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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Yep it's really morning!

28th October 2015
Consider the postage stamp. It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.

Is it really morning....

I could've stayed in bed this morning, every year they mess with my sleep pattern by changing the clocks, that hour difference always throws me out for a week, I'll be going straight to bed tonight when I get home from work, because as one of my besties said last night, "you've always needed your sleep" and she's not wrong!

Smile moment last night, the lovely Deb achieved her goal having lost an incredible 103lb, just fantastic and I believe made even more so by the fact she's certainly not had an easy year, she was made redundant in July from a job she'd had for over 20 years, how stressful is that!  And yet despite this she's stayed on track and now looks amazing.  Luckily she's also got herself another job, she needs it to pay for all the lovely new clothes she's buying for her amazing new figure ;)
Beef stew was pretty much my menu yesterday,  and it was tasty too, I'm hoping there's some room in the freezer for me to put some of it in, as nice as it was, you can only eat so much beef stew and moms not a fan.

I feel the need for something lighter to be honest, all that stodge, I bought a tin of heinz tomato soup when I went shopping, mmm, high in ProPoints for a soup but absolutely perfect for dunking bread into, there does have to be butter involved as well though otherwise it's just not the meal I intended.  So I'm thinking that's a possibility, 1/2 tin soup is 3pp, then some low calories brown bread, thinking 2 slices 3pp and 2pp worth of butter, yeah 8pp of lunch sorted, I'll get mom to eat the other half of the can hopefully!

Ooo they've just mentioned dippy eggs on the radio, now that would be a tasty breakfast, soft boiled eggs, nom nom.  Yep I can't often get a little pre occupied by food ;)

What can I say, I talk about it constantly with my members, it's always it my mind, yesterday when I went to the local butchers, I was getting quite excited by the deliciousness in his shop, he was amused to find out I was a WW leader, said, "don't worry I won't tell anyone", I let him know, everybody already knows, I love food what can I say, it's one of the pleasures of life.

Ooo I've got a bag of croutons I bought a few weeks ago in Tesco garage, I'll have them in the soup, is it sad that I'm now quite excited for lunchtime!  Tomato soup brings back memories of being poorly and my mom taking care of me xx

I'm gonna go make me a brew, reminiscing is all very lovely but it's not going to get my paperwork done!  Here's to a great day, whatever you choose to eat, me, I'm thinking chucky eggs, tomato soup and a very early night.  There will possibly be a few grey peas and bacon at the meeting tonight but only if they've cooked, I've braved them in the slow cooker overnight!  If they haven't worked, it's my brothers fault...

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