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Thursday, 22 August 2019


Thursday 22nd August 2019
Live for today, look after yourself for tomorrow 
 What have you done this week towards your selfcare?

Taking care of yourself isn’t just about getting the numbers on the scales down. Yeah I was chuffed I’d lost half pound yesterday but the truth is I was mostly chuffed because I’d had pizza, doughnut and other nice foods I love without any guilt, without binging and managed to do it all without gaining weight.  I like that I'm finding a balance between delicious food and taking care of my body.  I no longer what to be a certain weight or size, I just want to feel healthy and be happy in my world whilst enjoying things I do. 

Things off the top of my head that have helped me with my self care this week include my massage last Friday, ignoring the housework to crochet more because I enjoy doing that. Actually doing a bit of housework as I feel better when the house is tidy as much as I don't like the doing of said housework.  Digging out a large shrub that’s been driving me mad for months!  Eating more veggies, they're delicious but they've helped me with my digestion issues also.  Walking Alfie (time out for both of us from mom), my Sunday walk with my brother, stopping to notice the flowers and the creatures, feeding the birds, chilling and watching a movie. There’s most likely lots more but that’s good for starters.

My work is good for my self-care too actually because I enjoy it, I speak to so many people who don't and I remember that, it sucks, changing jobs is the best thing I ever did.  Don't wait for one of the major things like death, divorce, redundancy or illness to motivate you to make those changes needed in your life, do them now.  Look at your life and what you want to change and what you're willing to accept and start working on those changes, oh and remember if you're 5ft 2in, you can change that to be 5ft 6in, some things can't be changed.

Anyway, I lost 1/2lb, really didn't expect that, so absolutely chuffed, my day went well food wise until afternoon and it's true what they say, if you don't get enough sleep, you're likely to eat more of the high sugar/fat stuff - I did! 

This was the first thing I ate when I got back around ten from being weighed, bless her, Elle weighed me early.  This is one of Penn Road Butchers Roast Garlic chicken burger for 1SP, really tasty, mushrooms on one of those  Sainsbury’s taste the difference roast pepper & spicy tomato focaccia, there's 4 in the pack so I have one left, they are good for 5SP. 

 Late lunch, nice bowl of stew with a couple of slices of bread and spread, 10SP 

I'd had a packet of WW veg sticks at the workshop, so I had soup for tea as wasn't in mood for big food. 

I did have more bread and spread with it though!  Then I had a WW protein bar and a packet of bakes before I went to bed, I should've gone to bed before 9 but mom wanted to stay up, so I did all that snack damage by half 9 when she finally wanted to go up.

Now Thursday's are my busy days and for years I'd work from the minute I got out of bed to the moment I got home on the night, I don't do that now, again thinking about my self care and the fact I matter too, as does my mom, she needs more company and attention now, I actually stop for a couple hours on the afternoon and sit with her, sometimes she'll fall asleep but I'm there when she wakes.  My work hasn't suffered for taking those two hours off, actually the members get a better, more alert version of me on the night because I've had a rest.  

So many people do too much, they don't just do stuff for fun or to take care of themselves, they're always putting others first.  Let's start changing that shall we and remember we're here for a good time, not a long time.  Do something today that will help you feel better, that you'll enjoy, that's just about you!  Start noticing the things that make you smile, that make you feel better, that make you glad to be on this planet. 

I saw a fox out the back this morning, that was good for my soul, I haven't seen one for a while and I thought they'd gone as there was some food left the morning after one night.  I think they've just left the den under the summer house for now maybe, but he/she was out there looking for food, one had left their calling card by the back door (thanks for that!). The sun rise has just lifted my spirits, actually it teased me, it looked like it was going to be a glorious thing of beauty but instead it was more a sultry dark one but still quietly spectacular in it's own way, as are all of us.

I'm now thinking what's in my fridge and what the use by dates are on that stuff, I think the chicken lattice bake I have is use by today, so that'll be one meal with the beans Carol picked me from her garden.  I'll have that last focaccia maybe with scrambled eggs for breakfast, then I've got more stew, that's my day sorted.  I've got wafer thin chicken if I get peckish, I want a 1lb weight loss next week, so I'm in the lower range of the 12st, I've lost 11lb now, I'm the lightest I've been since mom was diagnosed really which is great but even better because I know it means I'm in a good place emotionally, I'm taking care of me 💓

Catch ya tomo, don't be too busy, mwah

Luv ya

Love me xx

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