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Thursday, 3 May 2018

When temptation sends you into a panic!

3rd May 2018
Your life is a result of your choices if you don’t like your life, it’s time to make some better choices.
Yesterday morning I opened the fridge and saw 2 packs of mushrooms, so immediately thought mushrooms on toast for breakfast, then as I’m cooking the mushroom, I had an internal conversation with myself, it went something like this;

“I could have an egg on the top of that, they’re zero after all, the toast is only costing me 4SP with the spread.  Oh hold on, why don’t you have an omelette instead, that way you save 4SP and you know what that can be used for later or even rolled over”

This is what happens when you go back to basics, restart and stop and think about what you’re eating – you save Smart Points, which means you’ll lose weight!

I survived another day, there was a moment of panic, my lovely helper bought me a large Manchester tart – one of my fave sweet treats, I was all “NOOOO, I’ve only just got back on track, I can’t take that home I’ll just put my face in the lot”, when I’d calmed down, I had a slice and let everyone else eat the rest.  Yesterday I finally wanted to stay in control of my eating more than I wanted to eat – that’s been a while.  What was even better was this was after not a great day with mom and that’s a first in a long time, the staying in control – not the bad day with mom, they’re more and more frequent, hence the struggle with my weight because food and drink is pleasureable and adds moments of good in bad days. 

Anyway I ate so much good food, my omelette was bang on, then with the chicken, I mixed Philadelphia light with some Saint Agur and stuff the breasts with that and a bit of chorizo then wrapped in a piece of prosciutto, oh it was delicious and I served it with roast veg and home-made coleslaw.  Well when I say home-made, I buy the mix,

What I liked about this one is they have given the nutritional information for the side serving on its own, I used low fat mayo instead, I could have 50g for 1SP according to my app so that’s how much I weighed out and the bag did 3 portions so zero then.

Then entire meal was 6SP

And for my tea I had a 4SP meal, I’d marinated and cooked my chicken breast with the new WW Teriyaki sauce, I had fancy coleslaw on that which cost me more points but worth it.

Right now to make it through day 3

#MissionMe #MotivationMay #BevsWW #TheFlexEffect

I have options in the fridge, so should be okay, I need my tea decided for when I get home to resist temptation.  It’ll be eggs for breakfast again, they’re filling and I like them.  I’ve made some leek and potato soup too so that might be my filler for the day.  I’ll need to be able to feed throughout the day as I’m a bit tired, I’ve had a week of disturbed sleep and a few very early mornings, I don’t function well without sleep.

Feeling healthy is so much more important to me than being thin, I know if I lose a few pounds I’ll feel healthier, if I eat delicious food I enjoy I’ll also feel happier.  That dinner yesterday made me smile, not just because it was delicious but because I’d took time to take care of me.

Over the last few days I’ve been reminded of the fact, we don’t always like some of the things we have to do, but we do like the results once those things have been done.  I hate housework but I love a clean house – nothing worth having comes easy.

Here’s to a month of working hard to get what we want.

#MissionMe #MotivationMay #BevsWW #TheFlexEffect

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