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Saturday, 24 August 2019

Not just any weekend, it's a bank holiday one

Saturday 24th August 2019
A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.

I've just sat here and thought four months today is Christmas Eve, that's ridiculous, this year has just flown, kids are almost back at school after their summer holidays, that seems to have gone by so quickly too.  Is it an age thing, everything goes faster as you get older?

It's the weekend and I love them, it's a Bank Holiday weekend with an excellent weather forecast which is brilliant for everyone, makes no difference to me, I don't work Monday's anyway and never go anywhere, but it's also my pay day weekend too, what's not to love about pay day.

I was lazy with my meals yesterday, I had an omelette with mushrooms for my breakfast, I cooked a packet of honey chicken sausages and ate them throughout the day, then for tea I had this fish pie from Sainsbury's which is 9SP, the green beans were out of Carol's garden and delicious.

If I cook today, it won't be within my smart points, but it'll be worth it, I also fancy cheese cake as I've been listening to a book and the main character bakes them and it's made me want a slice.  

Yesterday was all about the tv, I know it was a sunny day but I'd been waiting to watch Aquaman since it was released at the cinema, so I enjoyed that, then we binge watched Brassic, highly recommended as long as you don't mind the F word and worse, glad to hear they've already started a second series because it was laugh out loud funny.

I'll try and get mom in the garden today, see if we can both enjoy a bit of vitamin D, she was mostly good yesterday until the witching hour when she always turns and I've learned to just ignore that, I put to bed a devil and wake up an angel again the next day.

Right I need a big mug of tea to get me ready for my morning, the suns rising over the church through my window, it's a warm crimson, looked really moody against the dark shapes of the trees, just lovely. 

Look forward to seeing some of my members this morning, it's been a good week, realising that Christmas is so close, it gives me 17 more weigh-ins before then, now we all know weight loss isn't just for Christmas it's for life, but I like to lose some before then because I know I'll gain some over the silly season.  I'd be happy to be under the next stone bracket by then, so 8lb, that's 1/2lb a week, I'm in no rush, like I've said before, I love food and wine too much, so I'll chip away at it slowly.  I'll stop thinking about Christmas now though and start to think about the hot weekend, although I have thought of a gift I can buy mom this year, saw someone with a purple walking stick and thought she'd like one of them as it's her favourite colour.  

Sky's pink now, that's telling me to get on with my day and stop messing about on the pc, I've got a mug of tea to make, a shower to have, a car to load and a few hours of good company to be had.  

Here's to a good un, mwah 

luv ya 

love me xx


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