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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Spend time with those you love.

13th October 2015
The meaning of life is to give life a meaning!

Another day on track in the back, surprising and delighting myself with how 'on track' I actually am.  Mom had to have fasting blood tests yesterday morning so I fasted with her, didn't want her to smell me cooking breakfast or boiling a kettle so we both had just water until about 11, when I bought us both a coffee from the drive through Costa. 

I made myself egg and mushrooms with a Sainsbury's seeded flatbread when we did get home, it was the best, especially as I hadn't eaten since teatime the day before! 

We had a lovely day, a walk round Ikea, a dog walk, an hour sitting up the garden, some real quality me and mom time.  We also went for the blood test on morning and a memory test on the afternoon, one of the questions was the nurse saying, "can you write a sentence for me, write anything". Mom wrote "I'm doing a memory test and I think I'm failing it!"  She's way too sharp! Starting to think it's all an act this repeating herself and forgetting stuff! 

Moms lunchtime request was 200g potato and carrots chunked and cooked in actifry, egg, couple of spoonfuls Heinz reduced sugar & salt beans, oil = 9pp

Tea was a ready packed mackerel in bbq & honey sauce , St Agur cheese, olives Sainsbury's seeded flatbread, salad, grapes, pomegranate  = 9pp

Yep another day in the bag, alcohol free too, finished off with bed by nine as I'd been up since 4am.

I know that's a ridiculous time for some folk but I'd got all my work done by the time mom woke up so we were able to spend the entire day together work free and phone free for a lot of it, it was great.

We got chatting about crochet when we were sat in the surgery, I need to get a ball so she can see if she remembers how, I'm sure I have a crochet hook somewhere in the house.  I was never any good at crochet, I can knit really well but the hook baffled me.

Anyways I have a busy day ahead, I'm not going to lie, I haven't thought about meals, nothings prepared or pre-done, so I need to got check out the freezer, luckily it's all good healthy stuff.  I remember there's a bag of Gyros rice and pork in the freezer from Lidls that I think I'll make for lunch, it sounded tasty, it caught my eye because I've had gyro's when in Corfu visiting my brother, I remember thinking, how great that Lidl's are support Greece, then looked at the packet and it said "Made in Germany"!  Deep sigh.

I'll also have eggs today as we have a dozen of them need using, obviously I won't have a dozen!

Right that's me, here's to another day on track, I'm not hoping, I'm knowing because I'm doing this, I want this stone off, 4lb gone - 14lb to go.  The fear of Christmas doesn't even deter me!

You on the Weight loss wagon with me BeYOUtiful?  It's a great view up here, jump on board. xx

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