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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Teamwork makes the dream work

12th May 2018
Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace.

Well yesterday flew by in a flash, I walked Alfie, sat for a bit trying to get my head round a new crochet pattern, I must have pulled it back half dozen times but I think I’ve got it now, had to stop doing it once the wine started later though, that’s why I love granny squares no thought necessary.

Well my garden furniture arrived;

And just as the lorry had driven off and I was scratching my head thinking ‘mmm will it go down the alley if I take it apart”, Angie turned up and offered to give me a hand and we’d try together, well we did it.  Everything but 4 bench/corner bits went down the alley and the neighbour let us lift those over her fence, so we had to take them down the alley, over a 6 fence then we’d taken out a panel on my garden I we took them under that one.  In true ‘man’ style, just as we’d finished my brother phoned and Dave turned up to assist.  Bless Dave though, he did put the tables together for us and my brother would’ve driven over to help had we needed him.  I’m very blessed to have people in my life who will help me if I ask, I’m getting better at asking.
 it can be a coffee table
 or a bench

 we can enjoy a coffee in the morning or a glass of something nice in the evening

 thanks to the lovely men in my life, I have this awesome view now.
 I'm loving the corner unit, mom can sit in the shade at any time of day here and I can eat up a table which I love.

 truly blessed and grateful for everything and everyone in my life right now.
 this is her happy face
 this is her swanking face

 that's his 'why thank you for my new dog bed' face!

I love it now it’s all out and in situ, I just need to sun to shine, that wind yesterday was savage!  Mom loved it too as you can see from the photos, she didn’t stay out there, we went out to look, then back in the warmth.

Her grandson visited yesterday too, a couple of hours, we haven’t seen him for ages, he lives in Cardiff with his girlfriend and is loving life, working hard and they have a flat overlooking the bay.  I’m so pleased for him, lovely lad, actually all my nephews and nieces are - my siblings did a good job at being parents.

With all that was going on, I’d forgotten to eat, so when I finally got round to it, I ate cod with pea puree, then later on I had a cheese and tomato toastie, cooked in my George foreman, I forgot to lift the front edge though and all the cheese slid out ‘-)

If you have a Co-op local to you, check out the £5 meal deal, the fish in batter works out at 10SP each, the chips are 5SP per portion (100g) and the ice cream is 5SP a scoop, the kids can eat the fish fingers or they’re 2SP each and of course the peas are zero.

I’m going to have steak and salad today, been eyeing it up for days, although maybe it’ll have to wait till tomorrow and I’ll have the salmon I’ve defrosted today before it walks out of the fridge, ooo salmon and asparagus sounds good enough for me with yogurt dressing coleslaw which is my new favourite thing and to be fair at 3SP for ¼ large pot isn’t bad on points especially as it’s replacing the carb on my plate sometimes.

Right I’m ready for my day, mug of tea drank as mom got up just as I was about to start typing so we did that task first.  Forecast is cloudy all day but dry at least, think we might have to wait till next week for sunshine, Monday is looking promising which is good for me as that’s my day off. 

Here’s to a great day, enjoy the good, ignore the bad, it’s working for me!  More than you’ll ever know xx

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