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Thursday, 8 August 2019

Why did you start or why do you want to?

Thursday 8th August 2019
You get what you work for, not what you wish for.

Thanks to my WW success booklet, I won't forget why I started because I wrote it down at the front of that booklet when I joined a workshop on May 1st.  That bit of time each week at the scales with my coach IS making all the difference!  I was chuffed to get that pound off I'd gained last week, which now means I'm back to the lightest I've been in a long time, it's made me determined to have a great week and get another loss next Wednesday.  I'm on the last page of my book, and I will be under 12 1/2 stone by the end of this month!  If I could get to 12 4.5lb and achieve my first stone, I would be absolutely thrilled so let's see how well I can stick to plan because the only thing stopping me is ME!

I had a great day yesterday, started with a small 50g packet of wafer thin ham for zero and because I was rushing round to go shopping before my weigh in, plus the truth is I didn't expect the scales to be kind so I didn't want to eat a big breakfast and add weight to my belly!

I had trout for my dinner and it wasn't until I was putting this out that I realised my dinner was a zero meal so I had tartare sauce with it for 3SP.

These new meal pots arrived in my stock delivery so I decided to have one for my tea to try, well I have to say a big thumbs up from me, I really like them, I hope they'll have plenty for me to be able to order asap because I could eat this regularly.  7SP tomato & basil bulgar wheat with roasted chicken. Loads more than you think once it’s on the plate, I like that the pots aren't wasting loads of packaging trying to make them look like there's more in them. 

I broke my 9pm rule and didn't go up till 9.45, I was watching something, still 7 hours in bed, but only 6.5 of them sleeping according to my Fitbit app, I did have a restless night, it's so damn hot and I'm so damn peri-menopausal.   I'm okay this morning though but it did mean I ate a packet of Rosemary & sea salt WW snacks for 2SP, thankfully I hadn't used all my points for the day.  

It's great to see new members joining at this time of year, goes to show we're realising there's no such thing as a 'good' time to start, you've just got to get started and get on with it.  

What helps me it's reminding myself of the things I enjoy that are actually good for me, those butternut squash chips, simple to do and tasty, filling too!   I've also bought ready prepared salad and a stir fry because it'll enjoy I eat some, simple as that, yes it cost more but it's worth it.  

I've bought some large mushrooms, I'm going to have stuffed mushrooms, nom nom, looking forward to them, it's just about being a little bothered isn't it.  Eating healthy doesn't have to mean doing recipes from scratch but if you want to have a go at that, there's 25% off the cookbooks in workshops this week.  Let's be honest cooking from scratch doesn't have to be difficult, I've got a cookbook in front of me that's 5 ingredients or less, I think I'm going to throw some little egg muffin things in the oven this morning as they fill me up really well.  Yeah I am, so I need to stop typing and go do it!

Let's have a great day, act like you're wearing an invisible crown and own it like a queen/king/princess, mwah 

Luv ya 

Love me xx 

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