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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Yesterday was all wrapped up!

Saturday 3rd August 2019
today is you opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.

Ready for another day?  I am, yesterday was a wonderful day of rest and I finished the baby blanket I'd been waiting for a ball of wool for, that can be gifted today or maybe next Friday when I see her, if I can park easily I might drop it in though.  It keeps my mind occupied and off food whilst sitting with mom, I hadn't realised how hot it was outside until I took Alfie out on the afternoon, I was dying in my jeans, wishing him home and arguing with him, yeah he ignores me when I talk to him so I don't know why I bother, although he does understand STOP whether I say it loud or quiet, so that's only taken 9 years, trainings going well.

This was my breakfast yesterday, 1/2 of one of those Lavish breads, I soaked it in egg to make eggy bread then topped with mushrooms, trout, tomato, really filling and tasty and only 1SP for half the lavish bread. 

This is what they look like, 2SP each and really big, worth a try if you're a carb head, not cheap at £3.50 a pack of 4, but if you want them Musclefoods sell them, https://www.musclefood.com/low-carb-whole-wheat-lavash-bread.html or https://www.lowcarbmegastore.com/acatalog/Josephs-Lavash-Bread---4-Square-Breads-255g-LR071.html 
I had a whole one for my tea with chicken and salad and a WW Caesar salad dressing, 3SP meant I had enough points later for some WW Tortilla snacks 2SP and the WW salt and vinegar chick peas 2SP. 

This was my lunch, it didn't look very appetising but I have to say it tasted good, 8SP, would've liked more chicken in there to fill me up, so maybe if I had it again I'd add my own to it.

So that was my day, obviously there was red wine involved and you don't need to know the points in that, use your app :) but I had only had 16SP all day on food, which left me 7SP from my dailies, that's why I love WW, I get to choose how I spend my points and how healthy I want to be on any given day.  We had a lovely early night, which is why I'm raring to go this morning!

I had so many comments in my group after yesterdays blog, it just goes to show we all struggle, we all do our best and we are all wonderful in our own right regardless of where we are on our journey, or what we way or how we look.  I see through a persons exterior into their hearts, I love folk for who they are and what they do, not what they wear and how they look.  Ma'an if I was judged on my appearance, well.... let's just say yesterday I looked like a hobo walking the dog.  I was having an emotional day with mom yesterday, I hadn't got it in me to be bothered with my appearance, Alzheimers continues to throw new challenges at us on a daily basis, but we continue to tackle it together!

Anyway, here's to another great day, not sure on what's on the menu, but I'm thinking eggs for breakfast in a wrap, scrambled maybe.  Then I'll go digging in the freezer, I'm fancying fish in butter sauce, sure I've got some of them or whatever is in there will do.

OOO I've just had an idea, I know it's not pasta but I wonder if you could make a lasagna type dish using those wraps or I could do some kind of sloppy Joe recipe, we'll see but they don't keep long unless frozen and I haven't frozen them yet so don't know if I'm too late to do that.

I'm off, I'm boring myself now,

Luv ya, mwah

Love me xx

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