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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Food glorious food!

Wednesday 21st August 2019
Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you.

Awake since 3am, lay there for an hour and decided I may as well get up and get stuff done.  Ironic really as we're talking about sleeping in this weeks workshops, the universe really does have a sick sense of humour!  I don't feel tired at the moment, but I'm guessing later on I probably will, but I'll use the time to my advantage and be productive, but first a mug of tea and my blog.

Well I did it, 100% on track yesterday, all weighed, measured and pointed, it was lovely to eat when I was hungry rather than because I'd got to take another antibiotic and needed to wait an hour or two.  

Started my day with an omelette, all zero and delicious, added a few veggies on the side to get my digestion system back to where it was pre antibiotics, although I've realised this morning, I'm not drinking my water so will be making sure I do that today too, don't like feeling all bloated at all! 
My lunch was this delicious thing, 5SP chicken & cucumber on a Sainsbury's Red Pepper & Tomato Focaccia, Taste the Difference range, I stumbled across them Monday when I was in the store, I have to say they are delicious and a bargain fro 5SP when you think a Warburton thin is 3SP and probably on a 3rd of the thickness of one of these, they're about the same size the other way. 

I had my 10SP bubble and squeak for my tea, now there was vegetable oil used to fry this in which upped the points, plus the ketchup I had with it, it could've been done with spray light but I was hoping the oil would also help my toilet problem, it helps things along if you know what I mean 😉

So there's 3 good healthy meals, I also had a 1SP Actimel, a 1SP chicken burger that was going to be on that bubble and squeak but didn't make it from the pan to the plate, it went straight in my mouth.  

I also made this beef stew for today, I could eat this all day today from breakfast to teatime, it's 5SP a bowl and I'll get about 8 bowls from it, I've got to save some for my brother Sunday, I'll freeze it of course, I will freeze a few portions for those days I need to feed.  

I love my 5 ingredient stew, its so easy, potatoes, carrots, onions, beef, oxo's, now I use 5 oxo's to one pack of stewing beef usually 450g and the same weight in potatoes, this is double quantities, but I stopped at 7 or 8 oxo's, what can I say I like oxo's!  The secret is to cube the spuds smallish so some of them mush into the juice to thicken and just leave it on your smallest ring on as low as it will go for hours with the lid off, then let it stand to cool down and eat the next day.  I'm drooling here! 

I'm hoping for a maintain on the scales today, but it will be a loss next week, I will track 100% this week, even if it gets ugly which it won't, it's okay if I go over my points a little as long as I track it!  I need to get back to what I was doing in May and continue my weight loss success.  I can & I will (say that out loud with me).  I really enjoyed everything I ate yesterday, when I got home and I was snacky, I opened a packet of wafer thin chicken, later I had a mini quiche that Angie had made, all zero hero's, yeah good food tastes delicious. 

Ange, one of my members said yesterday how she has a book she writes all her favourite recipes in, I think I'm going to start doing this because I've always stored them on my computer but my computer blew up last year and I lost so much, at least if I had a hard copy, I would've still had them all in one place.  She hand writes them which I also like because as she reminded us, we don't write that much these days with phones and laptops etc, so I did like the idea of a handwritten notebook a lot.  

Right, time to get started on other stuff, I'm going to go clean the living room as it's still early, moms awake but she's still in bed so I can get it done before she gets up which makes life easier.  I'm feeling the need for a declutter again, clothes I haven't worn for a long time, stuff I'm keeping in cupboards 'just in case' or because 'it might come in useful', the truth is if I needed that thing, I wouldn't be able to find it anyway, it took me half hour to find a big double blanket I'd crocheted yesterday! 

What are you going to eat today that's going to help you on your journey, I've got my stew, not sure about breakfast but thinking eggs again, maybe with one of those Focaccia and some mushrooms and tomatoes, mmm tasty, wait until I'm hungry though, not eat just because it's breakfast time.  

Let's have another good day, focus on the things that make us smile, that bring happiness into our lives, ignore the negative and I plan to get an early night after my early start!

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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