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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

#GoodEnoughAlready #JustGonnaLoseSomeWeight

1st May 2018
Every time you judge someone, you reveal a part of yourself that needs healing.

#MissionMe #MotivationMay #BevsWW #TheFlexEffect

May the first, mmm I’m not gonna lie, I’m still searching for my enthusiasm to lose weight.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to be a stone lighter, sadly at the moment, I’m struggling to do it.  I can give you lots of reasons and excuses, but the truth of the situation is, it’s just not that important to me at this time, even though it should be.  Ooo did you see what I did there, I wrote SHOULD, not a good word, SHOULD and COULD aren’t positive words, they’re words laced with guilt, especially where weight loss is concerned.

Why ain’t I doing it?  Well food tastes good, I’m not even eating the wrong stuff, I’m just eating too much of it.  No I’ve been eating, it’s going to change, I’ve decided if I keep posting and writing my hashtags #MissionMe #MotivationMay #BevsWW #TheFlexEffect at some point it’ll kick in and I’ll want to do it.  I know as soon as I start to feel the benefits that’ll help.

I’m hoping the sun will shine this weekend then I can spend some time outside working on my She Shed or the summerhouse as it was called when I bought it, I’ve renamed it, by the time I’ve finished with it, it won’t have to be summer to be used.  My mate calls hers her babe cave.  I’ve just started smiling because when we were kids we used to build camps, I’ve always loved a hidey hole, so maybe that’s what I call it, my hidey hole, my escape bunker, somewhere I can disappear too where there is no food!

Well my kitchen is clean and my fridge is full of healthy, the thing is, even when you aren’t motivated or enthusiastic about weight loss, you can still do it.  We’re not always enthusiastic about a lot of things in our life but we do it, going to work, cleaning the house and so many other things.

I plan to hard boil a pack of eggs this morning, then when I get my “I wanna eat” head on I can have one of those or some chicken breast – I will lose weight in May regardless of what’s going on in my house, I can’t change that but I can change me.

If this weight loss lark was easy, we’d all be thin!  Today I will stay on track and eat delicious food that I enjoy, I will, I’m trying to convince myself by the way, not you.

Oh my reflexology session yesterday morning, oh my days, seriously, I went back for a second session because in all honestly I like a foot massage and I just think if there’s any more to the rest of it, great, if not at least my feet have been massaged and I’ve had an hour relaxing.  My wrist went last Thursday, same kind of pain as you get from a sprained ankle, really hurt, I struggled to use it all weekend, couldn’t even crochet which gutted me.  It was still hurting when I got to my session and when I told her she said oh I’ll work on that more then.  Well over the following few hours the pain disappeared and it’s good as gold this morning!  Go figure, I’m impressed for sure.

Anyway back to #MissionMe #MotivationMay #BevsWW #TheFlexEffect
I’ve got me a pad instead of the journal, all the journal does is remind me of how many times I’ve started one and not filled it in, it’s almost snarling at me, so I’ve just picked up a lovely orange pad with birds and butterflies on that was gifted to me and I’m going to use this to write in throughout the day, my meals, my thoughts, my truths, my honesty, I’m going to write it for me, about me, to me because at the moment, the evening version of me forgets how the morning version felt and what that morning version wants is completely different to the evening version, well if I write it in the notepad, it’ll be a reminder. 

#MissionMe #MotivationMay #BevsWW #TheFlexEffect #GoodEnoughAlready #JustGonnaLoseSomeWeight

What will your hashtags say BeYOUtiful, here’s to having a really, good day all round.

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