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Sunday, 4 August 2019

What makes you happier?

Sunday 4th August 2019
Take time for what makes your soul shine.

Oh that feeling when you wake up and hear your mom in the bathroom, look at the time and see it's just before 5, then your relieved she's woke you because you've forgot to set your alarm and you've got to go to work.  Then whilst sitting on the toilet contemplating the day ahead, you realise it's Sunday and sing YAY.  Yep that happened to me about half hour ago!  Not that I don't love my work, but I also love my downtime and double bonus, it's not raining (yet) so it looks like a walk with my brother is on the cards.  

My Saturday did go well, a busy workshop on the morning with plenty of new members wanting to lose weight and realising there's never a 'good' time to join, weight loss is a year round thing, not a January or September kind of thing!  I ran a few errands as I'd already walked Alfie before work, then when I did get home, mom decided we were sitting in the garden for an hour, so I got all the cushions out and I don't even think we were out an hour before she changed her mind and went back in, but luckily she did me a favour because no sooner had I put them back in, Alfie wanted another walk and the minute we stepped out the door, the heavens opened, so at least the cushions didn't get wet, oh and Alfie refused to walk too!  

This all resulted in me bunkering down in my chair with my hook and yarn to start another project.  This was the one I delivered yesterday, it was for my massage lady Charlotte, she's waiting until the baby is born to know whether it's a boy or girl so wanted something unisex and she's young and stylish so I wanted it to be extra special and I believe it is and I've had some lovely feedback via Facebook so I think they agree.  The grey is more silver as the yarn seems to have a sheen to it, definitely one I'd buy again and worth paying that little more for.  I forgot to measure the final baby blanket but I think it was just over a metre square.  

This makes me happy, doing something that I enjoy and that gives me an end result that makes someone else smile.  Being happy is one of my prime goals, especially as it helps with my weight loss journey.  We all know weight loss is about creating a calories deficit in your body, eat 3,500 calories less and you'll lose a pound but in reality it's not quite that simple is it!  Our minds and bodies are intricately connected, they can create magic together or clash and short circuit our dreams. For long term success we have to use the power of our minds, a positive mind will help you lose weight so much more than not buying the biscuits!  

Too many people think when they lose weight they'll be happy but the truth is, it's really the other way round, when we find our happy we start to be more successful.  Happy people make healthier choices, so happiness is probably the most important ingredient in weight loss success.  When you're happy, your brain is more motivated, engaged, creative, energetic, resilient and product - everything, including weight loss, is easier.  

Are you happy?  If not - why not?  What can you do about it?  If you can't change your situation, can you change how you react to it?  I can't change my moms Alzheimers but I have found a way of handling it so that I don't have a daily meltdown over it. 

What would make you happier?  I love food and I know that's one of the reasons I'm overweight, so being able to still eat delicious food whilst losing weight makes me happier, this meal yesterday did just that, 

This was tasty! 9SP for the sashlick, 5sp for the rice, served with minted onion and apple

Because I'd eaten this and enjoyed it, I didn't overeat later, I had me a packet of WW fava beans to nibble on with my wine but that's okay.  

I'm happier when I get enough sleep and I can't guarantee a perfect nights sleep but I can going to bed earlier giving me a better chance of getting some sleep in before mom starts walking about in the early hours.  

Yeah let's be happier, let's stop waiting for the weekend, for summer, for the scales to hit a particular number, for our life and circumstances to improve.  Happiness is achieved when we stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment we are in now.  What can you do today to make yourself happier, you could start by believing in yourself because being positive makes everything easier.

We all want everything to be easier don't we? 

I'm off to walk because that makes me happier, what you going to do today?

Luv ya, mwah 

Love me xx

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