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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

So much success!

8th May 2018
The best thing about memories is making them.

Another lovely day was had yesterday, my diet wasn’t very thought through but it was on trackish, I had simple toast for breakfast, snacked on wafer thin chicken throughout the day, then had a bag of curry flavoured crisps I’ve been eyeing up in the Co-op for weeks, needed to get them out my system.  I’m not too stressed about the scales this morning, I’ve had the most wonderful weekend with my mom, relaxed and seeing her happy, no drama, it’s been the best in a good while.

I love too that I have members that agree and take a healthy outlook to it all, enjoying family time in the sunshine and working on our mental health, realising that’s just as important as our physical health.

Having said that, they’re working on both because so far this year my members have lost a staggering 500 stone between them, that’s 7,000lb of just incredible.

My very lovely Karen made the Express and Star yesterday, she’d agreed to the interview to raise awareness for the Stroke Association and the benefits of losing weight with Weight Watchers, in true reporters style they hadn’t written it how she’d like but as long as people out there can see that it’s possible to change your world however you choose to do it that’s all that matter.  In total Karen and Pam and their two friends have raised £4k for Stroke Association through the 5k run and the coffee morning – just stunning.

Back to yesterday, I was productive, I put a second coat of paint on my massive shed, it is a big one and took a couple of hours. I also potted up four pots with succulents (low maintenance) then I sat and relaxed with a glass of cold white wine, which is delicious but gives me heartburn sadly.

Sitting there looking at my shed I noticed there’s a large empty space so of course my brain got to working overtime and I might be hatching a plan, well it’ll be good to have different parts to the garden!

I’m back to being sensible with my meals today, I’ll start with eggs on toast I think, might got for scrambled, depends on how much time I have.  Lunch is chicken and lemon with mash and veg, it is salad weather for sure but my fridge has food in it that needs eating!

Right time to get on with my day, it feels like ages since I went to work but for me it’s been a normal weekend with me not doing meetings on a Monday anyway.  I’m looking forward to hearing all about my members Bank Holiday weekend.

Here’s to making Tuesday a good one.

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