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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Yesterday didn't go to plan!

Tuesday 13th August 2019
If plan A doesn't work the alphabet has 25 more letters.

Yesterday didn't go to plan, I had chicken wings for breakfast from M&S, pizza for lunch and French fries for tea as in the crisp bags from a multipack - yes I had 3 packets!   After going to the chemist first thing and being told I needed a doctor not a pharmacist, my surgery got me an appointment for 7 last night, so I spent the day watching my hand / arm swell bigger and bigger and increase in pain, redness and itch.  By the time I got there the swelling was from my fingers to my elbow, all because of a mosquito bite, well that's what it looked like on Sunday when it first happened, tiny little white lump it was now you can't even see the original bite because the arm is so solid, red and swollen.  I'm a bit of a hypochondriac I won't deny but watching the arm swell more and more by the hour wasn't pleasant.  I started my antibiotics last night at 7.45, so when I woke up just after midnight I took the second one to get them to kick in a bit quicker and thankfully, the swelling has gone down quite a bit, it's just round my wrist now, still damn tight and red and hot - oh and annoying!   Then of course there's the Alzheimers side of it, having to explain over and over that you're going to the doctors and why because she's forgot that you've been bitten in the first place.

What does any of the have to do with chicken, pizza and French fries you ask?  Well after the chemist, I went to the garden centre, got there at 9.50 and it doesn't open till 10, so I thought, ooo I'll go find another chemist and get some savlon and antihistamine just to relieve the arm till later.  Well the phone took me to Boots which was opposite M&S food hall, rude not to nip in and get a couple of M&S low pointed pizza (between 11 and 14SP), only when I got in there, their pizza meal deal (20SP for half pizza) was £10 for 2 pizza, 3 sides, I mean, they're not helping are they at all, that's such a bargain, I had chip fries which I'll have with egg and peas as a meal, the wings which I demolished in the car when I realised I hadn't eaten, oh and I don't know what came over me, garlic dough balls that are sat in my fridge.  It was only a tenner what can I say!  At least I shared one of the pizza's with mom, think I'll freeze the other one for another week.  The French Fries happened when I went to Sainsbury's to get my prescription, I'd fancied a packet since my training on Monday when I had a couple out of Elle's packet, well I ate 3 packets, so I shall be getting rid of the other 3 packets today, will take them to my workshop and give them Elle when she comes in, she obviously has more willpower than me.  I believe multipacks go off in hours and the only safe one likely to stay sealed is one containing condoms!

Okay so what's today's plan,  well I have a packet of stir fry veg that is use by today so I will eat that, eggs for breakfast and probably those chips for tea, we'll see but I'll do less damage today - honest.

Whatever happens at the scales tomorrow will be deserved but won't stop me carrying on.

Think how much worse it could be if I didn't crochet to distract myself!  I've got about six different projects going on at the moment, one I should finish tonight, then I have a big chunky blanket I want to get on with that I've not long started.  I'm waiting for yarn for the third, the pink ones on hold, it's too heavy and hot in this weather, then my little squares are in a box for when I have nothing else to do.  Not enough hours but it makes me happy and that's important.  What do you do that makes you happy?  Do you make time for it?

This is what we're chatting about this week in our workshops, I'm looking forward to it.

Here's to practicing what I preach today, what's your plan?

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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