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Friday, 9 August 2019

I plan to survive today on track

Friday 9th August 2019
Be a fountain not a drain!

I smiled when I read that quote this morning because I understood it but I thought yeah, I feel lighter when I let go of chocolate, doughnuts, crisps and put them down instead of eating them!

I ate delicious food yesterday, luckily too it was all really low in Smart Points because I snacked quite a bit too, again thankfully mostly WW stuff!  This was my day in meals;

It started with me making these, took minutes to get in the oven too.  Whilst the kettle was boiling for a cuppa, I whisked together 6 eggs, added 3 diced spring onions, then decided I wanted some cheese so using my WW scales I added 75g of grated cathedral city lighter mature and 50g of diced wafer thing ham.  I could've made these completely zero by using chicken and other veggies but I wanted that cheesy taste, zero foods are great but I don't want to live on them alone.   I had enough mixture for 11 of those silicon cases, they're the muffin sized ones, bake for approx 20mins at 180/gas mark 4. Delicious, really tasty hot or cold, even mom ate them and they worked out at 1SP each.  

For lunch I went simples, just put diced squash on an oven tray with salmon and roasted for 25 minutes, had it with some ready prepared salad and topped with a sachet of WW hollandaise sauce only 1SP.

My tea was this concoction, Harj had given me some of her leftover veggie curry, negligible if any points at all as it's all zero hero's so she may have used a bit of oil for cooking but that would've been in a huge pan.  I added a chicken breast and mixed cucumber with 0% Greek yogurt and mint sauce - all zero foods.  

 I did say I had lots of snacks yesterday and I did, so this is what I had;

WW Rosemary & sea salt bakes - 2SP
WW Coconut protein bar - 2SP
WW Salt & vinegar chick pea snacks - 2SP
Walkers oven baked cheese and onion bakes - 3SP

Now I wasn't going to track them but having done it I've realised I've still only had 14SP worth of food in all that lot above, boom! I feel better about my wine now ;)

Now today is Friday, the weather sucks, I worked my day off this week so I'm going to have a full day off, I'm not going to touch WW work stuff at all today, I'm going to ignore the housework and chill out with my mom, I'll enjoy my massage this morning too.  Here's to a chill out day.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x

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