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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Had a Fabulous Friday & still on track...

Saturday 17th October 2015
We rise by lifting others and ourselves
Well I had a great time yesterday with my bestie, we went to the cinema after a walk round TKMaxx and breakfast at Chiquito's which I can highly recommend, I'm not a fan of their main meals but the brekkie menu is very WW friendly, they have sides of egg, mushrooms, tomatoes and baked beans which you could order together, or they do yogurt, fruit salad, porridge, toast and jam, eggs, all sorts.  I being a huge fan of eggs Benedict opted for Mexican Benedict as it was brunch for me and I wouldn't eat again till evening.  It was a white toasted bloomer (4pp) with 2 poached eggs (4pp) chorizo, jalapeno and sweetcorn medley (2pp), hollandaise sauce (2pp) and a pinch of paprika.  Served with roasted cherry tomatoes on the side.  Absolutely delicious.  I've guestimated the ProPoints but I'd say 12pp would cover it, I could do that every Friday morning, the lady serving us was lovely too which always makes a difference.  For me it was better than going to a nosy supermarket cafe or Costa coffee. 

We went to see Pan in 3D, of course my 3d glasses were in the house next to my carrier bags ;) so we had to buy glasses, we weren't planning on a 3d film, the initial plan was Suffragettes, so glad we changed our mind, can't beat a bit of fantasy and visual spectacular on the big screen, and Neverland is one heck of a place to get that!  I'm not going to lie, I had behind my hands a few times!  I loved it and would definitely recommend, although I'd have been happy with it in 2D, I'm not too much of a 3D fan if I'm honest.

It was just a great morning/afternoon finished off with a massage, I love Friday's like that.  Unfortunately I got home to a whining Alfie, who continued to do that till about 4am this morning, so as you can imagine, I've not slept that great, even when I did fall off to sleep, I dreamt about him whining!  I'm just not sure what makes him do it as we've been here 3 times or more this year and the vet never finds anything.  When I feel his tummy it doesn't seem tender.  My only thought is maybe on this occasion his legs were hurting as he and mom got lost when out walking yesterday morning, they were out a good 2 hours!  Because they walked further than planned and then had to find their way back.  I'm gonna have to put a tracker tag on them both ain't I. 

We shall see how he is this morning, he's fast asleep now though of course...

 I'm good too, I may not have had much sleep but I did well the night before so I'll be fine.  I'm gonna go get washed, load my car and go see my Saturday stunners because there ain't no better way to start the weekend than surrounded by BeYOUtiful people all supporting each other towards their goals.  I'm blessed for sure.

My meditation today was to focus on kindness, not just towards others but towards oneself, yes if you're guilty of being unkind towards yourself, especially those cruel words that voice of yours can say inside you head, they don't have to be out loud!  Today make a conscious effort not to use them, instead of thinking "I'm not good enough, I'm doing this all wrong", replace that with "You are BeYOUtiful, you're doing your best and that is more than enough". 
Try it, you might like it, and of course have an incredible day. xx

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