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Saturday, 19 May 2018

shortest blog ever!

19th May 2018
Motivation comes from working on things we care about.

 But some days it's okay to admit its hard!

Oh I think it’s probably best not to talk about yesterday, I’d rather not re live 70% of it if I’m honest.  The good bit was my bestie came for a couple of hours or and going to bed that was the other good bit – the rest was a big pile of poo!  I lie, my breakfast was the most incredible thing I’ve treated myself to in ages.  I hate croissant, butter and jam, shedloads of points and I don’t care, I’d just walked the dog, cried with pain and wanted something to make me smile, let’s just say the woman in the shop wished she hadn’t said “are you okay?”, initially I said yes but when she decided to tell me she wasn’t good, I thought okay, now it’s your turn to listen to my crap.  The croissant was delicious though, I’d been fancying on for weeks and it was worth the wait. 

My shopping delivery came so I have lots of healthy, fresh stuff in the fridge, so much goodness, I don’t actually know where to start!  I’ll try not to eat it all together. 

The wedding today then, one of my lovely members got married yesterday, I can’t wait to see the photos.  We’ve decided that we’re taping todays Royal event because I won’t get back till after 12 then I have to walk Alfie and sort mom so once I’ve done that we’re going to settle down and watch it together.  Well that depends very much of course on what mood she’s in when I get back!

Anyway I’ve just spent most of my blogging time talking to my brother on the phone and my mate on messenger so I’m going to have to cut it short.

I’ll make up for it tomorrow, let’s get through today and hope it’s better than yesterday.  At least I know my members will cheer me up this morning and we’ll have a bit of a giggle.

Enjoy whatever you’re doing today, whether it’s royal wedding, cup final or even work – find the pleasure in some of it.

Oh and I did some house work yesterday I’ll have you know, another reason the day sucked but I did feel better for seeing it done.

Catch ya laters.

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