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Monday, 5 August 2019

Shall we slay our day - Monslay!

Monday 5th August 2019
you don't have to see the whole staircase to take the first step.

A lovely day yesterday despite moms mood!  Started with a walk round the block with Alfie, before driving to meet my bro at The Bratch, Wombourne, we walked in the opposite direction to last time, and I'd looked on a map and worked out if we got off at the 2nd or 3rd pub we passed we could follow the road and return via the railway walk, we had a walk round Himley plantation first, lovely woods.  I returned the favour from the other week and treated my brother to breakfast (rude not too), we opted for a full English, 

I have to say the toast was the best thing on it, when you don't eat white toast very often, it's so good, I do love a bit of black pudding too.  There wasn't any left when we'd finished that's for sure.
If I was pointing it, well the bacon would be 5SP, 4SP for the sausages,  3SP for 3 tbsp of beans and 3SP for the black pudding.  Then another 6SP per slice of butter toast, it was thick bread and proper butter.  The eggs and tomatoes were at least zero!  25SP for all of that, well I'd earned 24 Fit Points on my walk, so that's not so bad.

Then my wonderful sister had cooked me a lamb dinner and I'm not even going to try and point that, it has home made Yorkshire pudding, roasters and there was definitely creaminess to the mash, it was so good.  At least I didn't need a third meal yesterday and there was no snacking at all. 

The rest of my day was relaxation yesterday, plenty of tv and crochet, I enjoy spending my time doing this, although tv is not great, we rewatched E.T. then Sixth Sense which mom hated, mostly because she didn't know what the heck was going on, she loved the alien though, There was a second dog walk helping me earn more fit points, another 6 by the end of the day, 30 FitPoints isn't bad to say how many hours I spent sitting.

Today's not my usual Monday as I've got a training day, I'm off to Stoke with Elle, at least it's only 9-1 and hopefully I'll come back a better coach which can only be a good thing.

Now we all know Monday's are when lines are drawn, starting over and fresh starts.  If you've been struggling just remember falling down isn't the problem, not getting back up is, so come pick yourself up, dust yourself off as they say and ...... I'm sure you can finish that sentence but just in case, it's 'start all over again', some of you will be singing the song now.

Be optimistic, believe in yourself otherwise you'll never get where you're trying to get too.  I had a lovely conversation with my brother about our lives and what we'd like from them yesterday, we both agreed the only thing stopping us most of the time is money but that time is our most precious asset and we'd like to spend more of that time doing things we love and that make our soul sing.  What makes your soul sing, how are you spending your hours?  If there was nothing stopping you, what would you do with your life?  Today's daydreams can become tomorrows reality, you just have to make a plan!

Right on that note, I'm off to day dream in the shower for ten minutes before returning to reality and trying to fit in a dog walk before I go pick Elle up, oh and having something healthy for breakfast to stop me eating wrong stuff whilst out (Elle told me off when I suggested the wrong stuff ;) see she's being my coach there)

Here's to a very, great, Monday, let's make it that way.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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