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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Got my marker pen at the ready...

6th October 2015
Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition; they'll help you push for, and realise your own.

Well we went and had a chat with the doctor yesterday morning about moms memory and she's off for a blood test this morning and a memory test next week, there's nothing wrong with her wit that's for sure, she's quick on that score! 

The highlight of my day was getting back on track, starting afresh like I tell my members to do, I've gone through my cupboards and wrote the points on everything with a permanent marker pen, I then went shopping with a bit of a list.

I treated myself this week to Waitrose to use my last 'save £22' coupon, it had to be done, so I have a few 3 for £10 deals but I've actually gone for fish over meat this time.  When we talked about a healthy nutritionally balanced diet last week in meeting, it reminded me how much I love fish, can't believe I didn't like it till in my 20's.  I've bought salmon, trout, tinned tuna and even some tinned crab, unfortunately I'm allergic to prawns these days otherwise I'd have had some of them too.

Yesterdays menu looked like this;

Breakfast: Omelette with red pepper and spring onion.

Lunch: Salmon with a garlic paper liner, diced potatoes cooked in a tasty microwave herb and bacon Colman's bag and lots of salad.

Dinner: Smoked trout, leftover potatoes from lunchtime and more salad.

Nom Nom: big glass of wine!

It was all F&H foods, even it that hadn't been my plan, my lunch and dinner were so delicious, and I was more mindful of the fact I was eating, paying attention to the flavours and doing that made me realise I'm not a massive omelette fan, not that one anyway, think I just cooked it a little too long.  Having my big tub of salad prepared is really helping because it's there and it's done, no thinking I haven't got the time.

This week's all about portions, we've looked at the nutrition, not to have a look at how much and how easy it is to get it wrong, but also how you can make being portion aware work in your favour.

I'm determined to shift some weight before Christmas and it's 11 more weigh ins, if I stayed focused that's a potential stone, I can do that, just need to keep reminding myself of how delicious my food is when I put a bit of thought into it and stay away from the loaf of bread.

Yep, time to make my weight loss a priority, it matters, I already put myself first for a lot of other things, so weight loss needs to be one of those things. 

My fridge and cupboards are full of foods that will help me with that goal this week, I've asked mom to put her treats out of sight and I've bought her the ones I can resist to be honest.  I can't eat what isn't there, and I plan to cut back on my wine consumption too - yep I said it, but notice cut back not out altogether, however I won't be having a glass tonight or tomorrow.  Did you know if you write it down, you're more likely to achieve it, did you also know if you tell someone else it makes your chances even higher - hence the reason I've just wrote it here! 

So if you want to see if that works, tell your leader at the scales your mini goal for the week, that way you're more likely to do it, I've told mine!

Right, I'm off to check the fridge and decide on today's meals, mmm nom nom, never gonna stop loving food. 

Have a great day BeYOUtiful.

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