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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

168 hours in a week, how do you spend yours?

29th May 2018
The only real luxury is time, you can’t get that back.

This is going to be a short one as mom woke up early and I’ve already spent half hour doing that. 

There are 168 hours in a week, do you make sure you dedicate enough time to becoming a healthy and happier version of yourself?  I don’t mean just watching your eating habits or exercising, I also mean taking time to do the things you enjoy.  No spending all your time stressing over the numbers on the scales!

Mom and I spent most of the day in the garden yesterday, just chilling, doing her crosswords, generally enjoying doing nothing, see that’s what I like to do these days, have allocated time to do absolutely nothing.  By doing that, I have more energy and inclination to do the stuff I’m not so keen on, like the washing up.

We had fish, chips (of a sort) and peas for dinner, the fish was reduced in the Co-op on the morning to 75p from £2.99, had to be done, 8SP each, the crispy sliced potatoes were the other side from the meal deal so in theory free and also 8SP for half portion.  Much less than if we had gone to the chippy.

I’ve taken the cod out the freezer, will cook that today, can’t decide what I’m doing with it though, I like the idea of a honey and mustard sauce, then have it with rice. Mmm I think that would be delicious and the one in the Co-op is 5SP for ¼ of a jar so not too bad, even with rice that’s only 9SP a portion.  I could make my own sauce but nah that’s way too much time spent in the kitchen for a working Tuesday.

Those 168 hours are precious, if you take away the working ones, including travelling time that’s taking me down to 140 thereabouts, then there’s sleep – do you make sure you get enough of that?  I’ll say a good 7-8 hours a night for me most nights, apart from them 4am mornings a few times a month, so we’ll say 50 hours, that’s taking me down to 90.  Then there’s walking the dog, that’s another max hour a day, so we’re down to 83 hours, housework, sorting mom’s meds, shopping, errands, all that stuff well if I did the housework I should, it would be a lot higher but it doesn’t leave a lot of time left does it.

Which means the precious free hours I have left, I’m doing what I want to do when I want to, I don’t plan then things I want to get done, I decide then do them when I’m in the mood.  At the moment, there’s a pile of sand waiting to be made into a beach feature, there’s no rush.  I moved a ‘too’ heavy plant pot yesterday because I’d originally put it in the wrong place and yesterday was the day I’d decided it had to be moved, bit of a dumb move as it’s pulled my shoulder a bit but meh it’ll recover.  At some point I’m going to paint the fence panels, but no rush, it’ll all get done.  I have enough things in my life that dictate my actions, I’m not adding any pressure to that at all. 

That’s probably why I’m not being obsessive or hard on myself about my weight, it’s an added pressure I don’t need.  I’m eating healthy ish, I’m maintaining this weight really well, so I’m not gaining and I see so many other people putting way too much pressure on themselves and it’s not helping.  Emotional health is just as important as physical health, let’s take care of both I say.

Anyway I do need to rush now as I need to leave the house in an hour and a half and there are ‘must do’s’ to get done.   Cod in honey and mustard sauce with rice or mash and carrots, yeah that’s sounds the business don’t it.  I’ll nip into the shop on my way to work, get moms papers and a jar of sauce.  Oh what a wonderful rock and roll lifestyle I have, I love it.

Here’s to making use of your hours this week, make sure you save one for your meeting, it’ll be the best hour of your week xx

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