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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Get your witchy on..

Saturday 31st October 2015
Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.

I've woke up feeling refreshed this morning, I've been tired all week, the hour changing really affects me and when I'm tired, that's when I go looking for my mattress in the fridge and end up overeating.  It's also when I'll eat any old rubbish, through the joys of being a woman into that equation and I've had a real sugar craving week which is unusual for me as I don't really fuss that much about the sweet stuff.

What I did notice was it all started Monday when I indulged in some bread pudding whilst out with mom, actually it could've started Sunday whilst out with mom, I may have had a bit of something, can't remember, but since I've wanted other stuff, a lovely member bought me a rock cake Tuesday, a helper bought me a pumpkin cake to try Wednesday, Thursday a helper left a tub of sweets with me to give to the kids Saturday morning and when I got back to the meeting on the night I was on my own for ten minutes and yep that tub of sweets doesn't exist anymore!  Then there was the flake I found in my kitchen drawer that actually wasn't lost but had been there well over a month and not bothered me.  See tiredness, hormones and the fact "IT WAS THERE", I'm a big believer of I can't eat what isn't there and the more I had, the more I wanted so thankfully there's nothing for me to find in my house so I can do the cold turkey thing the weekend and because I'm no longer tired, that shouldn't be a problem.

Of course for some it's the day where sugar is king!  It's Halloween, trick or treat, there's about to be plenty of kids bouncing off the walls as they go on a sugar binge, they're scarier than any witch or zombie I reckon!

I'm not saying don't do Halloween, but for the grownups that have sugar binges more often than at Halloween, look what it does to your body;

Now sugar's all over the news right now and earlier this year The World Health Organisation recommended that adults restrict their daily intake of sugar to 50g, while aiming to lower it further to just 25g.

This 50g includes any sugar that's contained in meals, as well as added sugars.
We know that chocolate and sweet snacks should be treats, we don't need an organisation to tell us that the amount of sugar you consume from products like these should make up no more than five per cent of your daily calorie intake.  It's obvious that these foods fall into the category of foods with added sugar. 

When you're doing your shopping this week just go look at a jar of curry sauce or pasta sauce, check out the 'sugars' in that, it'll make you realise how easy it is to go over that 50g maximum target.
Thinking of our kids and their future health and I'm not talking today, heck it's Halloween, let em fill their boots, or buckets ;) but day to day, it's good to realise that there is 36g of sugar in a 330ml can of Coke. In a 55g bag of Skittles, there is nearly 50g.

We all deserve a treat, it's important to include them here and there, but remember they're treats not meals.

In an article I was reading on the Daily Mail website, Dr Osborne said 'Sugar is integral to proper bodily function, but it's vital to spread your intake out over the course of the day.  'Eating huge amounts in one sitting puts a lot of pressure on your body." (to read the full article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3295874/What-REALLY-happens-body-one-hour-Halloween-sugar-binge-soaring-heart-rate-searing-headache-stomach-pain-flatulence-reveal-terrifying-toll-gorging-treats.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490)

Halloween is a special time for families, and sweet treats are part of the package. I hope you'll agree it is important to keep the effects of overindulging in mind, and to educate your kids on the subject early on.   Because the more you allow them to view eating sugar in high volumes as acceptable, the more danger there is that they’ll develop poor dietary habits as they get older.
That's a scary thought isn't it!  Well it is Halloween..... 

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