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Friday, 30 October 2015

Never too late...

Friday 30th October 2015
When you follow your dreams, some might think you're wacky... that's okay, just hold steady and stay on your unicorn! Jane Lee Logan

Well doing my paperwork yesterday afternoon I smiled as I realised the weight loss achieved on my scales so far in 2015 had gone over 20,000lb! WOW just incredible that is and I'm so proud of each and every Weight Watcher member that has contributed to that total.  This week alone 3 members have achieved their final goal and that adds to the total of 64 of Bev's Weight Watchers achieving their goal this year already, and even more with incredible weight losses that are still heading towards their goal, yesterday Lisa received another silver 7 making her total 99lb, I look forward to giving her that 100lb certificate next week, Jean had her 75lb certificate on Wednesday and I'm handing out 25lb certificates on what seems a daily basis, it's just fantastic.

And of course it isn't just about the numbers, it's about the changes it makes to our lives, I received a lovely message this week from a member who'd ordered a dress to wear at Christmas and her plan had been to drop a dress size by then, she'd had to return it as she's already lost 20lb (2.5lb this week) and she needs an even smaller size!  To be told "I feel like I'm in such a positive place right now and I feel so content with my life....my goal wasn't just to lose weight but to be healthy, to improve some of the health conditions I have...so to be in this happy place is a huge thing for me ...thanks so much to Bev and all of you happy owls for your support xxx" is what makes me smile the most, I love that members are getting happier and healthier because that really is what it's all about!

If you're sat there thinking it's too late now to make a difference before Christmas, no it isn't, it's 8 weeks today (I was corrected yesterday by a sassy young lady ;) as I'd been saying 9, I'm blaming someone else as they misinformed me earlier in the week lol!  Anyway, it is never too late to refocus or start, heck even if you only lose a few pounds so that you can regain them over Christmas, at least you won't be starting 2016 with even more weight added to the number at the scales.  And don't even weight until you can get to a meeting next week, start today, commit to having a healthy eating day today, then take it one day at a time.  If you absolutely feel the need to get to a meeting asap, then I've got one at 9am in the morning at United Reform Church, Old Fallings Lane, WV10 8BH Wolverhampton or you can find others at www.weightwatcherslocal.co.uk, don't delay, get on it today.

I've been a bit of a rebel, I haven't tracked all week, but I'm getting my little book out today and I'm back on it too, I know how you feel, I feel the same way and yes it's easier not to bother but the after effects end up being harder, honest xx

Anyway, changing the subject, because a blog without mention of food is just wrong!  Here's my new find in Asda yesterday, we've all heard of cauliflower rice by now I think, they've only gone one step further and made a microwave version!  It was a bit pricey at £1.99 a pouch (you pay for convenience for sure!) the Mediterranean one I've bought is 3pp a pouch - bargain!

Right I'm off, I have a area meeting this morning, I'm not sure she's realised it's in a haunted hotel and it's almost Halloween!  First sign of a ghost and I'm outta there ;) I expect a lot of witches and the place will be full of leaders - only joking!

Remember start NOW, healthy and happy because BeYOUtiful we're worth it...

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