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Sunday, 20 May 2018

You got this!

20th May 2018
Be the woman who fixes another’s woman’s crown, without telling the world that it was crooked.

Looks like it’s going to be a glorious day, I’ve just got back from walking Alfie, he decided I didn’t need to stay in bed after 6am!  My back was okay when I started walking but hurting by the time we got back – boo, a good excuse to rest up all day though, if I needed one – which I don’t.

So, this week in my meetings amongst other things we’ve talked about 3 things to be proud of each day that are helping us with our Weight Watchers journey.  By thinking back through your day you’re looking for and focusing on the positives rather than only noticing the slip ups and the negatives which you’ll notice is much easier to do.

Earlier in the week I talked about the 12 weeks to make a difference, in case you missed it - it takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing, it takes 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. 

Now some of you will straight away think, wow 12 weeks, that’s 3 months, are you kidding how am I gonna stay on track for that long when I can’t even manage a full day right now!  Well we need to stay thinking about it all differently don’t we, it’s not a short term thing, it’s a lifelong things.  Sadly some people see weight loss journeys as punishment, like a jail term and hopefully you’ll get out soon.  But the truth is it’s one of the best things we can do for ourselves, think about it, taking care of you – isn’t that what we should all do. I’ve just started listening to an audio book this morning and the mom got embarrassed competing in the kids sports day because she wasn’t fit enough and her kids were teased afterwards. That’s a horrible way to feel!  Losing weight may not improve every part of our lives but it will help to make some things easier and more enjoyable. I’m sure if I lose some weight, walking the dog will probably be easier as my back my not hurt so much.

Instead of thinking of the negative side to weight loss - erm is there any?  I think there is, but only not being able to overeat and drink more than your body needs, that’s about it.  So instead of focusing on that, how about we focus on the benefits and hopefully our positive thinking will be the inspiration we need to make the changes required for successful long term weight loss.

Now I’m guilty of thinking I don’t have time to take care of myself, I’m too busy taking care of others and I’ve got far too much to do.  That’s just one of my excuses!  The truth though, is that if I don’t start taking care of myself, I might not be able to take care of anyone else…  What do you think?  Where do you find your excuses.

It’s time to make ourselves a priority!  Saying no more often, giving ourselves permission to stop and rest.  It’s time to treat our own health as just as important as everything else.  It’s our responsibility to take care of us and ensure we’re well enough to cope with life. 

Stopping and resting is really important to me these days, I plan to do it today, I love the sunshine and my crochet so I’ll sit and do a few squares, I’ll listen to a book or my mom depending on whether she comes out or not.  What do you enjoy doing?  Do you make time for it? You should!

Another thing I really love to do is eat, losing weight doesn’t mean you have to stop doing that, remember to always enjoy the foods you eat.  There are not good or bad foods, it doesn’t have a personality, everything in moderation.  Plan your treats, work them into your weekly allowance.

Finding a way to move that you enjoy is also an important part of self-care, I walk Alfie, I know it’s not the most strenuous of exercise but it’s better than nothing. 

And finally, if you slipped up yesterday because the sun was out, the bbq got fired up, the wine started flowing, don’t give up, you might be thinking you’ve blown it, you’re a failure who will never lose weight.  Erm stop with that negative talk, look for the positives, find some constructive feedback from it.  Did you manage a bit of salad, maybe a glass of water, did you enjoy some you time, and can you have a better day today. 

Yeah come on, let’s have a better day today and if not today – tomorrow. Xx

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