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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Be interested in more than the end result!

1st October 2015
I realised I cannot do it all, so I choose to do what I can, BeYOUtifully.
Just done day 17 of my Headspace journey, 15 minutes of mindful meditation and he mentioned how sometimes people get bored with the journey of meditation, they just want the results, and as with most things I compared that to my members and their weight loss journey, they just want the end result, they're not interested in the bit in the middle, it's all about getting on the scales and seeing big weight losses. 

He ended the 15 minutes with this;
"Just sit back for a moment and reflect , because if we're only interested in getting a result, if we're not really interested in the journey and the process of it, then we're never really gonna find the answer that we're looking for because the journey and the process, that is the answer.  It's learning to observe with a soft focus, with a curious mind, with an open mind that we start to really get an understanding of the dynamics of mind that we start to experience a greater sense of calm and clarity in everyday life."

From a weight loss point of view, think about it, if all you're interested in is the result, you're not focusing on how you got where you started, by focusing on the process, taking interest in the journey, you will start to understand how you gained the weight.  Notice your habits, your cravings, you behaviour.  What is it that you can change or tweak that would make a difference, what's your 'diet' missing out on, are there foods you need to start to include.  Do you always overeat in certain emotional situations.  I've just realised that I love oily fish but don't eat them for my evening meal because there's not enough in quantity to visually make me satisfied, so why don't I have them for breakfast when quantity isn't an issue for me, it's all about quality.  Observing my thoughts has made a difference there see, not just waking up again and thinking, "am I thin yet?" Why was I thinking about oily fish at 5am you may wonder, because we're talking about the eat well plate this week and it's recommended that we eat oily fish once a week and even though I find it delicious, I don't eat it that often. 

Yeah I like this observing and reflecting, living in the moment rather than thinking about the future or the past, it's much less stressful you know.  You can't change the past so there's no point in dwelling on it, I laughed at a facebook post this week that said, "This year I wanted to lose 10lbs, only 15lbs to go", that's not quite me but it did make me chuckle! 

So here's to focus on today, not thinking about the weight loss, thinking about the healthy, about the now, about the meal in front of me and the meals for today, thinking about what foods will give me the best energy and be delicious at the same time.  I'm just hoping there's a tin of oily fish in my cupboard downstairs or I'm gonna be gutted!

Exactly 3 months left of this year, I'm all for making the rest of the year, the best of the year, how about you?  I know a few people are doing Stoptober, whether that be giving up smoking or alcohol, I won't be doing that but I do like the idea of stopping expecting it to be easy, expecting for 'it' to just suddenly 'click' and for me to 100% follow the plan like I have in the past, it's never going to happen, I'm not the same person I was ten years ago, I don't have to be, I don't have to follow the plan 100% all the time, I just have to focus on where those tweaks need to be made, I've got maintenance sussed, so it's not going to take much tweaking to get a slow, continual weight loss whilst making changes that can stay in place most of the time.

Yep starting October feeling interested in the journey and the process of it all!  How about you?  How are you feeling entering October BeYOUtiful.  Have a great day. xx

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