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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Food in a flash!

Wednesday 28th August 2019
To be BeYOUtiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. 

Alfie’s dragged me out already, but as he hasn’t has much walking thanks to the weather, I don’t mind. It’s cool at the moment, just getting light, the roads are quiet and all is calm. 

We’re talking meals in a flash this week, so I’m hoping by the end of the week to have lots of ideas. After last nights workshop I realised we don’t just want quick, we want hassle free and cheap if possible too. At the same time we don’t want boring, it’s got to compete with a takeaway or chippy don’t forget because when you’re tired, those things sound more tempting! 

It’s just been on the radio, year I’m listening to the radio whilst blogging and walking Alfie - multitasking at its best. Anyway the news has just told me the amount of takeaways we order in the UK has increased by a quarter in last decade. Vegan food had quadrupled!  Now if they could make more healthier choices available from these  takeaway food places that would be awesome but until they do, I’ll keep them as a very occasional treat. My tea cost me about 80p last night and took 15 minutes to get from freezer to plate.  

Birds eye chicken dippers (7SP for 6 nuggets)
2 Birdseye waffles (3SP each)
Frozen garden peas 

It was good too, also not as ‘bad’ or unhealthy as folk may think, not all packaged and processed food is evil.  Just start to look at the nutritional info if you’re unsure although WW have already done that work for you, if it’s lower in SP, it’s healthier. 

When I bought them, the dippers were only £1 which is why I bought them! 

Of course there were the obvious suggestions for fast food, eggs and/or beans on toast, stir fries, omelette, but if I’ve had a long, tough day, that ain’t going to tickle my tastebuds really. 

I keep things in the cupboard that I can knock together quick, smash being one, I know it’s not for everyone but I love it, that with a frozen cod in butter sauce,  some peas put in the same pan and again 20 minutes later dinner is served. 

You can have cooked chicken or salmon in the fridge ready to eat, that with some microwave rice and tinned veg, sorted in under 5 minutes. 

Fish finger sandwich can be made in 15 minutes and if you microwave some peas you can smash them together and have with either tartare sauce or mayo on the sandwich. So good and will cost you about 10SP. Or add some lettuce, that’s good too. 

What about cheesy tuna melt.  Tuna is zero, low fat mayo, diced spring onions, low fat cheese and bread. Toast the bread whilst mixing the other ingredients except cheese together put on toast, top with cheese and grill. So good.  38g of Cathedral City Lighter is 4SP. 

Tilda egg fries rice is 9SP a packet and some diced chicken and you have chicken, egg fried rice. Yeah you can add other stuff if you can be bothered, but of soy sauce, some peppers, I personally just add a dollop of ketchup!  I also usually stir in another egg for good measure - they are zero after all!

I’m trying to think what’s in my cupboards as I walk but that’s enough for starters, let me know what you do. I’m also thinking jarred sauces, curry or sweet and sour and cooked chicken and serve with microwave rice, 5 minutes done!  Another 5, eaten and gone! 

I’m going to give mom lots of attention today, she’s not having the best time. Another good reason to have meals that are easy to make, our time can be better spent sometimes, this walk with Alfie that he’s loving is much more important than spending half hour cooking. Ooo sausages, the Penn Road butchers chicken ones that are 2 for 1SP, they’re great made into meatballs and put into a pasta sauce on top of some spaghetti that takes about 12 minutes to cook. I fancy that actually but don’t think I have any spaghetti or pasta, I do however think I have egg noodles, that’d work. Plus it’ll save me spending, I don’t want to spend any money this week, already spent too much on yarn but that’s another story for another day! 

Here’s to a day of spending not much time in the kitchen!  Mwah 

Luv ya

Love me x

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