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Thursday, 8 October 2015

And I'm feeling good....

8th October 2015
Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.  Henry Ford
It's not been a secret that I haven't really lost any weight and kept that weight off this year, I've been losing and regaining the same half stone month in, month out.  I have always eaten healthily throughout those month 95% of the time, I've just overeaten quite often too. 

Realising this wasn't working, that something needed to change I went right back to basics on Monday and started like I would've done way back when I first joined and it seems to be working.  My cupboard is full of foods that I've marked up with their Points using a permanent marker, my fridge and freezer has healthy meals in so that I don't get tempted by rubbish and I'm thinking before I'm cooking or eating. 

I've eaten so well the last 3 days and I've loved everything I've eaten, I've not been hungry even though it is coming up to the dreaded time of month, I've not even had those cravings.  I feel 'in the zone', and mind over matter is a powerful thing!

Yesterday I had;

Tomatoes, red pepper, spinach, anchovy, egg (2sp), 2 nimble(3pp) total = 5pp

Cod in a creme fraiche, pea & mint crush (3pp), 200g potato (4pp) made into actifry chips with 1tsp olive oil (1sp) and roasted veggies. 9pp

4pm had a bowl of celery soup (recipe on yesterdays menu and it was delicious!  Only used 1sp of oil though) = 1pp

prosciutto ham (5sp), 2 slices nimble (3sp), 22g St Agur (2sp), gherkins, salad = 10sp

milk in drinks = 2pp

I ended my day on 27pp and it was delicious.  What makes it even better is that mom seems to be enjoying our lunchtime meal much more this week, since I've downsized the portions and added more flavour.

Today we've got tuna steaks, they're so quick and easy to cook, I've almost used up my salad box so will need to knock some more up, I've loved having that prepared in the fridge, it's made a massive difference and I will definitely keep that going.  I'm even going to look into getting a salad container with compartments I think as I like the idea of being able to pick which ingredients I have, like they do in Subway or the kebab shop :)

Yes I can do this, life is not going to get in the way of me taking care of myself and getting a stone off, I may not do it all by Christmas but I'll have a damn good try!  And if life does start getting in the way, I'm going to look at the reasons and see if anything can be changed to stop that happening.  Can't change some things but can change how I respond to them, but sometimes things can be changed, routines can be amended and if something is no longer working for you then it needs changing.  

For example my kitchen, I love it, my brother built me the most incredible kitchen and it was what I always wanted, then a few years later I realised I needed it tweaking, I wanted some shelves so I could put my saucepans on them, and that's what he added for me.  I then stuck a table in there, only a half circle one because our kitchens not that big and there's only two of us need sit up it.  Now mom's task every morning is the washing up from the day before and just lately she's taken to putting it all dry on the table and now the saucepans are going underneath because she can't reach those shelves. This means another change is on the horizon, the table needs changing so that we have a few shelves underneath it, like a kitchen island but one we can both sit either side and have a few shelves by the side of us.  Also maybe where the bit is, a few smaller shelves can be put above that, it's all in the thought process. 

Can you see though that things changes, we have to change with them and we absolutely can, but stay BeYOUtiful while you're making those changes.  Take care of you, it's not selfish, it's self care!

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