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Friday, 11 May 2018

Every day doesn't have to be an excellent food day!

11th May 2018
You owe yourself the love that you give to others so freely.

Another great day in my WW world yesterday, lots of weight loss, certificates handed out and smiles and laughter in the meetings whatever the results.  I love that my members embrace healthy living and realise that it doesn’t always mean a weight loss.  I also love that they look after me too, thanks to others I’ve got a selection of summery clothing for work, need to go try them on this morning but hopefully they’ll look okay.  I had a mini meltdown on Wednesday when my linen dress had a rip in it and none of my ‘clean’ dresses would fit without a cardigan to hide the tightness, the dresses that fit weren’t ironing and not really summer appropriate in this heat.  So here’s to a summer of colour, comfort and coolness.

I finally finished my latest blanket project, taken two months but worth it to see the smile on Lin’s face when I gave it to her. Here’s the photos, it looks fabulous on the bed if I do say so myself.  Now to try a new pattern to see if I can get my head round it.  I like the monotony of the granny square, that it doesn’t take too much thinking.

Food wise wasn’t anything special yesterday, I did a lot of running round so didn’t have much time for lunch, I’ve been fancying fish and chips for a couple of weeks now, why I don’t know because I’m not a fan of fish in batter, anyway we went for it and I’ve got to say, turns out I’m still not a fan of fish in batter and the chips were okay but I’ve had better.  Luckily I’d ate a couple of small chicken breasts whilst driving about and I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat the chips just for the sake of it.

I’m looking forward to something less greasy today, looks like it’s going to be a lovely day.  I was supposed to be going to a work meeting but I’ve got my garden furniture being delivered between 8am & 6pm, if it comes before I’ll try and make it over there but my boss said it was okay as it was a voluntary meeting.  I can’t wait to get this furniture in the garden for mom to be able to mooch around and sit anywhere.

Anyway, I’m being distracted by my online supermarket basket so I’m going to finish up and keep it short, if you think I should be popping anything in my basket comment on my post or message me.

Here’s to a healthy, sunny, happy Friday BeYOUtiful, don’t you just love this weather.

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