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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Getting my oats tonight!

4th October 2015
Remember you didn't come this far... only to come this far.
The remainder of Saturday was quite a lazy one, once I'd finished my meeting on the morning.  I did nip into Lidl's on my way home for some salad stuff which I made up into a delicious salad box to last me a few days;
I'll just grab a handful for every meal, I did fancy some fresh dill but they hadn't got any, I'll grab some next time I go to a supermarket, I like the taste of it in a salad.  I might look into growing some of my own!  I could have a few herbs growing in my greenhouse but only the ones I know I'll use unlike the last time I grew them!

I fancy a session in the kitchen today I think, I was going to say as the forecast isn't great, but I've just looked and it's improved, so maybe a garden session, I'll go with the flow, I do fancy being creative though, I'm feeling some vegetarian yummyness, I'll have a nosey on the internet and in my cookbooks.  I can actually see me sitting in the garden with my cookbooks, ipad and info from my training day on Friday and having a recap, looking for recipes, planning my meals that might fill a few hours of today and I'll be chilling at the same time.

I was asked to blog about overnight oats in my meeting yesterday, they really are simple as A) oats, B) natural yogurt, C) fruit.  Just layer them into a jar or tub and leave overnight to enjoy the next morning. The oats soften and swell up and the whole mixture becomes thick and creamy…it’s almost like eating dessert for breakfast, You could add some almond or coconut milk if you prefer a not so thick consistency or just to add a little flavour.

I do like raspberries and banana in mine, meant to do me some for this morning and forgot!  Nothing new there ;)

Don't forget you can add anything you like, why not sprinkle a bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, a spoon of honey, squirt of choc shot, seeds, nuts, the choice is yours as long as you ProPoint the ingredients.

Tinned fruit would work well with these too, as long as they're in the juice and you drain that off to keep it zero ProPoints.

Oh I've just had to go and make on, it can be my tea, I'll eat my day backwards! 
So this is what it'll look like when you've put it together, mines got 40g oats (4pp) I use the really big oats they're tastier and better for you I believe.  Then I've layered them with a banana, some raspberries and a squeeze of sweet freedom syrup (1pp) which is made from 100% fruit; apples, grapes and carob and I've used a muller light vanilla yogurt (2pp) because I didn't have any natural yogurt in the fridge, so pinched one of moms :) so that's 7pp in total for a really substantial meal, on F&H a whole lot less.
Right short and sweet this morning, moms just woke up so I need to go sort her out, have a great Sunday whatever your plans, for me it is going to be a day of rest.

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