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Monday, 7 May 2018

Sunshine on a Bank Holiday!

7th May 2018
One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

Have I mentioned I love, love, love the sunshine, yesterday was a really good day.  Mom was good, I was great and the sky was blue all day long.  I just love the brightness of the day, it makes me realise how much the weather affects my mood and how quickly it changes when the sun shines.

I did venture to B&Q yesterday but I went to the one far away from IKEA because of the traffic, I also stopped off to purchase me a lovely little coffee table for our snug, the tray also comes off the top and it folds up so I’m pretty pleased with that.  My mate gave me a throw which was grey and yellow but I’m not really going with grey in there so I threw it in the washing machine with a dark brown dye I’d bought and never used, my plan was for it to be different shades of brown but how brill that it came out gold and brown to match the chairs, chuffed or what.

I spent the afternoon painting our shed because it’s what you can see at the end of the garden from the summerhouse, it was purple before, because that’s moms favourite colour and it’s her shed (have I mentioned purple is quite possibly my least favourite colour!) Anyway I was chatting with my neighbour on Sunday and she told me her garden furniture is grey, I had a tin of grey my mate had given me but I wanted green to make up for the lack of greenery now in my garden.  Solution?  I’ve painted the side with the door purple because that’s the bit moms sees from her bedroom window and it’s letting her still be in charge, the side that faces my neighbour is grey to match her garden and the other two sides which are prominent in my garden and visible from my kitchen and summerhouse are green = everyone’s happy.   I’ll do the second coat today, that’ll keep me busy. 

I can’t work on my current crochet project in the garden as I’m sewing it together and it’s too heavy and hot so that’ll have to be done a little at a time when I’m indoors at night.  If I get some time to sit today, I’ll work on something else.

White wine tasted very nice in the sunshine yesterday and one glass when I got back from B&Q went straight to my head, painting the shed whilst squiffy was very pleasant I have to say.  I did cook a delicious dinner though a few hours later, honey & beer chicken from the M&S meal deal this week, so good, the whole packet was 15sp, not too bad with a salad, it easily served two.  I ate my breakfast in the garden too, egg on toast with asparagus.

I’m loving pottering around out there, I even read the newspapers for the first time in a very long time yesterday, here’s to another day of doing the same.  Bank Holiday Monday, how rare is it for the weather to be like this, Monday’s my day off anyway once I’ve done a little preparation for my meetings this week, so I’m gonna get on and do that right now.

I have to say I’ve been impressed with the healthy BBQ’s I’ve seen on my WW FB group,

How fab does that lot look, Penn Road butchers doing us proud with our chicken breast sausages in so many different flavours. 

Right I am off now, catch ya tomorrow, enjoy your day x

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