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Monday, 14 May 2018

When I wake up in the morning light - did you sing that ;)

14th May 2018
Your body is your most priceless possession, take care of it.

Late this morning because I just did the washing up, 2 days’ worth to be precise, it was so lovely outside yesterday, I just kept ignoring it. When I just went to make a drink we had run out of cups so whilst the sink was full of hot water, I did the lot, yay, the washing ups down.  Now to get ready for my working week and I can spend the afternoon in the garden again.

We stayed out there all day, mom came in for an hour then came back out and we’ve both slept for a good 8 hours each, proof fresh air is good for you.  Food wise we had tuna steaks on a burger bun with salad, I’d rather have had a beef burger, which is on my to eat list for later in the week, today is tandoori chicken, saag aloo potatoes and salad but I think I might wait until tomorrow to cook then depending on the weather.  Today I might go with halloumi and salad and the other burger bun, a nice big cob, mmm, easier to make too meaning less time indoors.

This week is National Vegetarian Week, 14-20 May so maybe I will try and eat more vegetarian food, although the chickens being eaten because of the use by date and the fact it looks delicious, but I can do meat free main meal Monday today.  I was going to sign up for Jamies veggie week challenge for £2, but it’s sending me round in circles so forget that and anyway I can get plenty of recipe from WW app and pinterest.

I’m thinking griddled peppers, asparagus and halloumi burger with lettuce, tomatoes and sweet chilli sauce, you don’t need a recipe for that.  Of course if you’ve never cooked halloumi, it’s 12sp per 100g or the light version (40% less) is 7sp, slice the halloumi, not too thinly as they’ll dry up and become a bit hard - thick slices will go gooey in the middle.  Add the halloumi to a dry pan, no need for oil as the halloumi releases some liquid as it cooks, med-high heat for a minute or two, wait until the liquid has all been released and any excess liquid evaporates, then flip (the underside of your halloumi should be brown, if not leave it a little longer) repeat on other side, a little less time this side.  Nom, nom, get it in your belly…

For a veggie full English, you could have halloumi, egg, beans, mushrooms, tomato and toast mmm.

What’s my favourite veggie meal, has to be egg and chips, other easy veggie meals, beans or spaghetti on toast – it isn’t all quinoa and couscous, although I like both of those too.  

You don’t have to sign up to be a complete veggie this week but how about making a pact with me that we’ll try to include more veggie foods and meals.

Here’s another Halloumi one whilst we’re on the subject.

Halloumi Kebabs

Feeds: 4, 12sp each
Preparation: 30-40 minutes
Cooking: 15-20 minutes
1 bottle of Mary Berry’s Mango, Lime and Chilli Dressing 21SP)
1 Large Red Pepper
1 Large Onion
225g of Halloumi Cheese (27SP)
150g of Cherry Tomatoes
Wooden Skewers
  1. Soak the wooden skewers in water 30 minutes before use.
  2. Cut and cube the halloumi into bite size chunks, ideally 1cm thick, 1 inch by 1 inch.
  3. Marinate the cubed halloumi for half an hour in a covered bowl, ensuring there is enough dressing to coat the cheese and place in the fridge.
  4. While the cheese is marinating prepare the vegetables.
  5. Clean and cut bite sized pieces of pepper and onion, similar size to the pieces of halloumi. Cut the Cherry Tomatoes in half.
  6. After 30 minutes take out the halloumi and begin to prepare the skewers.
  7. Thread onto the skewers pieces of halloumi, pepper, onion and tomato alternating until the skewer is filled to the desired amount.
  8. Use a brush and baste the skewers with any excess dressing from the bowl and season to taste.
  9. Once made these can either chill overnight in the fridge or be cooked straight away.
  10. Place on an oven proof tray, in the middle of a preheated oven at 180° for 15-20 minutes.
  11. Serve whilst warm.

You could save Smart Points by using lighter Halloumi and a different dressing, there are some really low SP ones in the meetings, the Lemon one would work well with this and that’s only 2SP per pouch, the jerk, teriyaki or chipotle would work equally as well. 

Right I’m hungry I need to go make breakfast, eggs are veggie at least I can have those this morning. 

Catch ya tomorrow BeYOUtiful, enjoy your day.

Oh and I gave up on the circle crochet pattern, life’s too short especially when I enjoy the squares so much, back to good old granny’s and my next project which I’m a little excited about, that’ll keep me occupied, I ordered the wool yesterday and despite the lady being on her holiday Tracy’s somehow arranged to get the majority of the order sent out to me, now that’s service, plus she’s the most reasonable in cost too.  Check her out if you need wool, https://www.sewandsew.uk.com/ https://www.facebook.com/sewndsew/ https://www.instagram.com/sewsew_handmade/ I can’t recommend her or Stylecraft Special DK enough, amazing service and quality.

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