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Friday, 16 August 2019

Not rushing today - it's Friday!

Friday 16th August 2019
Your current situation is giving you the opportunity to re-evaluate what you want.

This week has tested me, the antibiotics are affecting me but the upside of them is I'm sleeping well, not sure if it's them or the piriton, but either way, all hail the lie in, half six for me this morning, even mom and Alfie didn't disturb me too much, although he's hassling me for his walk now.

Food wise, I'm improving yesterday was scrambled eggs for breakfast and a packet of WW cheese crackers, lunch was veggie burger with green beans, I'm hoping that will help my toilet efforts!  Then I had this for my tea, it's a Youngs cod in butter sauce for 3SP with extra cod added which is a zero here, then a small tin of potatoes for 3SP, yeah they're still not really that great like I remember but they were convenient and made for a quickish meal. I also had a packet of WW rosemary bakes before I went to bed.
I enjoyed my workshops yesterday, it may be a busy day but when you're surrounded by wonderful people it goes quickly, it's Friday already, another working week almost complete, just the morning tomorrow for me.  I'll enjoy time with mom today, she seems good this morning.

Oh she went to bed before me last night and I was watching tele and could hear her making a noise upstairs so I put the tv on mute to listen, she was laughing like a drain and chatting to Alfie, I could hear something else making a noise and worked out what it was.  She then called me to ask if I could hear her.  I went up and she showed me her Buddha (no that's not a euphemism), I think my sister bought it her, if you press it's belly it makes a noise, different noises everything time, she was really, really amused by it.  I can honestly say my most favourite sound in the world is my mom's laughter, it makes my heart sing and fills me with joy.  I went to bed feeling good thanks to this and I've slept like a dream, woke up feeling great.

We've talked about making time for things that bring you happiness this week and seeing my happy makes me happy, spending time with her does that.  My crochet makes me happy and watching movies does too.  A good book and having time to read or listen to it makes me happy, I've just started one that caught my attention in Sainsbury's the other day, it's called The man who didn't call by Rosie Walsh, I'm not sure about the beginning though, listened to a bit last night, it sounded really good on the back of the book, but the writings a bit flowery for me at the moment, we'll see.

What else makes me happy, seeing my members buzzing, that's the best feeling, knowing that I had a tiny little bit to do with making them feel good.  Cooking a delicious, healthy meal that people enjoy, that makes me happy too.  Walking with my brother on a Sunday makes me very, very happy, even more so if it's somewhere we've not explored before, I love treading new ground.  I think we're going to head for Highgate common on Sunday if it's dry.

Ooo what else brings me happiness, oh my kitchen when my sister has cleaned it for me, that really makes me happy.  I need to re-varnish the worktops, that will make me happy, but I need to wait for a dry weekend when I'm also in the mood to do them!  Having the energy to do stuff makes me very happy also.

I'm going to write a happiness list, I used to call it my sunshine list, things that make me smile, that make me feel like I've got sunshine in my heart.  It would include things like seeing a heron, that really makes me smile, we spotted 3 on Sunday!  Ian's little dogs jumping up me excitedly when they see me because they realise it's walking day.  Alfie stopping dead in the street and lying down, then rolling on his back as if to say, 'I don't care what everyone else's definition of going for a walk is, this is mine".  Laughing with my besties, giggles with my members, belly laughing with my mom until we both do that sigh at the end in time with each other, then starting to laugh again because we've done that sigh together.  My brothers nuggets of wisdom and information on our walks, they always bring me happiness, especially as he ends some with, 'but it might not be true, it could be an urban myth'.

Oh how lucky am I that there are so many things in my world that make me smile that don't actually cost anything, funnily enough, the older I get, the less the material things matter.  As long as I have a ball of yarn and my crochet hook, a warm house, my bills paid and food in my belly life is good, if I have a glass of wine also, then life is really good.

On that note, I'm going to spend the day doing things I enjoy with someone I love very much.

I hope you do too, mwah

Luv ya,

Love me xx

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