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Sunday, 18 August 2019

Boring blog alert

Sunday 18th August 2019
Dream with all your heart.  let those dreams be your wings.

Half six and out with Alfie, it’s a glorious morning so far but if the weather app is anything to go by it will rain!  

Another working week done and Sunday already, yesterday’s a bit of a blur, I’m trying to recall what we watched on tv so it obviously wasn’t very memorable, my workshop on the morning was good though and it was lovely to catch up with my helpers and have a natter.  

Doughnuts came up again in conversation and of course I was reminded I still hadn’t had on, at the end of the chat Bonnie came over and handed me one, her dad had drove to Lidl to get me one whilst we were talking, how lovely is that. It was delicious and also my lunch, together with an Asda blueberry muffin fibre thing for 4SP that Gemma’s mom had sent me, my members will ensure I mender starve.  The fibre thing was very nice but not very big, I’d demolish the box quite easily which is why I don’t buy stuff like that, having said that I didn’t get the chance mom saw the rest off quick sharpish! 
My tea was equally as delicious, an M&S pizza for 12SP, so good. Oh and it wasn't until I got home that I was reminded it was the anniversary of the day I'd got to goal, it would've been 15 years if I was still at goal, hey ho, at least I'm still trying to take care of myself.  And when I say got to goal, that would be the last time I did it, I have half a dozen gold cards from previous attempts, so never give up trying. 

I finished a lap blanket yesterday, it’s quite a big on as initially it was going to be a bed blanket but it was eating the yarn and heavy as hell so instead it’s big enough to go across two laps sitting on a sofa of completely cover one person head to toe. I love the stitch I did on this and would like to do it with a less chunky yarn or a smaller scale. So many ideas, not enough time, but also all I have is time so I’ll get to it eventually or maybe it can be my wine project!  Most of the projects I have on the go at the moment take concentration, although my little squares don’t for the blanket I’m doing for myself. See what I’m doing here, I’m actually thinking out loud on my blog, you’re not actually interested in all this after all but hey that’s why I started blogging, actually no it wasn’t as such, initially it was because I was trialling a new plan for WW and once it became public, I posted my journey of the success I’d had. Then from there I continued to blog about my eating, that evolved into talking about my life and thoughts and now we’ll it varies, it really is mostly a brain dump every morning, my thoughts, things that have happened, tales of my mom, my reaction to things people have said or done, it’s whatever it wants to be on any particular day. This morning as you can tell there’s not a lot going on up there in my brain. 

I am looking forward to my walk with my bro and my beef dinner from my sis, I love that my mind is calm and quiet, there are lots of people out there who wished there’s was. Is my life calm, nah, but I’ve found a way to manage how moms behaviour affects me most of the time, let it flow over me. 

Anyways I’m home again now and need to go meet my bro, so if I haven’t bored you too much, I’ll be writing again tomorrow. 

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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