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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sunshine makes everything better

6th May 2018
The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life. 

The sunshine makes everything better in my world, I love it!  Yesterday was a perfect day, after a few hours at work doing a job that I love, I got to have a massage then went home and spent the afternoon in the garden.  Mom even joined me for some of that time which was great.  I have lots to do out there but all I got round to yesterday was potting up the 3 plants I’ve bought, a willow, a lavender tree and an olive tree, adding a little greenery to the gravel.  I need some succulents next, again because they won’t take any looking after, got 3 round concrete bowls for them to go in.  I’ve decided I’m going to use the tin of silver grey fence paint on my shed and I won’t paint inside my summerhouse, I want it left as wood but I’ll varnish it or oil it to protect it.  You won’t be able to see a lot of it by the time I’ve finished as I’m going to cover it with photos.  That’s another job I need to get around too, search and printing off piccies from my computer. Need to get some photo paper from the pound shop, I might have a pack under all this lot in my office, will look when I’m in the mood!

Food was delicious yesterday, I had cheesy, eggy bread yesterday morning with mushrooms, only cost me 5SP and my dinner was so good, masala chicken from Waitrose (from the 3 for £10 range) with minted potatoes and leftover veggies, it didn’t look much but it tasted fab.  The chicken was only 2SP a serving.

It’s helping me having healthy food in the fridge, ready to grab, I’m not being golden but I’m removing the junk that had sneaked back in.

It looks like we’re going to be getting another scorcher, part of me wants to go to B&Q and maybe a garden and buy supplies and the other part of me is think meh, it’ll be busy and it can all wait.  I think I’ll empty the big shed this morning instead and sort out what I have got already and what I don’t have, that will help.  Sort my space first before bringing even more into the equation. I’m loving the armchairs I got for my snug, they look better in real life than they do in a photo as it doesn’t get the colour, but they’re gold and dark brown.  Here’s my mom sitting proud in hers :) made me happy to see that. 

Anyway, Alfies just come trotting up to me so I’m going to get off and walk him whilst it’s still cool.

Catch ya laters, enjoy your Sunday.

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