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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Remember, remember no excuses November!

Sunday 1st November 2015
An excuse is nothing more than a self-imposed roadblock.

I've had a rhyme in my head for a few days, it's a bonfire on but now I've replaced they words with "Remember, remember no excuses November! Light up the scales with standard smiles - it works!"

It's not completely to tune but it gets the point across, and that's let's all have a great November then we can enjoy December and Christmas that little bit more, all about the balance remember and these lovely ladies (all my members) who were out celebrating Halloween last night have learned to do just that, almost 30 stone lost between them, proving we can have fun, go out and lose weight, then maintain that weight loss.

I'm thinking a nice chicken dinner today, I think I may be getting visitors, we shall see if she's still up for it when they get up, kids these days, you just don't know what they want to do - gosh hark at me, turned into an old bird!

Add to the 'grown up' title, I can also now take the crown of crazy cat lady, as I feed a black and white cat every morning on the kitchen window sill, he/she even let's me fuss them now and has been known to jump down into the kitchen, s/he's just well aware that Alfie likes to play 'chase the cats' so won't venture too far in.

Yesterday after my meeting was done and dusted, I really enjoyed a relaxing day of doing not a fat lot, I read a little, watched tv and little and chilled out with my mom it was fab.

I also received a lovely inbox message on Facebook yesterday from a total stranger saying that they were a photographer and had started following me after seeing the videos of my mom (she's the niece of one of my members, that's how she got to see them) and she offered to take some photos of mom free of charge!  How wonderful is that, and mom's agreed so I'm really looking forward to doing that next week.  Her granddad recently passed away and he suffered from Alzheimers and she wished she had more photos of him, I have to say it did make me realise I don't have many of us at all from recent years.  So if you are considering having some photos taken check out https://www.facebook.com/MES-Photography-122836874716635/?pnref=story on facebook, I'll share my photos when they're done, can't wait.

Okay back to weight loss, including today, we have 55 days to Christmas, we know we're not going to be able to be golden for every one of those days but by being mindful when we can, making healthier choices where possible we most certainly can lose some weight, I'm up for that - are you?   Starting today, I'm make a healthy chicken dinner, a light breakfast too, maybe a bit of scrambled egg, then I've finally got my soup maker, may get round to having a plan with that, we shall see.

Right I'm off to do the bit of paperwork I need to do, I need to nip to the shops as soon as they open, few things I need.  I'm gutted I've lost my Waitrose coupons, they were gonna save me £20 if I spent £105, but maybe that's the universe telling me I don't need £105 worth of food from Waitrose, £40 in Lidl's will suffice!

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, remember, remember no excuses November!

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