enough to start with to take care of yourself.  The truth is you have to stop finding excuses, mine was my mom, for 3 years I've used her Alzheimers as my excuse for everything!  Well balls to that I say because yesterday I was lucky enough to share a members success, she's the lightest she's been in 12 years, 1/2lb off 50lb and she too is a full time carer for her sister, she's been doing it a damn sight longer than me too!  

So yeah, come on people, reality check, give your head a wobble, if you want it, do it.  There are no magic lotions, potions or pills, you just need to find whatever works for you.  For me it's the WW community because the support I get is incredible, the laughter we share in workshops is unbeatable, it's the fact that over the years it's taught me that I'm already good enough, I'm loved by lots and accepted as I am, so the weight loss is just about being healthy and mobile.  If I am going to live another 30+ years I need my joints to work and having to carry less fat around will help that. 

Now I've got that off my chest, what shall I have for breakfast ;) I'm thinking eggs, mushrooms, tomato, I'd like wine but I'll save that for later (only joking, I know I'm a lush but I'm not that far gone YET!)

It's Friday, my day off, no rushing here, I'm take the dog for a walk, earn some FitPoints, I'll do some relaxing with my crochet (my non food related hobby!), I'll have an early night (because we eat more when we're tired).  See it's about making changes that help you on a day to day basis, not looking for quick fixes.  I'm not going to be thin by Christmas, meh, I don't ever want to be THIN again, it didn't make me happy for long.  I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing, eating well, indulging occasionally, having good weeks, controlling and accepting the bad weeks and making the best of my life - what you gonna do?

Luv ya, mwah, 

Love me xx

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