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Monday, 26 October 2015

In a very good place right now...

26th October 2015
Be kind whenever possible, it's always possible.  Dalai Lama

My entire day yesterday was one long smile moment, we had the best day, totally unplanned, mom and I were in the kitchen, I was on my knees clearing out a cupboard and wiping it down, mom was washing up, when I stood up and looked out of the window.  "mom, the sun's shining, shall we leave this and go for a drive, it'll still be hear when we get back."  And that's what we did!

We left about 11 and got back about 5 and in-between we drove through some glorious countryside, ended up at Attingham park, where we'd been back in 2013 and I was aware that mom wouldn't be able to do the long walk we did that year, so we walked the other way to where we'd seen deer on our last visit.  At first we could just about make them out in the distance, then we could hear them and finally two stags came out in all their glory, one was challenging the other, who wasn't quite ready to take him on.  As we watched on, 4 people with a small dog on the other side of the field got a little too close for comfort, they had to be within 4 feet and the stag was challenging them!  We caught up and had a chat with them as they walked back round to us a little later, and they agreed it wasn't a very nice position to be in!  We managed a bit of a walk and were blessed with a young stag walking past us at about 12ft and he wasn't remotely interested in any of us, just a wonderful experience.

The because the cafe was so crowded we decided to look for somewhere else on the way back, which we turned into a huge circle, we covered a good 100 mile yesterday, ending up in a little place just before Kidderminster somewhere, Clows Top way, how do I know, because the video on my phone actually tells me where I was when I started filming again - love technology I do!   We were gasping for a cuppa by now, mom enjoyed a choc chip shortbread biscuit and I confess to a pork pie, I left most of the pastry as I'm not keen, that was all I'd eaten since breakfast and it was 3pm, I was famished. 

I'm chuffed to have lost another 1/2lb this week, I've been far from perfect, but I'm thinking about my choices much more, not eating just for the hell of it, I'm enjoying life and the food that includes.

For tea I just had a sandwich and of course a glass of red, has to be done at the end of a wonderful day.

Yeah the kitchens still in the same state we left it in, I'll probably finish sorting it today but no promises, if I can get mom in the car and out of the house, even if it's only to walk round the supermarket with me, I will.  It's looking set for another fabulous sun rise this morning, yesterdays was absolutely incredible. 

Starting the week feeling blessed, calm and content, it's a great place to be.  Mom's had her appointment for her MRI scan, I need to ring today to find out if we can change the time so I don't need to have time of work, but if I do, I do.  Taking it one day at a time.   Happy Monday BeYOUtiful. xx

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