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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Disco ball, sunshine & salad - don't get much better

10th May 2018
You will never have this day again, so make it count.

You know you’re well in the throes of middle age when you get out of bed feeling and walking like a crippled Gollum, doing the evolution of man on the way to the bathroom.  Sadly this morning I’m not completely straightened, my knee keeps giving way and my backs playing up, the joys of being a Weight Watchers coach for 14 years and having many other physical jobs before that, my body has suffered the wear and tear.  Those boxes are heavier at this time of the year when they have to come out and go back in even more often because of the hot weather. Hey ho, I’ve just started my cuppa, all is good.

We had another lovely morning in the garden yesterday, mom and I spent a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine and doing crosswords, it was so comical doing them together, we did copy the answers from the back a couple of times, we also had a few giggles doing it.  Then we enjoyed a delicious lunch in the summer house, I even managed to get some salad down her!


These pizza's are truly delicious
The meetings were fab last night, I really am blessed to have the best people in my life, helpers and members, and they all look out for me so much too.  I’ve got myself another huge bag of shells for my garden (keep them coming).  Julie got her husband Arthur to go collect a cupboard for me that I’d bought from FB marketplace (I need to stop now!) but it was a bargain for £15, it’s going to be our new coffee table in the living room, it’s lower that the table they’d given mom to eat her dinner off that she never, ever uses so it’s better for her.
 Oh I almost forgot to mention the disco mirror ball that arrived, it’s sitting proudly above the pink pigeon and is just the right amount of naffness.  Loving my garden now, here’s to a long, hot summer.
Now I need to get today under control because it’s going to be a long one, involving pain and temptation will be easy.  I’ve defrosted cod with pea puree for my lunch and I think I’ll have steak, peas and a jacket for tea that won’t take too long to cook and I’ll look forward to it. 

Right let’s get this day started, we’ve got this, it’s not about perfection, it’s all about persistence.

Happy Thursday BeYOUtiful.

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