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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Making time to eat!

 Wednesday 14th October 2015
Keep the faith.  The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you're about to give up hope.

Felt a little tired yesterday afternoon, so even eating healthy foods and not drinking alcohol doesn't stop tiredness kicking in, I did sleep till the alarm this morning so I must have been tired, I've been waking up well before the alarm the last few nights, so maybe that's why I was tired last night, my bodies trying to find a balance between wake and sleep.  Although Alfie has woke me up nearly every night this last week to go up the garden in the middle of the night, I'm thinking he's hearing something out the back maybe from moms room and wants to go investigate!

Hey ho, I'm good now and ready for my day, just finished Day 30 of my headspace app and I love it, my bestie only did the first day and my boss didn't get past the first couple of minutes so it's not for everyone, I on the other hand am loving it, I can really tell the difference it's having on my day to day life.

I seemed really rushed yesterday morning, it was time to leave before I knew it, and then I realised I hadn't had breakfast yet, so instead of not bothering, I went and made haddock (microwaved in 2 minutes), egg, spinach, tomatoes and seeded flatbread.  Cooked in 3 minutes, eaten in about the same, I'm always early wherever I go, so I was just on time, even if I did feel a little rushed, we still started the meeting on time.  I didn't have the time - I made the time!

I need to continue to make the time, it's so easy to get distracted, I need to remember I didn't spend too much time thinking about what to eat yesterday, but I did make time to prepare, cook and eat it.  I actually sat down for all three meals at the kitchen table.  It really does make a difference, no distractions from the television nor my phone, although the radio is on in the background, at lunchtime there's usually a debate going on so it starts a conversation.

Faggots were on the menu yesterday, faggots and mash, I even left one of the mash balls because I realised I was full, I didn't need it!  Had I been sitting at my desk or in front of the tv I might not of realised it.

I've also realised I need to have veggies/salad with every meal to ensure I'm full, otherwise I'll run out of ProPoints too soon.  I'm happy to say I'm starting day 3 of my week with all my weekly allowance intact and I shouldn't use any of them today either as I'm not having wine.  Making a conscious effort to break that habit too, I really don't need a glass of wine Monday-Wednesday when I'm going to bed an hour after I get home!

My knees hurting this week, not sure if it was starting up the yoga at the weekend, but losing weight can only ease that pain I'm sure, so that's another reason to keep going.

So now for today, I'm undecided over lunch, but know what's in the freezer is all good so we can decide later.  I'll have me a good brekkie as I've got a meeting at noon, so won't be home at lunchtime so it'll be a late lunch for me today.

Here's to making it through Wednesday, are you with me BeYOUtiful, let's do this.  

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